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13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022

Are you curious about the Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $  to buy in 2022? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay, let’s find out. 👓

Do you like to play games? Perhaps, you are a professional gamer who is extremely passionate about playing games on your laptop. However, you are not satisfied with your laptop or notebook and plan on upgrading your device to a better one. 

Can you do so on a low budget? 🐱‍🚀

Well, the good news is that, yes, you can. For as low as $1500, you can now upgrade to a laptop with excellent features and specifications. The components can provide you with the thrills you were seeking earlier but could not due to the lack of a proper machine. 

No more because we have you covered. The need to have a large bank account to purchase a high-end laptop is not required. The laptops priced under $1500 can get the job done, and you will be quite happy and satisfied with what you get. 

The main issue with this is that you have more than a dozen gaming laptops. How do you go about it?

As you know, it is not simple and easy to go through the laptops in the markets priced under $1500. You need to be patient and find out the unique features and the requirements that make it special. 

What Will I Learn?💁 show

What is so special about gaming laptops priced under $1500?

They can give you the experience you have always dreamt of having and experiencing. Why not? You would be amazed to know that the gaming industry is worth several billion today. You can find several hundred games on the internet that are extremely popular and famous globally. 

As you know, the gaming industry is sponsored and financed by media entertainment companies. These companies spend millions on their players and billions on advertisements. The competition is exceptionally fierce out there. 

They leave no stone unturned to make a lot of noise in an overpopulated market. With so many gamers worldwide, there is a vast demand to fulfill their requirements. 

You can find gamers who no longer play just for fun. They are dedicated and serious about their gaming experience. For some, a lot depends on their livelihood, playing games for companies who sponsor them. 

Hence, they are looking for affordable devices that can meet their requirements. 

However, with so many laptops available in the market, you can be confused about which one to choose. To help from not getting distracted like everybody else, we have come up with a list of the best gaming laptops under $1500. 

The need to purchase something that your eyes see first is not required. Instead, you can carefully read our post and find the one that suits your needs and requirements. We have done all the research and hard work for you. 

Given below are some points that you can bring to your consideration before buying a gaming laptop. You will learn a lot once you finish this research, but ensure that you measure every pros and con before sticking to any specific one.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and dive in to find out what is unique for you.

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ – Our Picks👌

Let’s discuss some of the best gaming laptops that fall under the price point of $1500. Given below are some of the best laptops under $1500; then, one should opt to go for them, and they are never going to regret their decision.

1. Sager NP8957 Thin & Light Gaming Laptop

We find the Sager NP8957 is the right choice for gaming laptops that are priced under $1500. It comes with impressive features like a display of 15.6″ full HD 144Hz. It also comes with a broad view angle for better video when playing games. 

The processor is a 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H 6-Core, and the graphics card is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6. It also comes with a 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM and a full-color RGB illuminated keyboard.


The Sager NP8957 comes with a slim design of just 0.78 inches. You will find it cool and attractive. The body is made from aluminum and is extremely lightweight. Though from the outside, it looks enormous, it is portable and light. 

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500
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It weighs slightly more than 4 pounds, making it ideal for travel and gaming purposes. Gamers will be delighted that it comes with a robust top that is illuminated. The keyboard comes RGB backlit, making it suitable to play in any environment. 

The backlit can be adjusted depending on the zones that you want. That accompanies the color blending with it. You have three zones that can be adjusted and 3 color patterns that provide the lighting effect you want when playing your games. 


The device’s display is another aspect that we are highly impressed with. The gaming laptop comes with a 144HZ broad view angle. It provides an ideal view of the games, and the display is a breeze. 

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022

There is also a 1920x 1080 matte display and a 72% NNTSC panel. Crystal-clear and sharp features of the laptop are provided, along with excellent-quality images. They come with a speed of 144/second. 

Gamers need not worry about the images because they come without the usual blurs and disturbances that can spoil your gaming session. As mentioned earlier, it comes with a 3-mode lighting display that gives you the right ambiance and mood to set gaming. 


As if the above features were not enough, the device comes with an Intel Core i7-9750H 6-Core 9th-gen processor. Now, this performance is of high quality for the best game that is available in the market. 

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500

You can play games instantly without flaws and load the latest ones without difficulties. The laptop also has a quick response when you need to work multi-task, which we found extremely impressive. 

