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27 Best Portable Monitors To Buy in 2022- Reviewed

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Portable Monitors To Buy in 2022? 🤔

Don’t worry. This definitive guide will help you to find the best one for you.

Let’s explore this awesome detailed buyer’s guide. 🐱‍🐉

In a world where everyone is constantly moving, the increased need for a portable monitor is only to be expected.

While on the move, productivity is also essential, and only a few laptops and mobile phones, as well as tabs, can do it. An added advantage to owning a portable monitor is that it can be used with all of these other devices for work.

That is a win-win situation. Big screens are not easy to transport from one place to another, and as portable monitors come in very handy, there is every reason why you should own one.

This post will share all of those reasons why a portable monitor is a must-have, and it will also list some of the best ones out there.

As with other monitors, anyone can use portable monitors, from business professionals to freelancers, portable monitors do not discriminate, and there are so many benefits they have to offer.

This post is dedicated to providing all you need to know about some of the best portable monitors.

Still, before we go on to that in this post, we would first discuss the pros of owning a portable monitor, what to look out for, and many other important details you should know. This will make you itch to get one as soon as possible.

Many brands are out there manufacturing portable monitors, from dell portable monitor, ASUS to AOC to HP, and many others. This comes with no surprise seeing as things are easier with portable devices.

They all vary in features and prices as well, and because of this, it is best to look into as many best portable monitors as possible.

Whether you are interested in getting a portable monitor for business or gaming purposes, the portable monitors below comprise those that serve these purposes.

From resolutions to pros to cons to features to specifications, below are the most recommended and best portable monitors and all you need to know about them.

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Best Portable Monitors – Our Top Pick👌

1. ASUS MB 169C+

Best Portable Monitors
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With a screen size of 15.6 inches, full HD, and a USB Type C connector, this portable monitor is sleek, compact, and stylish.

That’s only to be expected as it comes from the reputable ASUS brand known only to deliver products with high quality. This MB 169C+ is credited with its USB Type C feature being the first of its kind.


  • This monitor is lightweight and weighs only 11.8 lb., and has dimensions 17.2 x 2.3 x 11.7 inches.
  • It comes with a smart case that further improves its portability by doubling as an adjustable stand and also serving to protect it.
  • It is compatible with many other devices without additional cables, which boosts its effectiveness.
  • It has a full HD resolution of 1920×1080
  • It has a solid body feature
  • It is eye-friendly as it has a blue light filter that reduces the emission of blue light, causing it to put less strain on the eyes.
  • It is comfortable and easy to use, and its sleekness makes it very suitable for frequent travelers.
  • It has easily adjustable screen features


  • It tends to drain the battery of the connected device quickly.
  • It is to some extent limited in its ability to be used with some adapters like the Type A and Type C adapters
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15.6" 1080p USB-C External Monitor? Asus MB169C+
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2. Electric Magic Ultra Slim Portable Monitor

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The screen size of 13.3 inches, a resolution of 2560×1440, and high-contrast and, as its name depicts, an ultra-slim body are only some of the features that make the electric magic ultra-slim portable monitor a very desirable one.

It has a feature that allows for it to be hung on walls, supports outdoor use, and has a quick response time. Electric Magic Ultra Slim Portable Monitor is the best portable monitor for gaming.


  • Its high resolution results in a well-detailed and clear image quality
  • Its ultra-slimness allows for it to be easily transported.
  • Its connectivity options are wide, and they vary from a dual mini HDMI to a mini VGA
  • It comes with a screen guard that helps to protect the monitor’s screen from breaks and cracks.
  • It has a very easy setup as all that must be done is to select the preferred language and plug it in for use.
  • It is very versatile, allowing for connectivity with laptops and even game consoles like the Xbox 360, PS4, and others.
  • It has very clear and loud inbuilt speakers that do not make the use of external headphones necessary.
  • Its response time (2ms) and refresh rate are very fast.


  • Its screen is not a touch screen, which is a major limitation for those who are used to having all their gadgets as a touch screen.
  • The cable it comes with is not very long, so there might be a need for an extension cord.
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3. AOC e1659Fwu: Best Portable Monitors under 150 $

Best Portable Monitors
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AOC products are known to be unique and of high quality, and this e1659Fwu is no exception. This AOC portable monitor is one of the relatively inexpensive ones, which does not make it have mediocre qualities.

