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What is The Most Expensive Laptops in The World?

Do you have the curiosity to know about the What Is The Most Expensive Laptops in The World? 🤔  You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

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A hundred dollars can buy any basic laptop. For those who want to own something different, below is a list of laptops that are not only expensive but exclusive also. These are among the most prestigious and top laptops available worldwide.

The list has a description of ten expensive laptops present globally. Various sources from the web have been searched and then the figures and details about the laptops have been accumulated. 

Most Expensive Laptops in The World: Our Picks

1. Swarovski and Diamond Studded Notebook by MJ

Most Expensive Laptops

This laptop is priced at more than $3.4 Million. This company produces the costliest laptop on earth. This laptop was created by the art studio of MJ in Ukraine in 2016.

It is already known for the production of various ranges of luxurious mechanical accessories. The laptop is studded with hundreds of black and white diamonds all over its body and the mouse.

It is of pretty standard. This laptop was invented as a collection of limited editions but the number of laptops is unknown.

MJ also created other range of luxurious laptops such as ASUS Eepc VIP Swarovski, Asus Lamborghini Platinum crocodile, and Acer Ferrari Gold Python. Swarovski and Diamond Studded Notebook by MJ got the first rank in our Most Expensive Laptops in The World list.

2. Luvaglio

What is The Most Expensive Laptops in The World?

Luvaglio, priced at $1 Million, provides the second-costliest laptop available globally. It is a UK based company and brand. The laptop can be completely customized according to the requirements of an individual and so is its price.

The power button of this laptop has the rarest diamond of the world studded in it. It also includes 128GB SSD, USB connectivity, finger-print recognition, 17-inch of OLED display and BlueRay player.

To buy this laptop, one needs to have an invitation from Robert Sinclair, the director of the brand. After receiving the invitation, can one proudly say that heshe owns a laptop among the first million dollars and handcrafted laptop. Luvaglio got the second rank in our Most Expensive Laptops in The World list.

3. Tulip E-GO Diamond

Most Expensive Laptops

Tulip E-GO Diamond stands third in this list of expensive laptops globally. Tulip is the manufacturer of this $355000 luxurious laptop under B.V brand E-GO Life-Style.

As expected, the laptop functions and operates like other laptops in the list. It has 1GB of RAM, 12.1-inch wide-screen with a display of WXGA resolution, AMD Turion 64-Bit Processor and 160GB hard drive.

The difference lies in the aesthetic appearance and unique design of this laptop with others. It appears like a ladies’ handbag and so is taken as the fashion accessory all over than laptop.

The laptop is made of white gold, solid palladium and is studded with diamonds of brilliant-cut. Tulip E-GO Diamond got the third rank in our Most Expensive Laptops in The World list.

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4. MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold

What is The Most Expensive Laptops in The World?

It is true that this laptop is of 24karat gold and so costs $30000. The Computer Choppers made this type of customized laptop i.e. MacBook Pro in the year 2013 for special buyers.

The laptop case is of gold & the other non-metal parts are hand-painted matching to the laptop color. The best feature is the Apple logo made on the laptop top. It also has dozens of sparkling multi-colored diamonds.

The internals and aesthetics of laptops are normal as found in other MacBook Pro like 4GB RAM, 15-inch display, 2.4GHZ Internal Core 2 Duo and 160GB hard drive. Along with customization, full warranty is also offered to buyers. MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold got the fourth rank in our Most Expensive Laptops in The World list.

5. Bling My Thing’s Golden Age MacBook Air

What is The Most Expensive Laptops in The World?

The Bling My Thing’s Golden Age MacBook Air laptop ranks at fifth position. It costs $26000 and is coated with 24 karat gold with twelve thousand Swarovski crystals.

It was first released at CeBIT which is the largest expo of computer worldwide in the year 2008. Only twenty pieces of this laptop were created as an exclusive product and the first few were sold for nearly $39750 and the remaining at $26000.

At this cost, the laptop is available with 2GB RAM, 13-inch display, 1.6GHZ Intel Core-2 processor and 80GB hard drive. Bling My Thing’s Golden Age MacBook Air got the fifth rank in our Most Expensive Laptops in The World list.