The 4 X DDR4 RAM (OPT DDR4-3000) clocks high speed, and the bandwidth is ideal too. Apart from that, it also comes with DDR4 memory. There is also a massive storage capacity of the device. 

The PCI-E GEN3 X 4 RAID storage system enables you to store games that require ample storage space. Not to mention a dual-channel memory of 64GB that comes with excellent performance for demanding games. 

The display features come with the ability to provide you with sharp shadows and excellent reflections. The cooling design offers you an upgraded system that prevents the laptop from heating too quickly. 

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500

It does that by reducing the heat and better performance. That means you can continue your gaming sessions undisturbed. The system’s design consists of a few heat pipes that take away the heat and enable the CPU to function efficiently. 

The speakers are simply fantastic, providing you with an audible sound system. They give you almost real-life audio with accurate volumes. A sound blaster x pro-gaming can be enhanced with larger speakers for better sound effects. 

You do not require to use headsets with this kind of sound system. This helps you remain on your toes for your foes. The strength, clarity, and power are unmatched as far as the audio and video are concerned. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Sager NP8957 Thin & Light Gaming Laptop that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ to get in 2022.


  • The gaming laptop can provide you with an excellent experience. 
  • The keyboard can be customized to your gaming needs. 
  • The design is such that it can cool down the device and decreases the heat. 
  • It offers you a broad view angle. 


  • The device comes slightly on the heavier side. 

The Sager NP8957 is worth the try when looking for excellent performance on all scales. 

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2. ASUS TUF (2020) Gaming Laptop

The ASUS TUF Gaming TUF505 is from the stable of ASUS. The Taiwanese company is making rapid strides in the market of gaming laptops. As of today, ASUS is giving intense competition to popular makes like Dell, Apple, HP, and even Lenovo. 

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500
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A few years ago, the laptop producer was reeling behind due to sluggish performance and overheating issues in their notebooks. However, all of that is put behind them, and today they are right on top. 

The gaming laptop comes with a Windows 10 OS that provides adequate performance and security. It offers immense features and abilities to the laptop, making it ideal for gaming purposes. 

Some of the laptop’s features include a graphics card of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB that provides it with beautiful images of the games you are playing. Ideal for games that deal with 3D images. 

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022

Not to be outdone, the processor is also quick with a Quad-core AMD Ryzen 7 3750H processor. The performance is suitable for the 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD and 16GB DDR4 RAM. Apart from that, the display is a 15.6″ Full HD (1920×1080) 120Hz IPS type. 

Combined, these make a compelling device that you have in your hands. Users will also find the gigabit wave 2 Wi-Fi 5 useful for power playing in remote areas. 


The design of the laptop has an IPS-type display that is nano-edge, offering users complete immersion into the images and picture quality. There is a thin bezel that also provides wide angles for viewing the screen. 

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022

The colors and contrast are consistent with the kind of images and videos that you want to view. These can be seen even from away angles or different positions. This feature is ideal for multi-player games.


The display of the laptop is worth commending. The keyboard is backlit, meaning you can play with it in dark or low-light areas. The dimensions are 14.2″ x 10.3″ x 1.0″, and it weighs slightly more than 4 pounds. 

The keystrokes are smooth and windy on the keyboard. You can use it literally when typing or during your gaming sessions. 


The performance is matched able with gaming laptops of its category. Thanks to its-STD-810G chassis, which has proved its reliability, and the backlit keys. Another exciting feature of the laptop is its ability to transfer data of 1.7Gbps. 

That is possible due to Intel Wave 2 Wi-Fi 5. You will also appreciate the ADC or the Anti-Dust Cooling that enables it to stay free from dust and dirt that often affect the device’s overall performance. 

The headphones of the ASUS TUF505 provide you with excellent sound quality. It comes with a single headphone, and audio-in combination ports. Apart from that, there is also a memory of 16GB DDR4 along with 1TB (5400 RPM). 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the ASUS TUF (2020) Gaming Laptop that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ to get in 2022.


  • The build is robust. 
  • It is priced lower than most gaming laptops. 
  • There is NVMe support for players. 
  • The wireless feature works fast.


