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17 Best Apps To Learn New Words To Expand Your Vocabulary

If you are a blog writer, you would need to have a good command of the English language to impress your readers.

Your smartphone comes in handy as a powerful tool to improve your vocabulary and to know the right word that needs to be used with a precise meaning. Several best apps are available to learn new words, which can be fun.

It enables the user to gain mastery over the English language and boosts their confidence. These apps include games, quizzes, or activities that improve your vocabulary and enable you to explore new words.

The English language has developed as a primary mode of communication that is accepted globally. These apps are accessible for both Android and iOS devices.

In this article, let us dig deeper into the Best Apps to Learn New Words that can be used to learn new words and enhance your English vocabulary.

Best Apps To Learn New Words – Our Pick👌

1. Words with Friends: Word Puzzle Challenge

This app is an intellectual practicing Word game that can be played with your friends. This is a good platform that can assist you in learning new words.

The app will help you to acquire skills with crosswords, word search, and spelling bees, making it a great vocabulary app. There are additional 50,000 new words that the players recommend.

Words with Friends - Download Now

It is an opportunity for the players to showcase their creativity with the new words against other players. It also has themed challenges and certain goals to keep the person busy learning new words.

If you want to be a winner in this game, you must use phenomenal and precise words that are not included in the troops.

It can stimulate you to improve your vocabulary. The app is very popular as it is widely used, and the rating is 4.2/5.

There are more than ten million downloads that depict the popularity of this app, which makes it one of the best apps to learn new words.

This is the best app to enhance your English vocabulary and general knowledge. The words with friends app are available to download on your Android and iOS devices.

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2. Learn vocabulary using Wozzol

Wozzol is one of the best vocabulary apps that assists the young generation in learning vocabulary and enlightening them with good command of the English language.

Best Apps to Learn New Words

It is a user-friendly app for improving your vocabulary. The Wozzol app enables you to learn easily, as it has certain amazing features like learning your own words, using spaced repetition, context sentences, etc.

You can learn and retain the words, or the app helps you to learn new words that it chooses for you. Spaced repetition allows the user to learn the words more efficiently and memorize the vocabulary.

This is the best app for learning vocabulary in various languages. It has certain word lists to choose from, and the user is allowed to create his unique word lists to make learning personalized.

Learning is more efficient and fun with flashcards, reading the words aloud, etc. This is specially designed to improve the user’s efficiency in terms of reading comprehension, spelling, and understanding of the English language.

Wozzol has many good features that make learning fun, and it is a good app for children over four years. The app can be used on your Android or iOS device.

Download the App on Google Play Store

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3. Word of the day: Best apps to learn new words on iOS

Word of the day app helps you to learn and memorize a new word every day; it is one of the best vocabulary apps for your iPhone.

This is the perfect education app that provides you with simple examples with synonyms to grasp and memorize a new word.  In this app, the user can save his favorite words.

With the help of this app, you can learn a new word daily, memorize your favorite words, and know other people’s choice of words, and thus see improvement in your vocabulary.

Best Apps to Learn New Words 1

The app also has the option to view words and save your favorite words; It also has quizzes that can be fun to learn new vocabulary. The vocabulary builder app gives you a choice of different voices in various English versions.

The app does not have pop-up ads; it has a clean and simple user interface with a new word every day. All your favorite words can be saved, and the previous words can be accessed anytime.

The new words that are added to your vocabulary daily will surely add to your self-improvement. You will receive the word of the day if you subscribe to the website or install the widget on your home screen.

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4. Anki: Apps to learn new words with Flashcards

There are plenty of apps that are available to learn new words. Anki is one of the best apps if you want former school-style vocabulary.

It has around 4000 essential English words; it also makes use of sounds and images that gives the user a stimulating experience using the ancient flashcard style technique.

AnkiApp 2.0 Preview

The app can not only learn languages; it can even be used to dig deeper into topics that interest you. The app is also used to prepare for an important exam to learn and practice.

This is amazing for studying vocabulary, answering questions in the form of quizzes, etc. This app lacks the option to click and see the definition of a word.

Download the App on Google Play Store

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5. PowerVocab – app to learn new words everyday

This is the best platform to explore new words and organize your vocabulary to prepare you for aggressive exams or expand your knowledge.

The PowerVocab app is specially designed for students of GMAT, GRE, SAT, ASVAB, etc., to enhance their learning skills. The app provides an assessment to analyze the speech as well.

The app’s key features include a challenging quiz, learning words, and search words that come in handy similar to a dictionary. It gives multiple examples in sentences, detailed definitions, the phonetic pronunciation of the words, etc.

The powerVocab app is a definition match game identical to the quiz, commonly used on Facebook.