It still has very attractive features. It has a screen size of 16 inches and a 1366×768 resolution. It also has brightness control and a case for carrying it around.


  • It gives clear and detailed images and texts in both portrait and landscape views.
  • At a weight of only 2.64 pounds, it is very lightweight and easy to move around with
  • Its contrast ratio is 500:1, which makes it pretty solid and ensures that image quality is not compromised.
  • With a quick response time of 5ms and a refresh rate of 60Hz, it is well built to allow for games and a sharp appearance of fast-moving scenes.
  • It is auto-pivot supported, and so the screen can easily adjust to whatever position the monitor is in
  • It has a USB 3.0 port that allows for power and video/audio connectivity
  • It gives an overall great value even at its price.


  • Its viewing angle is quite narrow
  • It has no inbuilt speakers
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4. Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Desklab may not be a major brand, but it has built a solid reputation. The Desklab 4K monitor was one of last year’s most successful crowdfunding projects, and now, it’s available worldwide.

27 Best Portable Monitors To Buy in 2022- Reviewed

Desklab packs everything you’d want in a monitor (or even a laptop, for that matter) into an incredibly thin and lightweight design. At just 1.3 lbs and 6 mm thin, it’s the most portable 15” monitor on the market. 

Its anti-glare 4K screen is ultra-clear and bright. One of our favorite features is that you can use Desklab in almost any lighting conditions and still get a crystal-clear image that’s easy on the eyes. 


  • 4K with true LED backlighting for exceptional clarity 
  • 2x brighter than leading monitors for use in all lighting conditions
  • 15” screen, 1.3 lbs, and 6 mm thin—lighter and thinner than iPad, but with a bigger screen 
  • Built-in stereo audio brings you Hi-Fi sound on the go
  • Acts as a charging conduit for your devices (if Desklab is connected to your computer and your phone is connected to Desklab, Desklab will charge your phone). 
  • Gaming ready- <10ms response rate and connects to phones, consoles, laptops, and PCs
  • Low flicker, anti-glare, and low blue light for eye protection
  • Universally compatible with all devices and operating systems.
  • More ports than most portable monitors- HDMI, 2x USB-C, Micro USB, 3.5 mm jack


  • Stand not included
  • No internal battery 

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5. GeChic 1303H Portable Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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GeChic is another brand that manufactures top-notch portable monitors and a wide range of them.

This particular one has a screen size of 13.3 inches and a weight of only 1.32 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight monitors. It comes with an aluminum stand and a 1920×1080 screen display.


  • It comes with multiple video inputs – HDMI, USB, VGA
  • It comes with inbuilt speakers
  • It is compatible with a wide range of devices, from computers to tablets to smartphones, cameras, and even game consoles like the PS4
  • It has a wide viewing angle panel
  • It is slim and compact
  • It is windows certified as its touch screen function is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 10.


  • Although it has built-in speakers, the speakers do not give a very high quality sound, but this can be fixed with external headphones.
  • It is quite pricey
  • It does not come with a cover or a screen guard when purchased.
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6. ViewSonic TD2230

Best Portable Monitors
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This monitor is one with a multi-media touch display and a lot of unique features. It produces clear and sharp images with its high contrast ratio of 1000:1, which makes it stand out from all other portable monitors, which are also the best for mac.

It has a screen size of 22 inches, 1920 by 1080 resolution, and wide compatibility across operating systems. Another unique feature is its blue light filter which is easy on the eyes in cases of elongated viewing periods.


  • It comes with a mount that allows for flexibility on the wall or as a stand.
  • It has different connectivity options – USB, HDMI, VGA
  • It comes with two inbuilt speakers
  • It comes with ten touchpoints and a screen, making its user interface even more friendly. This 10-point touchscreen means that swiping, tapping, and zooming are made easier.
  • Its screen is naturally resistant to scratches and cracks and is bound to last for a long.


  • When viewed from the off-center angle, the screen is not often as bright
  • The screen of the ViewSonic TD2230 does not adjust to changes in the brightness of a light.
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7. HP Pavilion 21.5 inch Monitor 

cheap gaming monitor under 100
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If you are a lover of HP products, then it is almost certain that you will love this portable monitor for laptops.