  • The battery life is average, not more. 
  • The design could have been made better. 
  • The layout of the keyboard is compact, and not ideal for gaming purposes. 
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3. Dell G5587-7866BLK-PUS G5 15 5587 Gaming Laptop

The Dell Inspiron G5587-7866BLK-PUS provides a modern look of an excellent gaming laptop. It is affordable and can provide an intense performance for playing the latest high-performance games. 

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500
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Dell has always been known to produce some of the best laptops in town. Their laptops are known for their stability, reliability, and durability. It is the ideal competition for Apple MacBook. It comes as no surprise that they manage to match Apple each time

A few of the features of the gaming laptop is the 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H processor that provides decent speed and pickup. There is also the 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 up to [32GB] of storage space. 

It is not huge, but adequate to store all your gaming requirements. 


The body of the Dell gaming laptop is stable. It comes from a metal premium make that offers a pleasing look and appearance. The body is black, having the logo sitting in the middle of the device. 

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022
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There is also a red accent on the laptop that provides it with the right gaming ambiance. The finish is soft, but the body is robust, an ideal combination. Users have complimented on the looks and appearance they feel elegantly built. 

The dimensions are acceptable, consisting of 0.98 by 15.32 by 10.82 inches. Unfortunately, it is a tad heavy at 6 pounds. However, that should not be much of an issue with its slim make of it. 


If the weight puts you off a bit, the display will get you right back into the grove. It comes with a 15.6-inch screen along with an IPS LED display. The resolution is close to FHD (1920-by-1080), and it is also anti-glare. 

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022

That helps you play games without disturbing your eyes or causing too much strain. This has been a significant complaint for many gaming laptop users. Some games require you to play for a few hours at a stretch, but using the Dell gaming laptop should not be a problem. 

Of course, it does not come with touch-screen support, which may hinder its performance, but it has a clear and satisfactory display for gamers of all kinds. There is also Waves Maxx Audio Pro, which offers you excellent sound with a 1280×720 webcam.

You can use the audio device and webcam for making video calls and chatting. 


The performance is high-quality, thanks to the updated hardware on the system. The gaming laptop comes with 4GB of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and 16GB of memory, which offers you ample speed for multitasking. 

The SSD is 128GB which is quite spacious, and as if it were not enough, you are also provided with an additional 1TB 5400 RPM hard drive. Not to mention, the battery life is good at more than 7 hours. 

That is more than other gaming laptops. So, if you have a power issue, you use your device for 7 hours of gaming. The keyboard is backlit, and the keys operate smoothly. Users can work quickly and flawlessly on it. 

You will find it comes with a short essential trip. The touchpad is smooth and elegant that provides you with excellent support. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Dell G5587-7866BLK-PUS Gaming Laptop that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ to get in 2022.


  • The gaming laptop is priced quite reasonably. 
  • The design is quite good and, in fact, one of the best. 
  • The battery life is ideal for gamers. 


  • The display of the device could have been better. 
  • There is no USB-type C-port on the laptop. 

On the whole, this is a good laptop that enables you to play HD games without any compromise. Having a great battery life and performance, you do not have to burn a large hole in your pocket. 

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4. Asus FX504 15.6 Inch FHD TUF Gaming Laptop

On the list, we also have another gaming laptop from the makers of ASUS, who seem to be coming out all guns blazing. The ASUS TUF FX504 is an ideal gaming laptop with decent performance, good thermals, and average battery life. 

A few of the features of the gaming laptop include a 15.6 Inch diagonal FHD BrightView and 16GB RAM with a hard drive upgrade to 256GB SSD. The display and hardware are incredibly suitable for ideal performance from the laptop. 


The design is modest but inspiring for gamers. The plastic seems a bit off-color here but it will do. There is the color red used in a single-lined pattern. It looks like a cyber-designed appearance. 

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500
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The logo of ASUS is placed in the center of the device. When you choose the laptop, you can still see through the cutout. The display is 15.6 inches and comes with red lines, which we feel does not suit there. 

Of course, the keyboard is backlit red. The color red seems to be the code here. Sadly, the designers have got it wrong here on many counts. Gamers, on the other hand, may not mind the odd coloring on the device. 


The display, too, fails to make much of an impression. At times, you get a feeling that is lifeless and uninspiring. However, the screen does damage control here. 