6. The Ego Bentley

This laptop costs twice the price of Voodoo Envy H171. The teamwork between the British manufacturer of a luxury car, EGO and Bentley will be liked by those who are lovers of luxury cars.

What is The Most Expensive Laptops in The World?

The laptop is available with diamond-studded leather stitched cover for the exterior and authentically hand-decorated. It has a built-in chrome handle and includes the Knurling trademark etched on it.

The laptop is also decorated with white gold with Bentley logo at the center. The company created nearly two hundred and fifty pieces to maintain the price and exclusivity.

The specs of the laptop are supportive. It has 2GB RAM, 12-inch display, Microsoft Vista Ultimate, 160GB hard drive, and AMD TurionTM 64 Mobile Processor.

An individual with $20000 in the pocket and passion for exclusive computers and cars, This laptop is a perfect choice.The Ego Bentley got the sixth rank in our Most Expensive Laptops in The World list.

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7. Voodoo Envy H171

Voodoo Envy H171 ranks seventh in the list of expensive laptops worldwide. It is created by Hewlett Packard. The laptop is so highly-priced because of its dotted model which gives it a special position in the top range of exclusive laptops.

What is The Most Expensive Laptops in The World?

Also a cheaper version of this model with little dots is available for nearly $4500. The laptop includes 4GB DDR RAM, 17-inch display, 2.93GHZ Intel Core-2 Extreme X6800 processor and 160GB Seagate hard drive.

The 160GB hard drive can be expanded to 600GB. At its release time, the buyer was given the choice to customize the laptop according to hisher personal style and desire, like HP provided 14 tattoo designs and 24 colors. So, at $8500 one can buy this laptop and change its color as their liking. Voodoo Envy H171 got the seventh rank in our Most Expensive Laptops in The World list.

8. Stealth MacBook Pro

Stealth MacBook Pro comes eight in this list of expensive laptops. IT is the laptop created by ColoWare and can be customized as per one’s choice.

The other MacBook Pro laptops are available at a normal price i.e. for nearly $1500 with a 15-inch display, but ColorWare is available for $6000. Only ten limited editions of this laptop has been made available in the market.

Most Expensive Laptops

This laptop provides soft-touch technology that gives the experience of using trackpad better, a great cool 0-gloss finish and matte screen i.e. customized. All these features add more protection to the laptop.

The internals of the 15-inch display laptop includes 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 3.06GHZ processor. This laptop fulfills all the desires of the buyer who wishes to spend $6000 to buy a laptop according to his/her wish. Stealth MacBook Pro got the eighth rank in our Most Expensive Laptops in The World list.

9. Rock Extreme SL8

This laptop ranks ninth in the present list of exclusive and expensive laptops worldwide. By paying just an extra amount of $500 more than for the last mentioned laptop, the buyer of this laptop can consider himself/herself to be the owner of a powerful laptop among many others.

What is The Most Expensive Laptops in The World?

The internals of this laptop includes 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA Ge-FORCE 9800M GTX SLI graphics card and Intel Core- Quad2 processor. For the buyers who want to update their gaming laptop, Extreme SL8 is the best choice for them.

The fast processing speed to complete the task or to do multiple tasks at a time, this laptop is very beneficial. Its only that one has to spend nearly $5500 to own it.Rock Extreme SL8 got the ninth rank in our Most Expensive Laptops in The World list.

10. Alienware Area 51 M15X

Alienware is among the very famous company that provides the latest and popular laptops worldwide that can be used to play games. Area 51 M15X takes a special space in the computer market that provides gaming laptops of best performance and gives the player an exceptional experience to play games.

What is The Most Expensive Laptops in The World?

For owning a reliable laptop that presents great performance and graphics and if one has the capacity to spend $5000, Area 51 M15X is the best choice.

The laptop internals include 3GB RAM, 15.4-inch display, 2.8GHZ Intel Core-2 Extreme X9000 and 1TB Memory. This laptop costs near about $5000 based on the place of purchase. Alienware Area 51 M15X got the tenth rank in our Most Expensive Laptops in The World list.