With a 21.5-inch diagonal screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080, this portable monitor is sure to give a wide viewing angle and make its use a very enjoyable and pleasant one. It weighs 6.6 pounds and has dimensions 6.7 x 19.6 x 15.2.


  • It has a slim body and a sleek design that improves its aesthetics.
  • It comes with an anti-glare panel which means that using the monitor under the sun and in very bright environments comes with no risks.
  • Its frame is well curved so that viewing is more accurate.
  • It has about 2 million pixels which promises to give only clear, sharp, and detailed images.
  • It is built to reduce energy consumption as it comes with a low halogen, arsenic-free glass, and mercury-free LED backlighting.
  • It comes with a stand that allows for flexibility and tilting of the monitor


  • It does not have a USB port
  • It has no built-in speakers
  • The height of the stand it comes with cannot be easily adjusted to comfort
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8. Lilliput UM-70 LCD Video Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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This USB-powered monitor is the smallest one from the Lilliput brand, evidenced by its diagonal screen size of 7 inches. It also has a fixed screen resolution of 800 x 480 and is USB powered, it has no use for external adapters and cables.

Weighing only a pound, it is convenient to work with and use. It comes with buttons that control its brightness as well as power control.


  • It has a LED backlight that makes its display clearer and brighter.
  • It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux, Mac, Vista
  • It is easy to set up as all that has to be done is plug and play
  • It comes with two USB ports
  • Its kickstand is sturdy


  • Due to its low resolution, some images and texts may be too tiny to read. This can, however, be fixed by zooming in or, better still, by adjusting the font sizes for each page or screen.
  • Although it is compatible with Windows 7, it takes a while to recognize it on the operating system, but it eventually does.
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9. Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421

Best Portable Monitors
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Chances are very high that you are most likely familiar with the Lenovo brand name or their durable and great quality laptops and other gadgets.

With a weight of 2.25 pounds and dimensions 13.2 x 0.8 x 8.6 inches, this 14 inches widescreen LED monitor from Lenovo is especially suitable for frequent travelers.

With features such as a disc with a multilingual user guide, an attached, irremovable stand, and a screen cover, it is safe to say that purchasing the Lenovo portable monitor ThinkVision LT1421 is worth the investment in every penny spent.


  • It has a high resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.
  • It is designed in such a way that allows for sharp and precise viewing from all angles.
  • It has about 16 brightness levels, so its brightness levels can be easily adjusted to suit your taste and lighting conditions, making it the best portable monitor for laptops.
  • It comes with a photo frame tilt that gives a pleasant viewing experience and allows it to be conveniently used outdoors.
  • It runs on a USB cable, so the use of a power cable or a VGA cable is eliminated.
  • Its LED-lit monitor allows it to save a lot of power
  • Its screen has an anti-glare, matte finish that allows it to be easily used in bright places and under sunlight.


  • It has a low number of colors, limiting its use in editing videos and photos.
  • It does not have a touch screen feature.
  • Its viewing angle is not all that great in the portrait mode
  • As it comes with only a USB 2.0, its video bandwidth is quite low
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10. GeChic On-Lap 1503I Portable Touchscreen Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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This is yet another amazing product from the GeChic brand, and if you are a touch screen lover, you would love this one as it has a multi-touch feature.

With a screen size of 15.6 inches and a weight of 2.4 pounds, this portable monitor is compatible with many other devices like the Xbox One, PS4, smartphones, laptops, and many others. It is also compatible with certain wireless devices like Chrome box.


  • Its screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 allows it to deliver high-quality images. consistently
  • It also has an anti-glare feature that makes it suitable for all lighting conditions.
  • It has a port connector at its rear that makes your workplace to be clean and clutter-free, as all forms of wires can be hidden in that connector.
  • It has dual built-in speakers.
  • It has a vertical and a horizontal stand that can be detached at will.


  • It is not compatible with the Mac operating system due to its touch screen feature.
  • The buttons that are on the side of this portable monitor become very stiff and difficult to press after sometime
  • The micro HDMI port is not very stable.
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11. HP EliteDisplay S140u – Best portable monitor 2022

Best Portable Monitors
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When acquiring super sleek and stylish portable monitors for laptops, the HP Elite S140u is what you should look for.

