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9 Of The Best WhatsApp Status Apps For iOS And Android

Are you looking for the Best WhatsApp Status Apps to download on your android and iOS phones? 🤔

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a handy list of best apps on both the platform.

Let’s get started. 📗

If you have used Whatsapp, you would probably know about their status feature. It is very similar to Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook stories features. The Whatsapp status feature is relatively new, and everyone using it enjoys it a lot, but what exactly is it?

You can upload a photograph or video that stays on your profile temporarily, i.e., for 24 hours from the time you upload it. Adding to this, you can even add colored text, stickers, and your own doodle using the pencil feature. These statuses that you upload are visible to all of your contacts for a period of 24 hours.

Your contacts can also reply to your status with a comment or emoji if they wish so. The best part about this is that you can make your status as creative as you wish. To help you do this, there are also lots of apps for Whatsapp status you can download.

The following is a list of the Best Whatsapp Status Apps that provide you with great content that you can use as your status.

Best WhatsApp Status Apps: Our Top Pick 👌

For the people interested, here is a list of the Best Whatsapp Status Apps. These apps all have videos and photographs that you can download and post as your own status material. In this way, you have creative stories that did not require all that much effort.

1. Clip – Video Status & Quotes

Do you like reading inspirational and motivational quotes? Or watching short inspirational or motivational videos? Well, if you do, then this is the right app for you.

Best Whatsapp Status Apps

The clip has tons of picture quotes and fresh videos that you can readily post as your Whatsapp status. If you like reading such quotes and watching such videos, then why not show them to your contacts too? Inspirational quotes are fit for everybody, aren’t they?

Clip not only allows you to find photos and videos with quotes but also allows you to edit your own images to add text to them. Hence, this app is one of the best apps for Whatsapp status and is a perfect fit for you if quotes are your thing.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Clip – Video Status & Quotes that make it add to the Best Whatsapp Status Apps list.


  • You can edit your photos on this app as compared to merely finding photographs to put as a status. Yes, you can make your status entirely your own, customized to the way you want it.
  • It has a massive collection of photos and videos to upload as your status, the selection is vast, and you won’t run out of options.
  • You can download videos and photos off of the Clip app with supreme ease, as it is effortless to use
  • You can find quotes of any kind; you just have to put in the correct keyword in the search box, and the app will find you what you’re looking for


  • Unfortunately, this app is only available to a limited number of users, i.e., only iOS users. Clip is not available for Android and other systems other than iOS.
  • If you are unused to it, it can be confusing to find the videos after you have downloaded them the first few times; it takes using a few times to get used to it.

Download on Apple App Store

Download on Google Play Store

2. TikTok

TikTok is an app where people can upload and view all kinds of fresh videos. On TikTok, people can upload short videos of themselves doing all sorts of fun things. Here, you upload videos of all the little things you do in your life.

Best Whatsapp Status Apps

TikTok is such an app that allows for video-making of the littlest of events with cool filters and effects available to all.

This app is excellent for everybody who has wanted to make a short video of a kind but did not have the means or know-how to do so. This is the reason why, as an app, it has risen to such high ranks.

On TikTok, you can record your own videos, adding some impressive effects, and upload them for people to see.

You can save these videos as well and upload them on your Whatsapp status – it would be super cool to have personalized videos like this, right? You can make dancing, singing, acting, and challenge videos, among many others.

You can also view other people’s videos on TikTok of them living their lives and taking part in things like ‘online challenges’ that people create to pass their time, among other things.

You can share these videos straight to Whatsapp if you’d like, as well. Also, since it is an internationally used app, there is a multitude of videos on it from around the world, accounting for a wide selection of choices for your Whatsapp status.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of TikTok that make it add to the Best Whatsapp Status Apps list.


  • TikTok is an app that people use all around the world; hence it has a vast selection of videos to choose from for your Whatsapp status.
  • It is a social media platform while being part of the list of best apps for Whatsapp status.
  • The ease of creating statuses with this app is such that you can share videos directly from the TikTok app to Whatsapp to create a status.
  • Using TikTok, you can create your own content instead of only using already created content by others. It also gives a fulfilling feeling to use the content you have created yourself.
  • This app has the latest trends and online challenges on it, meaning that when you use it, you also stay updated on the latest happenings.


  • There are a lot of videos you may have to sift through as some of them are may sometimes be over-edited or have too many effects and can be irritating to the eyes.
  • Many effects and filters on the TikTok app are unavailable for specific devices, which can be super inconvenient for people looking for those particular effects on those specific devices.

Click here to download TikTok for iOS.