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022

The shades come with an excellent display and gaming lighting. Those of you who like to play fast-paced games would love the screen in here. Our test results were impressive, and the illumination showed proper intent and power under stress. 


On the other hand, the performance is rosy. The Intel Core i5-8300H CPU and 8GB of RAM make it seem like a laptop fit for gaming. 

Though the gaming laptop is impressive on all fronts, it lags with the battery life. The laptop was able to last only for 3 hours. 

ASUS has to work on its battery life to last at least 5-6 hours.  

A gaming laptop with 3 hours of battery life is not acceptable. Let that not put you off because it comes with a lighting system that can cool down the system. This is one of the coolest laptops that we found on the market. 

Gamers who are professionals or earn a living through gaming might want to take a look at it. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Asus FX504 FHD TUF Gaming Laptop that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ to get in 2022.


  • The laptop comes with a price tag that is reasonably priced. 
  • The performance is quite good. 
  • The keyboard is backlit. 


  • The design is cheap. 
  • The battery life must be extended. 
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5. Acer Predator Helios 300

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500
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This laptop has an 8th generation Intel core i7 -80750H, which is a processor with a six-core. Apart from a high-end processor, you get an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU chipset installed on this laptop.

The GPU chipset has a memory of 6 GB. The screen size of this laptop by Acer is 15.6’. The screen has a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The laptop has a RAM of 16 GB, which is DDR4 RAM. 

It has a backlit keyboard, USB 3.1 type-c port, and aero blade 3d fan cooling. You get a battery life of up to 7 hours with this laptop.  


  • Screen size- 15.6 inches
  • Processor- Intel core i7
  • Screen resolution- 1920×1080
  • RAM 16- 16 GB DDR4
  • GPU- Nvidia GTX 1060
  • Battery life- 7 hours
  • Graphic card RAM- 6 GB 
  • Storage- 256 GB SSD
  • Operating system- Windows 10 home

6. Omen by HP 2019 15-Inch Gaming Laptop

Omen hs 8th generation Intel Core i7 process is one of the most influential and high-end processors one can choose for gaming. You also get Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 GPU chipset installed on this laptop.

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022

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The GPU chipset has a memory of 8 GB. Its GPU comes with Max Q to ensure efficiency while you play games. The screen size of this laptop by HP is 15.6’. The laptop has a RAM of 16 GB DDR4. Apart from all this, you get HDD and SSD installed on this laptop.

The SSD had a storage capacity of 128 GB while the HDD had a storage capacity of 1 TB. Along with the high performance, this laptop offers a battery life of around 4 hours and 45 minutes. The laptop has 2 USB 3.1 ports, 1 HDMI, and 1 type c port. 


  • Screen size- 15.6 inches
  • Processor- Intel Core i7
  • Screen resolution- 1920×1080
  • RAM 16- 16 GB DDR4
  • GPU- Nvidia RTX 2070
  • Battery life- 4 hours and 45 minutes
  • Graphics card RAM- 8 GB 
  • Storage- 1 TB HDD and 128 GB SSD
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7. Alienware m17

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022
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It is one of the best gaming laptops on the list. Dell has never been behind in providing its customers with quality laptops, and this time we are with Dell Alienware m17.

Alienware m17 is combined with Intel Core i7-9750H. It has a speed of 2.6 GHz with a turbo of up to 4.5 GHz. It has 4 GB DDR4 RAM. You can upgrade the ram for up to 32 GB.

The laptop has a display of 17.3 inches, which generally means it is not portable. It has an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 GPU chipset with a RAM of 6GB. You can imagine your gaming experience with this power-packed GPU. 


  • Screen size- 17.3 inches
  • Processor- Intel Core i7-9750H 
  • Screen resolution- 1920×1080
  • RAM 16- 16 GB DDR4 2666MHz
  • GPU- Nvidia RTX 2060
  • Battery life- 6 hours
  • Graphics card RAM- 6GB DDR5
  • Storage- 1 TB HDD and 128 GB SSD
  • Display type- Full HD IPS screen, 300-nits brightness; moreover, the screen is an anti-glare screen.
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8. Razer blade 15

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022
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Razer Blade 15 is one of the thinnest laptops in this category. This laptop is designed to handle every game without lagging, and it can easily carry out all your tasks, such as 3d modeling, video rendering, content creation, etc.