Its sleekness and aesthetics aside, it has many other features that would make it a very good buy. 0.5 inches of screen size and a weight of about 3.17 pounds, this monitor gives high-quality images with its 1600 x 900 resolution.


  • Its 90 degrees and 50 degrees vertical angles allow for wide viewing angles.
  • It comes with a cover that protects it from scratches and cracks. The cover can also be doubled as a stand for the monitor.
  • Its setup is simple and easy. It also comes with a manual to guide the process.


  • Its built-in drivers tend to have issues connecting
  • Its display panel is not much of high quality.
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12. Asus MB169B+ Portable Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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Also from ASUS, this USB-powered portable monitor is slim, light (it is only 1.76 pounds!), and, yes, very portable. 15.6 inches and a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, ASUS did well with this one.

It is equipped with a single 3.0 USB port and one USB cable. It comes with the ASUS smart case that doubles as a protective cover and an Asus portable monitor stand.


  • It has an auto-rotating feature and display.
  • It is equipped with an EZLink that allows for up to 5 different Asus MB 169B+ monitors to be connected at the same time.
  • The package includes a manual and a disc for further information on the monitor’s functionality and use.
  • It has good viewing angles
  • Easy connectivity to other devices


  • Its USB cable is short and would require an extension plugin in most situations.
  • Using a lesser USB, like USB 2.0, decreases its resolution.
  • It is not compatible with Mac products.
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13. ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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This ultra-portable monitor has a 15.6 inches screen size and is compact enough not to take up too much space on your work table.

ASUS produces laptops, and it is no surprise that this portable monitor works best with their laptops, but the good thing is that it is still very much compatible with other brands’ devices.


  • Its full HD resolution allows for clear and sharp images to be seen. Its panel is also full HD allowing for wide viewing angles.
  • Its compactness and light weight make it suitable for frequent travelers
  • It is equipped with Eye Care Technology (ECT) that helps guard against eye fatigue when the monitor is used for long periods.
  • Another uniqueness of the ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC Monitor is the hybrid signal that is especially peculiar to it. This feature allows the monitor to easily connect with laptops with only a single USB connector.
  • It comes with software that makes switching between landscape and portrait modes easy.


  • A USB C cable does not fit securely into the monitor; if care is not taken, it can easily be displaced while in use. Also, the cable is quite short
  • The brightness of the screen is quite dim and limited
  • It consumes power a lot especially when connected to a laptop
  • It does not have a touch screen feature which could be a huge minus for lovers of touch screen products.
  • The screen has a glossy finish that could make light reflections disturbing.
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14. Elecrow 13.3 Inch Portable Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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This portable monitor has an aesthetically pleasing design and a full HD LED monitor designed to give top-notch image quality.

It has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, showing that image and color quality do not diminish, irrespective of where the screen is being viewed.

Not only is this monitor easy to work with and move around, but it also has a great combination of a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a response time of just 5 ms, which shows that no detail is missed out on videos with fast scenes. This particular characteristic also makes it suitable for gaming.


  • It comes with built-in speakers, which boost its sound quality
  • It has an HDMI port which makes it compatible with almost any device that has an HDMI output
  • It is easy to setup
  • It is relatively affordable and gives high-value quality too
  • Its quick response time makes it perfect for gaming.


  • It does not come with a manual or any form of guide
  • It does not come with any form of a protective cover
  • Although it has built-in speakers, its sound quality is not very clear.
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15. Sibolan S4S Portable Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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This one might be new to the portable monitor market, but it has such cool and impressive features that it would not be a surprise if it topped market lists.

It is more of a portable gaming monitor so if you are a lover of all things games, this might just be what would improve your game-playing experiences. It has a 17.3 inches screen size as well as a resolution of 1920 x 1080.


  • It has a wide viewing angle, making it perfect for more than one person to look into without its image or color quality reducing, especially when two or more are playing a game.
  • Its color saturation is very good, so images, videos, and texts can be seen.
  • It is lightweight, compact, and slim, allowing it to be easily carried around.
  • The body build of this monitor is made from aluminum which increases its durability and guards it against cracks and scratches.
  • It can be connected to many devices – laptops, mobile phones, cameras, and gaming consoles.