Click here to download TikTok for Android.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best apps for Whatsapp status out there, especially when you are looking at downloading photographs.

It is a platform where you can save images, videos, articles, etc. from all over the internet, and they get “pinned” onto your Pinterest account.

9 Of The Best WhatsApp Status Apps For iOS And Android

This is the primary reason that there is so much content available on Pinterest, ranging from how-to, step-by-step photographs of things to different kinds of photography.

This app has tonnes of cooking recipes, ideas for room and home decorations, art, quotes, and inspirational content.

The best thing that Pinterest is known for is the inspirational and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ideas that are great for spending time doing some productive things.

The best part is that the app has these in attractive image form, which would be perfect for uploading on your Whatsapp status.

Pinterest is definitely one of the best apps for Whatsapp status because it has such a wide variety of photographs available. You can select whichever you want for your status and set the same. If you wish to save some for later, you may do that as well, as Pinterest has several options for saving images.

You can save these images available on the site on various boards, which you can name yourself. Under these boards, you can also have different sections so that you can sort out your pictures well.

If you take a screenshot of any post on Pinterest, it gets saved to a separate, auto-created board, which is the Screenshots board.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Pinterest that make it add to the Best Whatsapp Status Apps list.


  • Pinterest has a massive variety of content in the form of pictures that would be perfect for your Whatsapp status.
  • You can either share images you like straight to your Whatsapp or save them for viewing or sharing later.
  • While saving photos, you can quickly sort them out into boards and sections, not to mention the automated Screenshots board for your convenience.
  • You find all kinds of content on Pinterest ranging from recipes to DIY decor art, which is readily available to explore if you’d like


  • When you share an image with Whatsapp, it only comes as a preview of the page rather than as a photo. Hence you have to download the photographs onto your device to share them as images.
  • Often when you click on a photo, it redirects you to the link where the original photo was picked up instead of allowing you to view the picture as it is

Click here to download Pinterest for iOS.

Click here to download Pinterest for Android.

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4. Whatsapp Status Saver

When we are out and having a good time with our family or friends, we love to take selfies and lots of pictures together to capture our good times together.

You may also upload a Whatsapp status of the same, with a cute doodle or some text or stickers. However, the sad part is that this status will only remain for 24 hours, and then it will be gone forever.

9 Of The Best WhatsApp Status Apps For iOS And Android

What if there was a way to prevent your Whatsapp status from disappearing forever after the first 24 hours? Yes, there is a way to save your Whatsapp status even after its life is over, in a manner of speaking. The way is an app that goes by the name Whatsapp Status Saver.

The best part is that it is not only your own stories that this app allows you to save; it is also others’. Imagine that someone else has posted a Whatsapp status photograph with you and your family or friends in the picture, and you would like to save it to revisit it later, you can do this using the Whatsapp Status Saver.

All you have to do with this app is to tap the status you’d like to save on the Whatsapp app, then head over to the Status Saver app to do the actual saving.

On the bottom of this app is the ‘Status Tab,’ where you’ll find all the statuses you’ve viewed on Whatsapp. Click on the one you’d like to save, and then you can simply find it on the downloads section of your device photos.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Whatsapp Status Saver that make it add to the Best Whatsapp Status Apps list.


  • This app allows you to save any Whatsapp statuses that you’ve viewed and would like to save to view again
  • It has a simple process for saving any Whatsapp status you want to, to prevent any confusion and to facilitate smooth navigation around the Status Saver app
  • The downloaded photos or videos from Whatsapp statuses get saved directly onto the downloads folder of your phone
  • Another additional fantastic feature of this app is that you can message numbers on Whatsapp for a quick text without saving the number


  • This app allows a person to store somebody else’s photos and videos without their knowledge and that is not a beneficial feature for people’s privacy
  • This app is only available for Android devices and no other system

Click here to download Whatsapp Status Saver for Android.

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5. Daily Status

Daily Status has some of the best content that you can put as your Whatsapp Status. It has a wide range of quotes about love and relationships for all those interested.

Daily Status also has some Shayari in a text-on-photo form, which would be great for your contacts to see on your status.

Best Whatsapp Status Apps

These quotes and the Shayari on Daily Status are available in several languages, including Hindi and English. They also have the latest updates about Indian cinema, musicians, etc.

You can also use the Daily Status app as a social media page, by following or friending others like on Instagram and Facebook.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Daily Status that make it add to the Best Whatsapp Status Apps list.



  • There are a lot of ads on the Daily Status app that are very irritating while using
  • The app needs to be regularly updated so that there is more content availability by the day

Click here to download Daily Status for Android.