You got a strong body with this laptop, as it is known to have a solid body similar to a MacBook. The laptop comes with a 15.6-inch full HD display.

It is powered by the 8th generation Intel Core i7. The laptop is combined with 16 GB RAM along with a 1 TB HDD and 128 GB SSD. You get power-packed specifications with this laptop. 


  • Screen size- 15.6 inches
  • Processor- Intel Core i7-8750H 
  • Screen resolution- 1920×1080
  • RAM 16- 16 GB DDR4 2666MHz
  • GPU- Nvidia GTX 1060
  • Battery life- 6 hours
  • Graphics card RAM- 6GB DDR5
  • Storage- 1 TB HDD and 128 GB SSD
  • Display type- Full HD 

9. Asus Rog Zephyrus S

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022
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Asus is another company that provides the best gaming laptop with the best performance. Asus rog Zephyrus S comes with the best specifications. You get a 15.6-inch laptop screen, and a full HD display with a 144Hz refresh rate.

It is powered by an Intel Core i7 combined with 16 GB Ram. You get 256 SSD storage with this laptop.

It comes pre-installed with the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 GPU chipset, which means the laptop can handle the heaviest of the games without any lag in performance.


  • Screen size- 17.3 inches
  • Processor- Intel Core i7
  • RAM 16- 16 GB 
  • GPU- Nvidia GTX 1070
  • Backlight keyboard
  • Storage- 256 GB SSD
  • Display type- Full HD with 144 MHz refresh rate
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10. Asus Rog Strix Hero 2

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022
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Asus Rog is considered one of the best gaming laptop series by Asus. The brand has produced some of the best gaming laptop series such as the Asus Republic of Gamers and Asus ROG.

Now we have on the list Asus Rog Strix Hero 2, another best gaming laptop by Asus, you can get under the price point of $1500.

The laptop comes with an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, a Hexa core processor. You get a RAM of 16 GB and an SSD with 512 GB of storage. The battery life of the laptop is up to 5 hours.

The GPU of the laptop is Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060. The memory of the GPU is 6 GB. It comes pre-installed with windows ten home 64-bit OS. 


  • Screen size- 17.3 inches
  • Processor- Intel Core i7-8750H 
  • RAM 16- 16 GB DDR4 
  • GPU- Nvidia RTX 2060
  • Battery life- 5 hours
  • Graphics card RAM- 6GB DDR5
  • Storage-512 GB SSD
  • Display type- Full HD IPS screen with a refresh rate of 3 ms.
  • Operating system- windows ten home 

11. MSI GL73 9SDK-219

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022
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You might be familiar with the name MSI; yes this is the best of gaming laptops. You get the best out of the best specs with this laptop within the price range of $1500.

Although the laptop is not portable, you get the best performance and gaming experience with this laptop. The laptop comes with an Nvidia GTX 1660Ti GPU with 6 Gb memory.

The laptop is combined with a 512 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM. With intensive usage, the laptop can offer you a battery life of up to 5 hours. This laptop by MSI is the actual value for money.


  • Screen size- 17.3 inches
  • Processor- Intel Core i7-9750H six-core
  • RAM 16- 16 GB DDR4 2666MHz
  • GPU- Nvidia GTX 1660Ti 
  • Battery life- 5 hours
  • Graphics card RAM- 6GB DDR5
  • Storage- 512 GB SSD
  • Display Type- Full HD IPS screen is an anti-glare screen.

12. Lenovo Legion Y540

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022
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A 9th-generation Intel Core i5-9300H processor powers this laptop Lenovo. It has a display size of 15.6’ with a screen resolution of 1920×1080.

It comes with a RAM of 8GB combined with a 1 TB HDD and 256 GB SSD. With continuous gaming, this laptop can offer up to 2.5 hours of battery life.

It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 home, which has a lifetime warranty. It has an Nvidia GTX 1660Ti GPU chipset with a RAM of 6 GB. 


  • Processor: 9th Generation Core Intel I5-9300H
  • Speed of the processor-2.4 GHz base speed, 4.1 GHz max speed, 4 CoresOperating
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home 
  • Display: 15.6-inch screen with 
  • Screen resolution- 1920X1080 resolution
  • Display type- full HD display with Anti Glare technology; it is an IPS screen.
  • RAM- 8GB
  •  Storage: 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD
  • GPU- 6GB NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti Graphics
  • Battery life- 2.5 hours.

