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5 Best Preschool Watch For Your Kids in 2022 – Reviewed

This is Buyer’s Guide to Best Preschool Watch For Your Kids in 2022. 🤔

And let me be clear about something:

This is NOT your average buyer’s guide. Our team manually reviewed the 15 watches and found the best 5 for our readers. 🤴

Watches have been one of the most important accessories known to men for a very long time now.

Today, it is still a very relevant device to the day-to-day life and activities of humans, having survived so many generations, evolving with time, and adapting to each generation’s most trendy technologies and designs.

In its simplest form, and from its inception, watches are meant to be a piece of technology to help people keep track of time.

The first models of watches were designed to work with the sun; they measured and determined time according to the sun’s position and movement.

But as time went by, the technology and design of watches continued to develop, and the invention continued to progress, resulting in the many models available in the market now.

Today, more than being a device to help people keep track of time, watches have developed to be a fashion material that serves as a complement to dresses and helps people to show class too, with a vast array of available varieties, from sports watches to men, women and even children watch, etc.,

All serve the same purpose in many diverse ways to help people make a choice that perfectly suits their personality, style, fashion sense, and the purpose of why they want the watch.

Surveys and different research have shown that very large populations of people (more than half the population) who use watches choose the watches they use according to their attitude and clothing style, and also considering other demographics such as sex, age, and many more.

In this article, we will review some of the best watches for preschool kids and provide some information on how to buy and properly take care of them.

Today, even in the face of so many modern time-telling technologies like smart mobile phones and more, one of the best and most efficient ways to help you teach your child how to know and tell what the time is remaining is, getting them a watch they can own.

There are so many perks to buying your kid a friendly watch that they can easily relate to; from teaching them how to tell time to let them know how to set alarms, using the stopwatch, and many more.

Ultimately, this will help to brighten and build your child’s IQ level and intellectual capacity.

Plus, most of the best available preschool watches for kids come with an inbuilt GPRS functionality, which will help you to monitor your child’s movement and also help them to boost their sense of independence.

If you are interested in buying a good watch for your preschool child, here is a selection you can choose from:

Best Preschool Watch – Our Top Picks 👌👌

1. Paw Patrol Digital Watch For Kids

With this beautifully designed digital watch, you can be sure that your kids are set to have all the fun in the world as they learn basic time-telling.

The 3D watch features an extra-large design that is very noticeable, flashy, and naturally stands out.

Best Preschool Watch
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It displays characters from the Marshal show on its face with an amazing 3D effect to give it an extra cool look. Your kids will definitely like this one.

The watch comes with adjustable beautiful colored straps with the Marshal character drawn in 3D on it again to give it a design that is amazing and that your kids can barely resist.

Moreover, because the straps are very easily adjustable, the watch can fit easily to every child’s wrist, no matter the size.

As for safety, this watch is very safe for kids as each of the designs has undergone a series of tests in the lab to ensure that it is safe in every aspect to be used by children.

Constructed with very friendly materials that are non-toxic and non-hazardous, the watch comes in a very durable quality that will surely last and serve your kid for a very long time.

Looking at the large Marshall characters drawn on the watch’s surface, smiling back at them, your children will be endeared to steal a glance at the watch from time to time.

This will cause them to get familiar with it, ultimately leading them to learn time-telling much more quickly.


  • It features a button at the corner to activate a flashlight on its surface.
  • It comes in a design with three patrol characters (Chase, Marshall, and Rubble) on its surface.
  • It comes in a quality digital design


  • Its display features are designed in 3D to give it a more appealing look
  • The materials used for its construction are all very kids friendly and safe
  • Its super chick and durable design make it very easily lovable for your kids.


  • The watch is unfortunately not water-resistant
  • The pin built in the watchband design can come too close if extremely pulled on.
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2. Kids Time Teacher Watch By Disney

Specially designed for kids who are huge fans of the Disney Land world, the CZ1008 Kids Time Teacher Watch by Disney is one of the amazing designs from the Disney time teacher watch series.