  • It does not allow for USB connectivity so only VGA and HDMI can be used.
  • Although it has built-in speakers, its sound quality is still not exactly impressive until external headphones or headsets are introduced.
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16. AOC i659fwux

Best Portable Monitors
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This flat-shaped, 15.6 inched AOC portable monitor is USB powered and has a display resolution of 1920 x 1020. It has a unique, peculiar look owing to its sleek appearance and a piano black glossy finish.


  • It has a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees that ensures that its image and color quality are not compromised and remain constant regardless of the angle it is viewed from.
  • It comes with a beautiful foldable stand that allows horizontal and vertical viewing, is lightweight and is easy to go around with, especially for traveling purposes.
  • It is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Its contrast ratio is 700:1, which allows for the display of clear and bright pictures
  • It comes with a protective carry case for the monitor, which improves its portability
  • No additional software is required; this portable monitor is quite easy to set up and simple to use.


  • Although advantageously, the AOC i659fwux is compatible with Windows 7 and 10, it still turns out to be a limitation in some way as those are the only two operating systems it is compatible with, thereby limiting its functionality.
  • Brightness and contrast levels cannot be controlled, which often causes it to take a toll on the monitor’s battery life as power cannot be conserved.
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17. GeChic 1303i 1080p Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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As its name implies, this GeChic portable monitor has a multi-touch screen at 10 points and is equipped with HDMI, a Mini display, and VGA inputs. It has a pretty interface, as seen on its 13.3 inches screen.

Compatible with cameras, smartphones, laptops, and other devices, the GeChic 1303i is worth every penny that goes into purchasing it. If you need further evidence, it is embedded in its pros.


  • Its full HD and high resolution of 1920 x 1080 give sharp and well-detailed images.
  • It has a very flat shape and design that makes it easy to be placed on surfaces and worked on
  • It can be used in either a landscape or a portrait mode
  • It has a sturdy body build which improves its durability and guards it against damage of any kind
  • Color preferences can be set based on your taste while watching movies, viewing images, or even playing games. That is one very unique feature that not every portable monitor has


  • Even though it has dual built-in speakers, its sound quality is mediocre.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • The stand that it comes with is not sturdy and is very weak, such that it lasts for only a few months which could wreak huge havoc on the monitor when it falls onto the ground.
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18. Kenowa 15.6 inch Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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A sleek and slim Kenowa 15.6 inch touchscreen portable monitor is also a new addition to the portable monitor market. Its touch screen is also a ten multi-touch one.

It comes in a leather case that can help to protect the portable monitor from damage. It is compatible with MacBooks, laptops, and game consoles. Its lightweight of only 4.12 pounds is sure to make a great traveling companion.


  • It allows for both HDMI and USB connectivity.
  • It has more than one USB 3.0 port that aids the streaming of visual content and power support.
  • It comes with a mini HDMI port to allow for the connection of headphones or headsets so that the sound from the monitor can be well amplified.


  • The USB 3.0 could be unstable when it is being used to get power from a PC
  • The monitor has no mounting points for use on walls
  • The button layout of the Kenowa 15.6 inch Touchscreen Portable Monitor is quite confusing as they are arranged backward. For example, the up and down brightness buttons work in a conflicting manner. Instead of increasing the brightness, the up button reduces it, and the down button, instead of reducing the brightness, increases it.
  • It does not come with any volume control buttons.
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19. Xenarc 700CSH 7 inches Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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Very small yet functional, this touch screen monitor has an impressive resolution of 1024 x 600 despite its little 7-inch screen.

Another impressive thing about this small-sized portable monitor is its contrast ratio of 400:1. The Xenarc 700CSH 7 inches monitor might be the perfect proof of the saying ‘small but mighty’.


  • It is powered by a solid capacitor which improves its reliability and durability.
  • It has an ultra-high brightness that makes it suitable for use in even the brightest lighting conditions.
  • Not only is it a great traveling companion if you are not the one driving, but you can also simply whip it out to make use of it because of its small size, weighing only 0.97 pounds.
  • It has a multi-monitor feature that allows several Xenarc 700CSH 7 inches Monitors to be connected to a computer. This is made possible by its USB port, HDMI port, Display port as well, as DVI
  • It comes with an adjustable and rotatable stand that allows for convenient viewing.