13. HP Pavilion Gaming 

13 Of The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 $ in 2022
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This laptop is a budget gaming laptop. This laptop can be preferred for big games and won’t show any lag until many hours of playing. Yet one of the best laptops under the price point of $1500.

You get an 8GB DDR4 ram with a regular HDD. Although an HDD is not preferable for a gaming laptop at a budget range, you can go for it.

The laptop has a 15.6-inch screen with an Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU chipset that has a memory of 4 GB. It has a 9th generation intel core i7 processor that has a speed of 2.60 GHz. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10.


  • Processor- intel core i7, 9th gen
  • RAM- 8GB DDR 4
  • Storage type-HDD
  • Screen size- 15.6 inch
  • GPU- Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650
  • GPU RAM – 4GB
  • Operating system-windows 10

How to take care of your gaming laptops?

Okay, so you have managed to grab one of those fantastic products for under $1500. 

But how do you ensure that their longevity is not affected? 

You can do that by knowing some maintenance tips that will enable you to ensure that your laptop is durable and lasts for a lifetime. 

We will look at some of the most common problems that affect laptops in general and what you must do about them. 

An overheating gaming laptop 

You can encounter this issue often when you play games for long hours. Gamers often wonder what can be done about it, especially from tropical regions. The first thing to do is to see that the vents are not blocked due to dirt and dust. 

When the air vents are blocked, then they can cause severe damage to the fans that circulate the air for cooling the laptop. You can clean the air vents using a dry cloth or brush. This should be done at least twice monthly. 

How To Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming [Simple Guide]

At the same time, you do not want to use your gaming laptop on your bed or lap for too long. When you do that, you are blocking the air circulating that keeps going back into the device. 

Hence, you can use your device on a table or flat surface with ample space for airflow. This way, it remains cool and in good working condition. You can also make use of the pads for cooling purposes. 

If you reside in a cool area, you may want to use your laptop for 8-10 hours and not more. That is because it can overheat unless you are operating in an air-conditioned room. 

To prevent external damage to the gaming laptop.

A gaming laptop can be a handy device in the long run. Hence you would want to make sure that you keep it safe. Therefore, use a laptop backup when taking the laptop around with you. 

Avoid rough use of the bag, and do not throw it around. When traveling around, especially in planes, take it with you as hand luggage. 


A special mention must be given to the peripherals of the gaming laptop. Outside some peripherals might not seem important or crucial for your device’s operations. However, most of them come to play for games that require ample hardware for performance. 

For example, the mouse may not play a crucial role in most of the games. Your keyboard does. Hence, importance was given for keyboards. 

However, the trackpad is functional, though it do not have a crucial role in gaming. 

The headphones and headsets of the laptop are also vital. Unless you have a good headset or headphones, you may be able to play the game as you want to. The excitement and thrill are cut off then and there. 

However, an ordinary pair of headphones should do it. Your gaming experience is not affected that much unless you are a professional gamer, whose livelihood depends on games. 

Hence, you may want to purchase compact headphones that go easy on your ears after wearing them for a few hours. Finally, keyboards are a personal choice. Unless you feel that your keyboard makes a difference in your gaming experience, you may want to use it. 

The keyboards are usually produced such that they can cater to the needs of gamers. Consoles come with features like macro buttons, which are dedicated to playing use and offer an enthralling gaming experience.

Other maintenance tips:-
  • You must not run processes that are not required frequently. Doing that can slow down the speed of performance. 
  • Avoid overcharging the laptop. That is because, when your laptop is ultimately charged, the unnecessary charge given to it will ruin the laptop in the next time. When you keep your laptop for a charge, time it accurately. 
  • The number of installations can be reduced to avoid performance lag. When you want your gaming laptop to work as fast as your enthusiasm when playing, avoid installing too many applications. 
  • Shut down the backed processes before you want to play your favorite games that require ample space and operations power. This way, the performance is not lagged or affected negatively. 
  • See to that; you do not spill drinks or food items on your laptops because they can cause damage to it. You may want to place your drinks and food items away from it. When consuming them, make sure your face away from your device. 