Best Preschool Watch
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This model is specifically designed for dedicated fans of Lighting McQueen. This watch is the perfect gift you want for your child that he would appreciate, especially if he is a Disney fan.

It features a strap made of rubber links to take the look of the threads in Lightning’s tires, giving it a much more realistic look and appealing to people who know and love the lighting.

More, on the watch’s surface, is a bold drawing of the McQueen Lighting in all his glory, comfortably on standby and ready to zoom off.

The watch will bring your kid’s favorite cartoon character to live closest to his heart, on his wrist. You can rest assured that your kids will love and treasure this watch.

The watch comes in a classic quartz analog design that gives it a simple and mature look on its surface.

Its hands are designed with specific inscriptions that read ‘hour’ and ‘minute’, respectively, on each hand to help your kid to identify them without thinking twice, ultimately leading them to learn and get used to time-telling a lot faster and easier too.

The watch is a perfect fit for kids aged 3 and above. Designed to be durable with quality materials typical of Disney, this watch is set to bring your kids all the fun they deserve while teaching them how to know and tell time without much stress.

Moreover, the wristband of the watch, made out of rubber, is quite adequate for your kids to play activities and will not make you worry that it will break or snap easily.


  • The watch features a bold drawing of Disney’s Lighting McQueen on its surface.
  • Its strap bands are made of high-quality rubber and designed to look like McQueen’s sturdy tires.
  • The watch comes in a simple Quartz design with its hour and minute hands accurately labeled.


  • Its rubber links designed wristband provides a uniquely beautiful design and contributes greatly to its durability.
  • Its analog numbers come in a very easy-to-read design and accurately-labeled hour and minutes hands to help your kids recognize time much more easily.
  • It is another beautiful addition to your kid’s Disney collection
  • It is perfect for and cannot be easily damaged during playtime activities


  • The Disney kid’s watch is not digital
  • It does not come in a water-resistant design and thus can be easily damaged in water.
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3. Waterproof Sports Watch For Kids ByAzland

If you are looking for a special watch to gift your kid who loves the sport and has a passion for swimming, this is the perfect option.

This waterproof sports watch for kids by Azland is the perfect design for a durable sports watch that your kids will fall in love with at first sight.

The watch comes with an Indiglo light for night vision and is perfect for both boys and girls from age of five years old and above.

Best Preschool Watch
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It features a bright LED display to aid your kids with visibility and to accurately tell what the time is underwater and in dark places. A calendar to help your kid know dates and set appointments for an improved sense of responsibility and accuracy.

A daily alarm system to help remind your kid of activities and an hourly chime function to help keep your kids alert and time conscious, among many other amazing features that will help improve your kid’s sense of responsibility and intelligence.

More, the sleek design of the watch gives it a chick look and advances it from just a piece of time-telling device to a fashion accessory to help enhance your fashion look. The watch is designed with durable materials and will surely last your kid’s lifetime.

Plus, even though it is a digital watch, its operation is very easy to understand. It can be easily worn and fits perfectly for play and practical activities without fear or concern of being easily damaged.

All the watch features are very easy to use, and its instructions are clear for easy understanding.

The model is a fashionable and practical timepiece with amazing features that your kids will love and Cherish for a long time.


  • It is built with an electronic digital LED display
  • The watch is built to be water-resistant and fits perfectly for sports activities
  • It comes with a stopwatch functionality
  • It comes with an alarm system


  • The watch comes in a very much easy to use design.
  • It is built to carry a sleek appearance, making it capable of serving as a fashion price too.
  • It has a built-in Indiglo night light vision to aid visibility underwater and in dark places.
  • It comes with an alarm system.


  • None
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4. Pokémon Digital Watch For Kids

For kids who have a passion for the Pokémon animated series, this is the best choice of watch you should buy for them.