Click here to download Daily Status for iOS.

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6. Sad Video Status

Sad Video Status app is the perfect app for people who like to listen to sad songs and enjoy reading sad quotes. The number of these people is surprising, but if you are one of them and a Whatsapp status enthusiast, this is the perfect app for you.

9 Of The Best WhatsApp Status Apps For iOS And Android

On the Sad Video Status app, there are hundreds of sad lyrical music videos and sad quotes, so you will not have any problem finding what you want. These photos and videos are specially made for your Whatsapp status, too, what’s better than that?

Such an app, which has so many videos and photos created by people who understand if you’re sad, it is a safe space to download content that is reciprocative of what you are feeling.

This is why Sad Video Status is a popular app and has a lot of daily users who think and feel this way.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Sad Video Status that make it add to the Best Whatsapp Status Apps list.


  • Sad Video Status app has hundreds of Whatsapp statuses – photos, quotes, and videos, for you to choose from which depict what is going on in your head
  • Such an app helps a person feel understood and allows other people to understand them when they see them post photos from here on their Whatsapp status
  • This app also has sad Shayari and sad wallpapers that are available for download
  • Sharing and downloading videos from Sad Video Status app is relatively easy and does not require any complicated process.


  • This app is only available for Android
  • The app has way too many ads
  • Such an app that promotes content for sad people, at the same time, also encourages and glorifies poor mental health and sadness. This glorification is rather toxic and should likely be done away with instead of promoted.

Click here to download the Sad Video Status app for Android.

7. WeLike

Here are another one of the best Whatsapp Status Apps available on online app stores. This app has options for every Whatsapp add-on that you can think of.

WeLike app has some funny videos and images available for download and uploading on Whatsapp statuses.

9 Of The Best WhatsApp Status Apps For iOS And Android

They also have the ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ greeting messages that Whatsapp users are famous for forwarding to their contact lists every day.

These text images with greetings also have specialized messages for different festivals such as ‘Happy Diwali’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ messages, among others. The app has great quotes, too, in Hindi as well as English.

Using this app, you can also download different sticker packs that you can use while texting your friends and family. These stickers are also reusable in Whatsapp statuses in the sticker section.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the WeLike that make it add to the Best Whatsapp Status Apps list.


  • You can get all kinds of greetings on this app such as good morning, good night, good evening, etc. greetings to share on your status
  • This app provides you with many sticker packs for Whatsapp
  • There are many quotes, love messages, Shayari, etc. for your use on this app in Hindi and English both
  • It is easy to share videos and images from the WeLike app, and you can do so without having many problems


  • There are fewer videos on this app and more images which is inconvenient for those who prefer video statuses to photo statuses
  • Many of the few videos that exist are very similar, and there is very less variety for the same

Click here to download WeLike for Android.

8. VMate

VMate is an excellent app for Whatsapp statuses, which has many cool videos that you can share with your contacts.

It has unlimited videos that you can access by merely downloading the app off of the Google Play Store and also the iTunes App Store. That’s right, and it is available for both iOS as well as Android.

9 Of The Best WhatsApp Status Apps For iOS And Android

There are plenty of different categories of videos on VMate, including videos of the following categories: funny, sad, happy, angry, etc.

VMate also has theme-based categories such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Diwali, etc. There are also cartoon videos on the VMate, which has 200 million users worldwide.

These videos provide some excellent content for your Whatsapp status. Also, instead of merely downloading other people’s videos, you can upload your own and add to the multitude of content on VMate.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the VMate that make it add to the Best Whatsapp Status Apps list.


  • VMate has a wide array of videos of all kinds that will help you get the exact content you want, whenever you want it
  • This app comes in eleven different languages to provide users the best experience in their mother tongues. These include English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, among others.
  • Along with viewing and downloading other people’s videos, you can even create and upload your own videos on VMate.
  • The video quality online, on the app, as well as the downloaded video quality, is incredible and makes for some super clear Whatsapp statuses.
  • You can also get paid (minimal amounts) via this app when you like videos and follow creators.


  • Often, your VMate balance (money) may show zero as a result of a minor violated guideline which is more often an excuse for not paying
  • Auto-downloads for videos consume a lot of data

Click here to download VMate for Android.


In conclusion, these are the best apps for Whatsapp status that are available online. Whether you are looking for something to upload on your Whatsapp status, which is funny, sad, themed to a festival or special day like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc., there is something available for you.

We hope that you have gone through this list of the best apps for Whatsapp status and can get a gist of the best one for you. Do look at all the pros and cons to make the right decision about which Whatsapp status app is the best one for you.