Laptops like Lenovo and Acer are known to overheat. Hence, you may want to use them carefully and follow the above pointers. Repairs and damage can be permanent and expensive. It depends on the parts that have to be procured. 

In some cases, the repairs end up coming so high that you can purchase a brand-new notebook. The above were some minor issues that can be taken care of by yourself. 

However, when you notice that your laptop is in a big mess, then you may want to make it to the showroom and get it repaired by a professional expert. 

Things to know:-

The most powerful laptop of 2022

We may be unable to tell you the most powerful laptop of 2022 in this list. That is because powerful laptops belong to high-end laptops. They are expensive and cost likewise due to their powerful specifications. 

Not to mention, a laptop comes with several features, and most of them are updated in a few months itself. Due to increased competition, brands want to remain on top of each other, which is a good thing for consumers. 

MacBook from Apple and XPS from Dell come to mind. But, given the competition, even brands like HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo are making inroads to ensure that they make some noise in the market. 

Therefore, we encourage you to keep yourself updated on the current list of laptops. But, for obvious reasons, Dell and Apple, the rule above the rest. So, if you are looking for a powerful laptop, we suggest you go for either one of them. 

The best gaming laptop for 2022

With the year coming to an end, the obvious question that arises, which gaming laptop is the best for 2022. Well, the competition was quite severe. We are sure; you may understand how difficult the choice must have been. 

Because each of the above is special and unique in their ways, they are priced below $1500 and come with their specialty. 

The HP Omen is one of a kind, and we have had a hard time turning our backs on this one. 

It just makes you want to take it home. The gaming laptop comes with what economic gamers are looking for. The graphics card and hardware are ideally suited to each other. 

The headset provides you enough firepower to be glued on for hours without feeling bored with playing the same game. 

An additional feature worth mentioning here is the backlit keyboard. That means you can play using the keyboard even in dark environments unless the laptop is only as good as the games you intend to play. 

When the games are not up to the mark, you may not feel like playing them on the gaming laptop. Hence, the HP Omen is our undisputed choice for the best gaming laptop for 2022. 

The best laptops for gaming purposes 

If you want laptops for gaming purposes, you can choose from the notebooks we reviewed under $1500. However, if your financial condition allows you to go beyond the $1500 mark, then you might as well choose gaming laptops priced under $2000. 

It does not mean the gaming laptops priced under $1500 are not good or unresponsive, but just that the laptops priced at $2000 come with better features and performance. 

They can enhance your gaming experience further. We were immensely happy with the Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop performance and multi-tasking abilities. 

What is the cheapest laptop for gaming purposes? 

Since we are dealing with gaming laptops under $1500, we will stick to that here. When you are a serious gamer, but budget constraints are pushing your laptop choices back, you may want to consider the Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop.

The Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop comes with just what you are looking for. 

The gaming balance and graphics are beautiful for their price. When you play, your enjoyment and thrilling factor double, thanks to the pricing and features. 

Nobody has complained about it so far. 

The best part about this gaming laptop is that it is also suitable for other purposes and tasks. Whether you are a student or a working professional needing to perform a strenuous workload, look no further. 

Know what game you are going to play

This is the first thing you should know before you are buying a gaming laptop. There are various games available in the market, and some require bulky performance laptops while some can work very well with a low-budget laptop.

So you need to know what games you will play to buy the perfect laptop to cater to your needs. For example- games like GTA 5 and call of duty require high-performance laptops.

But games like Need for speed can work very well with a standard laptop. So knowing what games you are going to play is actually essential before sticking to any particular laptop. 

Set your budget

As I have already told you, the gaming laptop can range from $700-$7000, you have to set a budget. The budget helps you in not spending much money and getting what you require.

Buying a laptop this way will meet your requirements, which will be in your budget too and you will never feel the burden in your bank account too!

Know your other needs

Gaming laptops aren’t just for gaming, but they can do various other tasks too. They are the most potent laptops one can buy to carry out most of their functions. So if you choose a gaming laptop, you must take care of your other needs too.

For instance, if you are a content creator and more into video rendering and blog writing, you will require a high-end CPU( intel core i7 or above or AMD Ryzen 5 or above). You will also need a high-end GPU ( Nvidia GTX 2060 or above).