Perfect for girls and boys alike, the Pokémon-themed watch is trusted to deliver all the fun your kids deserve while helping them groom their most basic time-telling skills.

5 Best Preschool Watch For Your Kids in 2022 - Reviewed
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It is designed with a digital display feature that carries a variety of LCD-colored lights. Boldly drawn on the face of the watch are the Pikachu and Ash animated characters with their iconic blush, ready to introduce your kids to their world of unending fun.

Your kids will be much grateful to see their favorite cartoon characters on the surface of this watch, and they sure will rock the watch with joy and pride that can only stem from the fulfillment of knowing that your favorite characters in the world are very close to you.

The watch is designed with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability and a very comfortable feel when worn on the wrist of your kids, such that they will never want to take it off.

It comes in a quite simple and easy-to-understand design, allowing your kids to learn the principles of accurately telling time much easier.

Very suitable to be worn by kids from four, the watch will be a perfect introduction to time-telling for your kids. Moreover, this watch will help improve your kids’ cognitive abilities as well as help boost their IQ levels.


  • This watch comes with favorite cartoon characters from the animation world. This will naturally endear your kids to the watch.
  • The watch features flashing LCD lights to help your kids see the time in the dark.
  • It comes with adjustable wristbands, making it easily fit every kid’s wrist, irrespective of size.
  • It helps to boost motor skill development in kids.


  • It does not come with instructions or directions to help the users understand its functions and features easily
  • The buttons at the sides of the watch are placed too close to each other.
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5. Kids Waterproof Silicone Watch 

One good thing about this Japanese water-resistant watch is that it comes in various styles to fit whatever personality your kid carries without stress easily.

The watch works perfectly fine even underwater and will rapidly increase your kid’s ability to tell what the time is saying.

5 Best Preschool Watch For Your Kids in 2022 - Reviewed
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The watch is made with very child-friendly materials so that it does not pose any danger to your kid during play and practical activities. More, the quality plastic band of the watch increases its durability, such that it does not snap or get broken easily.

Plus, the watch comes with some easy and bright inscriptions around its bands to help your kid get familiar with basic school lessons and also to improve your kid’s IQ and intellectual capacity.

It comes in a very simple quartz analog design with clear and bold numbers on it to help your kids recognize what the time is quite easily and quickly too.

The watch, which is highly recommended for kids age three or more, comes in a perfect size that will most easily fit your kids’ wrists without much stress, and that will ensure that your kids are very comfortable when they wear the watch on their wrists.

Its surface is quite big to allow for bold numbers, which will help your kids see and discern time much more easily.


  • This watch has a 3D cartoon design and some basic school lesson inscriptions on its band to inspire kids to learn.
  • The watch is also waterproof and shock-resistant, allowing kids to use it in wet conditions. freely
  • It has a large surface and bold number inscriptions to allow for easy time visibility.


  • Its waterproof feature allows it to be used in wet situations without fear of damage.
  • It presents kids with various styles to choose from to perfectly match their personalities.
  • The watch is also built to be shock-resistant


  • The buttons at the side of the watch cannot be pressed while in water
  • It cannot endure usage underwater for a long period
  • It does not come in a digital design
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Best Preschool Watch: What To Consider

Of course, it has been established that watches are necessary for man and his daily activities.

It has also been established that getting a watch for your kids could play many important roles in their lives, even beyond accurately teaching them how to tell time from a young age accurately. But then, all these things depend on the type of watch you buy for your kids and how well they appreciate the watch.

While shopping for the perfect watch for your kids, a watch that they will like and that will perfectly fit their personality, there are several considerations you should carefully make. Otherwise, you might end up making a bad choice.

These very important considerations are listed below to help give you the ultimate guide while shopping for your kid’s watch.


 when shopping for your kid’s watch, one very important quality you should always. Be on the lookout for its durability. The durability of your choice will go a long way to determining how long the watch will last and how well it will serve your kids.