Most Expensive Laptops: What We Consider

To find a laptop that suits best for doing serious business is of great importance. This requires powerful, secure, light, and durable and such a laptop that is capable to last throughout the long working day.

Any user has lots of choices to select the laptop of his choice and range. The list above includes ten best laptops which are primarily used for business purposes.

These have been sorted after enough research and analysis. The laptops need to be taken care of very carefully. Al the laptops do not match the workings of the employer or employee or the work that is done on the laptop.

The laptops are work-oriented and include basic elements that are vital for laptop consumers who use them daily for long hours.

But he manufacturers of computers meant for a business need to meet the particular requirements of the business like biometrics i.e. facial recognition and fingerprint readers, military standard tested rugged keyboard and framework, TPM or Trusted Platform Module and Intel certified power management and networking.

All these features are provided in new-age laptops for security concerns. The last two features are the vital ones that any laptop buyer, who is an IT businessman, maybe looking for in the computers but with the consideration of durability and physical security also in mind.

There are also choices of Windows available for the professional version and have less bloatware as available in consumer computers.

Though there are numerous thin silver and black laptops available in the market and the ones for business purpose also look the same, the main difference that effects to the business users lie below the laptop surface i.e. inside the framework of the laptop. 

There lies a very thin line between laptops and tablets available in the machine world of business. At some time these were separated from each other but at present various tablets are available with the correct Windows version to run the business. Many of the tablets have detachable and physical keypads.

Without any confusion, it can be said that with so many options of laptops available in the computer market, still, the clamshell conventional laptops rule in the business circle, the choice depends on the businessman whether he can run the company successfully or suffer from failure.

The significant features of laptops meant for the business purpose along with the vital components are discussed below. The discussion also helps to differentiate between consumer laptops and business laptops. 

Processing and Evaluating

In the current world, processors with Quad-core capability like 8th Generation Intel Core i5s & i7s can be bought from the computer market to take care of daily emails and any other kind of active business applications.

These are combined with the latest CPUs of the 10th Generation mobile of 2019. They are in high demand a requires units of hexa-core such as the modern top-end 9th Generation Core i7 CPUs.

Also, the 6- & 8- core Intel Core i9 chips, which were earlier limited to the desktops, are available in a few of the big machines that are used for engineers, data crunchers and designers. 

On the other hand, processors with power-saving features, like Core Y-series of Intel has replaced the chips from Intel Atom & Core M lines in ultra-portable laptops and in tablets.

These low wattage and ultra-processors are marketed often along with high performing chips. The Y mark on the chip makes the difference. The chips built up from Y series in world of Intel mobile-based CPU tend to conclude in U & become the primary choice. The chips with H marked on it are considered to be power chips.

Some business laptops sport the Intel Xeon processors. They are designed to function the specialized software in areas like engineering, graphic design and financial modeling which requires maximum power and constant-grinding dependability.

These usually cost more and are of short battery life compared to business laptops that are powered by Core CPUs of Intel.

Anyone of these can be chosen if one needs to operate a particular app that requires a specific type of CPU support. Apart from the mentioned benefits, Intel processors are well known for better performance consuming less power.

The laptop with a minimum of 4GB RAM is suitable for normal working but one can also choose 16GB or 8GB if possible. Accurate memory space helps to store more windows, programs & browser tabs to be opened quickly and conduct the multi-media processes like editing of photos faster.

Storage Solutions

The business that requires the use of videos, hi-res images and multi-media PowerPoint slides in the meetings with staff must choose a hard drive with maximum space. The 1TB HDD forms a perfect blend between space and economy.

Though costly and with inadequate storage capacities, the SSDs or solid-state drives do not have spinning parts & so are most suitable. The systems equipped with SSD launch and boot app very fast. If traveling or commuting with the laptop than it does not require maximum storage capacity, the SSD is the best choice.

Nowadays, no laptop with less than 128GB capacity is available for SSD boot drive on Apple MacBook or Windows machine. 

The optical drives are missing in today’s business laptops. To retrieve the stored records or old files from DVDs or CDs, an external drive is helpful and proves a smart buy over a bulky laptop that has an optical drive.