If you are a vocabulary builder, scrabble, crossword, or spelling bee, then you will love this app. By using the flashcards, you can gain mastery of over 350 challenging words, enabling you to improve your vocabulary. The scores can be posted on Facebook, or you could even have wordplay with your online friends. 

There are several choice definitions and other competing players for Android users only. Play PowerVocab to boost your vocabulary and enjoy learning new words.

It is also a fun word game with a built-in dictionary for daily usage. It is a free app for Android devices that were previously accessible in the play store but now is not available at the Google Play Store.

Download App on Microsoft Store For PC

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6. 7 Little Words: Apps to learn new words with twists on crossword puzzles

The 7 little words have a clever vocabulary game with seven varied definitions and lettered titles that come with a combination of two or three letters that can be classified into seven words.

While you indulge in this game, you can learn new vocabulary simultaneously and enjoy playing 7 little words on your phone.

Best Apps to Learn New Words 2

The purpose of this game is to interpret the clue and to put together the words in groups to reveal the mystery. This is the best app for children and adults who love to indulge in playing word scrambles, crossword puzzles, word findings, etc. If you give a wrong answer, the 7 Little words will not deduct the points.

It does not keep track of incorrect answers, timings, etc. It will keynote the level that you have completed. The game is quite simple to play and a fun-filled game. This is a good app to keep yourself updated with new words. 

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7. Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus – vocabulary apps for students

The main focus of this app is to build a strong English vocabulary. The app has more than one million downloads, and it has a great performance with a rating of 4.2/5.

The app can also be used offline. The dictionary has in store several different words, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and nouns.

Best Apps to Learn New Words 3

It not only shows the definition of the words but also gives its opposites, synonyms, hyponyms, etc., enabling you to understand the precise meaning of the words better and to memorize your words quickly.

As per the customer reviews, the app is the most comprehensive dictionary that also contains medical terms.

The search functionality of the app is terrific. But, the app does not contain a pronunciation key. There are many positive outcomes that you can gain by using this app, as it helps the user to understand the meaning of a particular word better, quickly find the precise meaning, and quickly memorize the words.

There are up to 140000 entries in the database and more than 1.4 million words. The app contains antonyms, synonyms, and similar words that enable you to write smoothly and make your speech impressive.

The examples are also used to highlight the natural word structures. It also has the search tools like search autocomplete, keyword lookup, voice search, and camera search that suggest or match the words you are looking for.

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8. Vocabulary.com

This is a combination of game and learning tools that enables the user to learn the words he chooses or to learn and retain the words that the app chooses.

Vocabulary.com app uses sophisticated algorithms that contain certain customized questions and exercises that can be helpful to you in improving your vocabulary.

This is the easiest and fastest app that assists you in learning new words and also helps to remember the new words that you learned.

There will be a series of questions that helps you to determine your level of understanding to cater to your needs. You will be motivated by incentives to earn points and compete with other users, thereby enhancing your confidence and building your vocabulary.

In this learning app, you will be able to learn more than 12000 words along with the correct vocabulary tips and real-world example sentences to stimulate your learning skills. It will help you in achieving mastery in learning new words.

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9. Magoosh vocabulary builder apps to improve vocabulary for adults

The vocabulary builder Magoosh app is designed to learn new words daily; you can also quiz yourself or challenge others to demonstrate your passion for vocabulary.

The app is specially designed for students to prepare them for GRE, SAT, TOEFL, and GMAT exams, but at the same time, it offers a game where you can learn new words to add to your vocabulary.

17 Best Apps To Learn New Words To Expand Your Vocabulary

It has the best level where the words are much higher than the previous level as it offers the user a more challenging English vocabulary.

The main focus of this app is to benefit its users by giving them a word along with its definition and example to use in real sentences, thus improvise their vocabulary skills.

The Magoosh app has many English flashback apps based on your vocabulary needs. The app also contains audio pronunciation, illustrations, examples, etc.

This is a very productive app that quizzes and lets you learn. It shows you whether you have chosen the correct answer, notifies you about the correct word that needs to be used in a sentence, and moves you forward to the next level.

Any incorrect words are corrected multiple times to ensure you remember the future.

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10. Merriam – Webster Dictionary 

This is the best dictionary that is useful in enhancing your English vocabulary. The app is user-friendly as it has a feature known as word video games.

It’s a good app for beginners to research new words. The app also has vocabulary quizzes, voice seeks, definitions, etc, thus making it one of the best apps to expand your English learning skills.

17 Best Apps To Learn New Words To Expand Your Vocabulary

The voice search option in this app is amazing; it enables the user to search for a word.  To enhance your vocabulary, the app has features like quizzes and word of the day. Merriam-Webster contains a complete dictionary with an enlightening encyclopedia.