More, because kids are often careless and do not know how to handle things properly, it is best advised that you go for a watch that is designed with very high-quality, durable materials, as you sure will not want to be back to the market next week in the search for a replacement.

It is also better to go for a watch that is water resistant and can withstand rough handling; seeing kids love playing with water a lot, you never can tell when they will keep their hands in a nearby water basin with the watch next to their wrist.


beyond being just durable, you also have to take extra care to ensure that the watch you get for your kids is very comfortable when they put it on.

You must consider that your kid’s skin, just like the skin of every other kid, is quite tender and can be easily injured.

Thus, when selecting a watch for them, you must consciously pick one that is very friendly to their skin, and that will not harm or hurt them.

In making this choice, it is better to consider watches that have softer rubber and PU leather and do not pose any danger to your kid’s skin.

Also, avoid picking watches that are heavy or that carries too much weight as they might turn out to be a burden on your kid’s wrist.


Price is another important consideration before buying a watch for your kids. Your kid does not know class and style at this stage, so they are very likely to accept any watch you give them, irrespective of the price budget.

Thus it is better not to invest too much of your money into buying an expensive watch for your kids as even they might not know the watch’s value.

Ideally, a modest watch with all the shiny and stylish designs and bright colors that kids like will do the trick, and they will prefer it to a high-class and expensive watch.

You should also factor in the fact that kids aren’t always very careful and might just damage or lose that very expensive watch you spent a lot of money buying in just one week.


 the design of the watch you choose for your children is also very important before buying the watch.

Because the major purpose of buying the watch is to help your kids learn how to tell time, it is best advised that you go for more simple and uncomplicated designs that will not give your kids too much stress in figuring out its features it is saying.

Other considerations that are worth a mention too are style, usefulness, and personal choices.

How To Properly Care for Your Preschool Watch

Having purchased a good watch for your kid, it is important also to know how to take care of the watch properly so that its durability is maximized and it does not get damaged because of carelessness or mishandling. Here are some tips that could help you:

Make Sure To Read The Instructions Before You Start To Use The Watch:- 

These watches often come with a set of explanations for their functions and features and instructions on how to use them properly. When you buy one, make sure to read and understand all the instructions before you start to use the watch.

Clean the Watch From Time To Time:-

 one of the most basic and important ways to care for your kid’s watch is to clean the watch regularly, from time to time.

This will help you get rid of dirt and dust from the watch’s surface, which, when allowed to stay for a long time, might begin to make the color fade or even penetrate the watch to cause more damage.

Take The Watch to A professional To Fix Any Problem with It:- 

if you notice any malfunctioning or problem with the watch, do not try to fix it on your own; rather, take it to a professional repairer for adequate fixing. Also, from time to time, you should take the watch to a professional for services.

Always Keep the Watch in a Safe Place:- 

make sure the watch is always kept in a safe place where it isn’t exposed to dangers. If the watch comes with a pack, always keep it in its pack after use, and also try not to expose the watch to a magnet as this might damage it. Also, ensure that your kids wear the watch only when necessary.

📗 FAQs

Below are a few queries on kid’s watch that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

What age should a child get a watch?

Studies have shown that children between seven and eight years old should be able to easily read the time, and those as young as five should start to understand the analogue system.

Do 3 year olds have a concept of time?

Your child is ready to understand days of the week, so mention them whenever you get a chance.

Is TV bad for kids?

Too much screen time can be a bad thing

What is Flik Flak?

Flik Flak is the world's favorite children's watch. Since 1987, Flik Flak creates Swiss made watches for kids that help them to learn to tell the time with a fun and entertaining concept.


Getting a watch for your kids could be very beneficial; you should do it now.

In this article, some of the best watches for preschool kids have been listed alongside very important tips on taking care of them and things to consider before buying them; everything has been set for you to make the best watch purchase for your kids.