Evaluating Graphics- Dedicated & Integrated

Almost all the business computers are available combined graphics chips that are a solution to light-weight graphics-acceleration which is the part of the CPU. The GPUs are good for business laptops.

Graphic designers and professional artists are in need of HD video makers with the help of various Adobe tools and architectural diagrams go best with CAD.

Photoshop needs a high acceleration of GPU. The mobile workstation-class laptops are available with some discrete graphics for the 3D capabilities or for driving multiple monitors. 

While evaluation of graphics solutions, it is easier to decide what kind of laptop is searched for the business. The integrated graphics silicon, better known as Intel UHD Graphics or Intel HD Graphics, indicates the machine for mainstream business.

The commonly used graphics chips used in the laptops on the whole, are provided by GeForce GTX line by Nvidia but are not usually fare enough for the business purpose. The GeForce GTX chip is kept reserved for the gaming systems or high-end consumers.

Some of the laptops for business purposes include among the GeForce MX chips from Nvidia to give the graphics some boost up. The high-end workstation machine usually uses the devoted graphics chips provided by the Radeon Pro line by AMD or Quadro by Nvidia.

Still, the LCD screens having 1367-by-766-pixel resolution are available for those who wish to save money on buying a laptop. For the scientific or graphics work, 4K or 3K display gives a more realistic look and also provides detailed visuals and sharper text.

All these are uncommon features available on the business laptops and emerge as options for a few of the isolated laptop models that are worthy of their price. With everything being equal, the high-resolution screen drains the battery life quicker than the lower ones with similar base technology.

Wireless & Wired Connection

The durable wireless-connectivity is vital for the business machines in the present day. At all places like airports, client sites and offices have great demand for the wireless connectivity to access email, cloud services and messaging clients. 

All kinds of laptops in the modern world have some kind of Wi-Fi built-in connection. It gives complete satisfaction to the user but an unsafe network or a hotspot is required for surfing the web.

These hindrances have forced to have the built-in mobile-broadband with wireless modems in the laptops used for business purposes. The workers work on bikes with the cellular networks available that speeds up the broadband connection to the laptop wherever the signal is available.

Nearly all the business laptops can be configured with any of the modems that are integrated for a little amount of token fee. This feature differentiates the business laptops with other ones.

Laptops with mobile data plans are not cheap. The rates depend on whether any existing plan is included or not. It can vary between sixty dollars to eighty dollars every month.

The 4G LTE wireless provides faster speed than what is gained from the Wi-Fi connection. It is available from the best cellular networks covering the maximum, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T.

The smartphone tethering and mobile hotspots are available if any buyer wants to buy the internal modems for all the employees. These help to quickly fix any issues with part-time mobile internet.

Battery Life

The battery with a long life is very helpful for long commutes or lengthy flights. The laptops for business use are available with numerous battery choices. Some of the laptops of enterprise-class contain 2 or 3 different types of batteries.

The more the number of cells means a long life of the battery with everything being equal. This equal part is a tricky one. The laptops with 4K display or any other type of power-hungry elements do not always have this.

The battery with long life adds weight to the laptops and running the laptop for long hours i.e. from dawn to dusk is worth.

Most of the ultra-portable laptops contain non-removable and sealed batteries in their framework. The laptops that have removable batteries are also available but are not in demand and are limited to mostly rough laptops and tablets that are designed to be used in extreme conditions. 

A user who requires a bigger battery life, external batteries for the laptops are more helpful than the laptops that use an internal swappable battery. The internal batteries along with external ones are very helpful to provide battery life for hours ranging from nineteen to twenty-four.

The user needs to be prepared to pay one extra pound of money or even more to have such extra-life battery life in the laptop.


The list provides ten most exclusive and expensive laptops worldwide after a great amount of research and reviews conducted globally.

Form one angle these laptops seem to be a total waste of cash, but for those who can afford to buy them, the laptops distinguish them from others in the group.

Though expensive these laptops are worth even if paid more in near future and gives a great amount of prestige to the buyer.