  • It might be too good to be true, but the Xenarc 700CSH 7 inches Monitor has no downsides. So far, so good.
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20. GeChic 1503E 15.6″ FHD 1080p Portable Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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This device from GeChic is another one with features that you will love. With only about 1.71 pounds in weight, it is super easy and fun to work with.

As well as a sleek design, this portable monitor is sure to work while on a walk through the park. No jokes. Read on for its pros/features and a few cons.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The GeChic 1503E that earned it a spot in our Best Portable Monitors in 2022.


  • To start with, the GeChic 1503E is sold with a cover stand that keeps the monitor’s screen safe and out of damage’s way while you are in transit or even where it is only kept.
  • Alternating between horizontal and vertical modes is made easy with just a switch.
  • Its monitor is antiglare, making it suitable for use and comfortable to look into, irrespective of how bright the lighting might be.
  • It has built-in speakers.
  • It is equipped with three ports being HDMI, VGA, and USB ports
  • Its setup is easy as no installation is required and all that has to be done is just plug and play.
  • It comes with a blue light filter which helps to reduce the emission of blue light rays capable of stressing and weakening the eyes.
  • It comes with a multi-mount kit showing that mounting the GeChic 1503E portable on your wall is possible. This kit allows the monitor to be easily attached to a camera tripod.


  • Compared to other portable monitors of its screen size, the GeChic 1503E is quite pricey, but with all of the pros and features above, that is only to be expected.
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21. GAEMS M155 15.5 HD Portable Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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As its name rightfully depicts, this one is for all game lovers. It can easily be connected to a gaming console, making all gaming experiences superb with its high resolution. Its screen also has a glossy finish to this effect, improving both image and color quality.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The GAEMS M155 Portable Monitor that earned it a spot in our list of Best Portable Monitors.


  • It weighs only 2 pounds, making it easy to carry about and work with
  • A single USB port is all it takes to connect to a computer, gaming console, or laptop.
  • Its resolution is 1366 x 768, and with 720 pixels, it delivers clear and sharp images.
  • It has a protective cover that helps guard it against possible and likely damages.


  • It has no built-in speakers, which implies that you have to use headphones or other sound devices to enjoy the sound feature fully.
  • Its power cord is quite short.
  • It does not have a wide viewing angle that will allow you and your gaming partners to have an equal viewing experience from whatever angle you are positioned. This can be a major drawback to having a great gaming experience.
  • The HDMI plug must be removed and turned on again before it can properly read the cord.
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22. Viewsonic VA2252SM Portable Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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With a viewable screen size of 22 inches, this monitor delivers unique views from all angles and has a multi-monitor feature that allows it to be mounted on a wall.

Its full HD 1920×1080 resolution promises to make images and videos clear and sharp regardless of what activity you are using it for, whether gaming, watching movies, working, or whatever activity you intend to use it for.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Viewsonic VA2252SM Portable Monitor that earned it a spot in our list of Best Portable Monitors.


  • It has a wide viewing angle with top-notch quality still maintained at all views.
  • It can be connected to many other devices with its VGA port, Display Port, and DVI ports.
  • It comes with a blue light filter to prevent eye strains associated with a long use period.


  • Video playback tends to have ghosting properties
  • It is not the best portable monitor to use if you want to write codes.
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23. EleDuino Portable Gaming Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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This portable gaming monitor is worth every penny with 10.1 inches and a 2K resolution. It gives a very good value for money.

Its precise resolution is 2560 x 1600, and this aids its delivery of high-quality images and videos. It comes with an HDMI input and is compatible with many devices.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The EleDuino Portable Gaming Monitor that earned it a spot in our list of Best Portable Monitors.


  • It conserves power as it makes use of very little electricity
  • It is compatible with gaming consoles like the Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3, among many others.
  • It comes with built-in speakers
  • At a weight of 3.45 pounds, it is highly portable


  • It does not come with mounts or tripods
  • It is extremely fragile, and huge damage can easily be done
  • Its 10.1 screen size makes it quite small for gaming, but that is not much of a deal-breaker.
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24. Eleclink 11.6 Portable LCD Display Portable monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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Weighing only about 2.75 pounds and giving a large display while at it, this portable monitor was specially designed for use with laptops. It showcases a lot of its user-friendly features when connected to laptops.