You will need a laptop with more RAM and a high-end CPU as a content writer or programmer. 

Search for the processor and GPU

You require a processor that can handle even the most massive games without undergoing any lag. You can get the Intel Core i7 within the budget, which is also a powerful processor that can feel most of the games.

You can also opt for going for i9, but the laptop will cost you higher than that of i7. Talking about GPU, you should go for Nvidia GTX 2060 or above for a better experience. 

Ram and storage

RAM is required to process background tasks. We wouldn’t recommend you to go for 8 GB Ram for a gaming laptop as 8 GB RAM can only carry out basic tasks and won’t work well with playing games.

If you are going for an Nvidia Gtx 1060 GPU, then you should know that this GPU comes with 16 GB ram. It means that 16 GB ram is required to play big games. You can also go for 32 GB version if you think that 16 Gb ram won’t meet your requirements. 

Talking about storage, there are two types of storages-SSD (solid-state drive) and HDD(hard disk drive). The difference between them is speed.

SSD is generally a lot faster than an HDD, and if you are going for a gaming laptop, you should choose a laptop with SSD. But the thing is a laptop with SSD will cost you higher than a laptop with HDD.

If you are buying a laptop with 1 TB HDD, then at the same price, you will get a laptop with 128 GB or 256 GB SSD, so the cost of the laptop with 1 TB SSD will be way higher.

Many laptops come with SSD and HDD; you can go for the one because storage can be an issue while gaming. SSD will load your game faster than an HDD. 


Talking about the gaming laptop’s display, you need to take care of the size of the screen, screen resolution and refresh rate.  

A laptop with a screen size of 15 inches is best; it lies between portability and a better gaming experience. The laptop’s portability depends on the size of the screen, and the gaming experience can vary with the screen size.

The more is the screen size, the lesser is the portability, and it is the opposite in the case of gaming experience, the more the size of the screen, the better is the gaming experience. So you need to choose between the portability and the laptop size.

A 13-inch laptop wills a portable one, but you will not have an excellent gaming experience. A 17-inch laptop will give you the best gaming experience, but its portability is limited from one room to another. 

Get a laptop with a minimum resolution of 1920×1080; this is the minimum requirement of a gaming laptop. You can get a laptop with a screen resolution of more, but your GPU will vary accordingly.


Key travel is the first thing you need to look for in the keyboard of the gaming laptop. It is how far your key can be pressed. You should always go for a laptop with keys over 1.5 mm of key travel.

It ensures that you don’t hit the keyboard frame. Check for the actuation of the keyboard. It is the force require in pressing the keys. Generally, a gamer prefers laptops without soft keys, because keys with enough resistance give the real feel. Nowadays, many laptops come with backlighting. Check for the one with RGB backlighting.

What you should not go for

Often the seller tries to fool people with useless offers. So try to avoid such offers. You can look for some points below to know what you should not go for in a laptop.

Do not buy mac

Now you might think that MacBook is one of the best laptops with high performance, so why you should not go for buying a mac? Mac isn’t designed for games, and it is designed for business and programming. 

Never go for touch screen

Touch-screen laptops might appeal to you for the very first time, and this is the reason why you might end up buying a touch screen laptop. You should never prefer going for a touch screen laptop as they are overpriced, and you do not get enough specifications. 

Don’t go for HHD

Although HHD is cheaper than an SSD, you should never do it. SSD is better than an HHD, so you should invest in an SSD.

Never go for a laptop with core i3

You should never go for a laptop with core i3 as it is of no use now. This processor won’t be able to handle massive task, so forget intensive gaming on this processor.


These were some of the best laptops for gaming under $1500. You can choose the one based on your requirements and budget. The need to burn a deep hole in your pocket for the laptop is not there, with so many to choose from. 

For under $1500, you can get your hands on that fantastic gaming laptop you always wanted. 

They come with all the features and specifications that you were looking for. The machine, graphics card, and peripherals come as expected. Using the ideas mentioned above, you can make your choice. 

If you have any doubts or clarifications, please do not hesitate to write to us using the comments section. 

We would be glad to be of help to you.

These were some of the best laptops you can get under the price point of $1500. Some laptops come above the price point of $1500. The laptops mentioned in the list are ideal for people who don’t want to invest much.