  • It is well adapted to many interfaces such as HDMI, VGA, AV, TV, and USB.
  • Although it is most compatible with laptops, it still functions as a multi-purpose monitor as it can be used in gaming, as a video player and monitor, and of course, as a computer display.
  • It has a sleek, smart case to prevent its screen from breaking.
  • Its package includes a user manual that makes setup easier.
  • It comes with a remote control that makes navigating it easier.
  • It can access files on hard drives and flash drives and play them.


  • Texts on web pages could be grainy and difficult to read
  • Its contrast and sharpness are just average. The same goes for its color quality.
  • Its stand is not very sturdy and could easily knock over.
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25. Eyoyo 10 Inch IPS Portable Monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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This portable monitor is not only perfect for gaming but also functions well as a small display monitor for security and work purposes.

If you want a portable monitor but do not want it to be large, then this Eyoyo 10-inch IPS portable with great features is your best bet.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Eyoyo 10 Inch IPS Portable Monitor that earned it a spot in our list of Best Portable Monitors.


  • It has a lot of ports and inputs that make it perfect for use on the go. They include HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, and so on.
  • It is equipped with built-in speakers
  • It allows for wall mounting
  • With a viewing angle of 178 degrees, it has a wide viewing angle that ensures that picture quality does not diminish regardless of what angle you are looking at the screen from.
  • It also comes with a user manual, remote control, and a stand. All of these work together to set it up easily and improve its navigation.
  • It can be used as a monitor for CCTV


  • Though it has built-in speakers, they are not of the best quality, and the sound comes out somewhat distorted.
  • It does not have a blue light filter, and its blue power light could be blinding.
  • The button layout is not well documented and put together.
  • It has no HDMI cable input.
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26. AOC i1601FWUX 15.6-inch IPS 

Best Portable Monitors
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This portable monitor has a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 and a quick response rate of 5 Ms. Very slim and packaged with a cover, it uses a USB type C port that allows for power connection and data streams simultaneously. Its weight of only 1.81 pounds makes it very lightweight and indeed portable.


  • It has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, ensuring that video quality remains consistent.
  • The screen of this monitor is matte with anti-glare properties that do not allow for any smudges from fingerprints to be left on it.
  • It comes with a smart stand that also doubles as its cover.
  • It supports both portrait and landscape modes.
  • It has an auto-pilot mode that easily switches between the portrait and the landscape modes.


  • Setup on MacBook is not very easy, as external drivers must be installed before they can be compatible.
  • Its stand is not very strong and sturdy, so it could be easily kicked over and cause damage to the monitor.
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27. Lilliput UM900/T – 9.7″ USB/HDMI Touchscreen monitor

Best Portable Monitors
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Rounding off our list of best portable monitors will be this unique one from the Lilliput brand with a screen size of 9.7 inches and a high resolution of 1024 x 768. It uses USB connections and sure delivers great quality for its price.


  • With a weight of 4.6 pounds, it is very light and portable
  • It has wide viewing angles for maintained uniformity in its color quality through all angles
  • With its HDMI port, smartphones, tablets, and laptops alike can easily be connected to it


  • The volume level cannot be adjusted when the HDMI mode is on with the earpiece attached.
  • The Lilliput UM9 portable monitor does not work without a power adapter
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If you have ever wanted to be able to work while in transit or if sitting in front of a big screen all the time bores you out quickly, you sure want to invest in one or some of the best 26 portable monitors above. They all give great quality for the money spent.

With these portable screens, the limitation of working on only one screen is erased as they can be easily connected to computers, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets. They also make simple activities, like watching movies, very comfortable and pleasurable.

If gaming is what you want to get a portable monitor for, you will find that a good number of the 26 portable monitors above have great qualities that equally rise to the occasion.

If you are a frequent traveler and staying productive while you are on the move is a major concern for you, the good news is that with portable monitors, all you have to do is simply at your fingertips and get all the comfort you want while using them.

There are countless reasons why you should invest in a portable monitor, and we hope we have convinced you enough, and that you are well on your way to making that life-changing purchase.

📗Pros of Portable Monitors

You can work from anywhere:-

Gone are the days when you had to be in front of a big screen before you could respond to work dealings.

You no longer have to be fixated on a spot as they are easy to carry around with their lightweight feature, especially if you travel a lot. Going about with a bulky laptop does not exactly tickle your fancy.

Portable monitors take up less space:-

With a decrease in the size and weight of the monitors, allocating a large part of your working space to a big screen is no longer a problem.

This also makes them easy to store and gives less clutter as they do not have to be mounted to the wall or a stand, as with other traditional monitors. This way, changing positions and making yourself as comfortable as you want is also easier.

Less power is consumed:-

Compared to the amount of power that traditional monitors use, portable monitors use less power.

Everyone is conscious about their power consumption, and with these portable monitors, power is used from the source it is connected to, whether a computer or a mobile device. That way, the burden of consuming as little power as possible is reduced.

You also do not have to search for an additional power source as it depends on what device you want to combine with your portable monitor.

They are quite easy to set up:-

Their portability makes them easy to assemble, set up, and install. Most portable monitors often only require you to plug in and play with the right cable and go ahead with using them without a need for you to tamper with the settings of your computer or devices.


Portable monitors can be connected to other devices, such as mobile devices, CPUs, and laptops. They can easily be used to display when you want to have a wider range of vision or a multi-screen setup.

Also, they can be used in events to give that event a professional appearance and viewing angles and positions can be easily adjusted.


As they are made from high-quality materials, you do not run at a risk of having to replace your portable monitors now and then or taking them to a technician’s place. They last long and are always worth the investment.

Multitasking is made easier:-

With portable monitors, you are not limited to one screen, so multitasking and increased productivity are ensured and made easy.

In-built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:-

With this, connectivity to other devices and the internet is made easier when they need streaming.

Great value for money:-

Looking at all of the amazing pros a portable monitor has, the price, although not so cheap, is always worth it in all cases.

User-friendly interface:-

Portable monitors are neither difficult to use nor to understand. This perfects their functionality.

Best Portable Monitors: What To Consider

Although portable monitors generally have great functionality, some factors still have to be considered before they are purchased so you buy only the one that suits your lifestyle, job, and taste. It is important to keep all of the factors below in mind before making that purchase.

Screen resolution:-

The single most important factor. The fact that it is easy to go around with a portable monitor is not enough, as the main function of a monitor is to display, be it videos, pictures or words.

You want the portable monitor to display images and videos with a high degree of fineness. Yes, every portable monitor will have a resolution of either High Definition (HD) Or Full High Definition (FHD).

Still, it is important to note that as the resolution is often given as the number of pixels the monitor can display per unit length, the monitor with a higher resolution will give clearer and sharper images than its counterparts with lower-resolution figures.

Although the higher the resolution, the higher the price, the investment will always be worth it. You also want to ensure that the monitor has great views from all angles so that you can always be sure of an all-around great display and a color uniformity that is not compromised.

Compatibility/connectivity with other devices:-

You would be connecting your portable monitor with other mobile devices, so you want to check that it can easily connect with all of them with a regular USB port and a single cable.

Also, it has to be compatible with all of your devices’ operating systems, be it that of Apple, Android, or Windows. Also, carefully examine all the ports of the portable monitors, both input and output, so that the best one for your devices is what you choose.


This is key because what is the point of going about with a ‘portable’ monitor when it weighs just as much as your desktop computer or laptop.

A good portable monitor should be lightweight and not add too much weight to your bag. It should also be slim and compact.

Screen size:-

Most portable monitors are within the range of 15.6 inches to 17.3 inches, and though they all still count as being portable, it is best to choose the size of your portable monitor based on what you intend to use it for. Of course, you want a portable monitor that is large enough for you to utilize properly.

For example, if your laptop has a screen size of about 12 inches or 13 inches, you should look into purchasing a portable monitor that has a larger screen size. Not doing that defeats the whole purpose of actually investing in portable monitors.

Bigger, in this case, is always better, but it still needs to be portable, and you should also consider what kind of backpack or bag you would be using.


Taking note of all the available connectivity options that the portable monitor has to offer is essential. Some of the most available options in a lot of portable monitors are the Video Graphics Array (VGA), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), and the popular Universal Serial Bus (USB).