The app also has games that can improve your vocabulary and boost your memory. The word of the day vocabulary quiz fascinates the young generation, making learning fun.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

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11. Reverse Dictionary 

The app enables you to search the words using a description. It allows the user to describe a phrase or a list of words. The description you give could be either a single word, a few words, or a sentence.

To obtain the best results, it is recommended that you keep it short. You will receive a list of terms related to the best matches.

The app is quite simple; you can improve your crossword or writing skills with this dictionary.

With the help of a Reverse dictionary, the user can create many potential words that are established using the description phone. The reverse dictionary can be used to find the perfect new words.

Download the App on Google Play Store

12. Voxy – Apps to learn new words For TOEFL exam

This is a personalized language comprehending app that uses a unique procedure to improve the personality of the employees and the students who have the desire to discover and expand their vocabulary.

The app is useful to those who constantly interact with English-speaking clients or are preparing to take the TOEFL exam.

How to use Voxy on Android

The app can be accessed through a smartphone or computer. The contents are updated every day along with the popular information from the institutions.

It also has illustrative lessons that are impressive to the users. It has a rating of 4.4/5, and there are more than 1,000,000 downloads that educate people to learn new words.

This app is widely used across the globe to learn English as it is a digital English solution managed by several organizations.

The content library of Voxy includes more than 2000 hours of lessons that comprise audio recordings, real-world articles, and videos.

It has more than forty courses that cover topics like soft skills, general English, academic preparation, etc. Millions of people have chosen Voxy to improve their vocabulary and enhance their English proficiency.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

13. Knudge Me – Apps to improve vocabulary and writing skills

The Knudge me is a mobile learning app to assist people in learning, making the learning process simple. It comprises various teaching methods and personalized adaptive content to make learning easy.

Knudge.me App | Award-winning App to improve English

It is a learning platform that makes learning fun with games, as it uses various teaching methods. Anybody who wants to improve their English can do so; they can decide for themselves what they want to learn.

The users can even subscribe to the course; they will receive new content daily through notifications. The app has courses for Grammar, English vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms, etc.

It also has games, assignments, tests, and visuals for conducting research. The app also has a standard set of regulations to support users in enhancing their English language skills.

Moreover, the detailed video game can revise the things learned. This is a free app to download; the premium features can be unlocked in this app and can be downloaded through the Apple store or Google play store.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

14. Duolingo: Apps to learn new words with language lessons

Duolingo will assist you in learning a new language in a short time duration. The new language can be learned for free; it takes only about ten minutes per session.

You have the writing, reading, and pronunciation exercise. Even though the app does not have a key role in enhancing your native vocabulary, it will certainly support you in learning a completely new language. 

Best Apps to Learn New Words 6

There are plenty of exercises that assist the user in understanding the basis of many plans. This is an outstanding app with very good content, a clear user interface, and a wonderful exercise that works well on mobile and desktop devices.

You can get the best learning experience by developing your listening, reading, and speaking skills.

These exercises will help you to learn verbs, the vocabulary and to frame the structure of sentences. It also helps you to enhance your grammatical skills.

In the core program, the speaking exercise is optional, where the user can enable or disable it as per his choice. These exercises will evaluate if the user has read the words correctly.

This is one of the best free language-speaking apps that makes a person fluent as he masters the new language. Duolingo is the best supplement to self or supplement learning; it stimulates you to write, read and listen.

The app records your answers and rates your spoken English. It keeps track of your progress and reports at the end of every lesson.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

15. Vocab Victor English word game

This is a good app for English language learners who wants to gain mastery over their English language skills. It is also a good app to improve your vocabulary, especially for students who desire to learn the language.

17 Best Apps To Learn New Words To Expand Your Vocabulary

The app is designed in such a way that it increases competence and builds the vocabulary knowledge of the students.

The app can be used for your Android and iOS devices. The app is built to help young people to improve their vocabulary, reading, and learning skills.

It has the option where you can type a word and get similar words that have the same meaning, and it lets you see how the word can be used while structuring a sentence.

This is an outstanding app for improving your vocabulary and English understanding. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

16. Quizlet: Apps to learn new words To Learn Languages

With the Quizlet app, you can learn English vocabulary with the help of flashcards. This is an amazing app that assists students in preparing for the presentation, examination, or the next big test.

By seeing and hearing the words, again and again, you will be able to remember the words clearly and easily. The app has more than 50 million users, thus making it a successful app for learning new words.

Back to school 2021: However you study

It even has a learned mode where the native speakers pronounce, match the vocabulary and share the words with others. Once you are confident with the new words learned, you can take the customizable test or quiz.

The flashcards are effective, and easy to remember the new words.  It makes learning easier, and the flashcard apps are more effective that come with added features and options to enhance your learning efficiency.

The app is for reviewing flashcards; it can even be used to create one’s flash card, to improve study habits along with several learning options.

The flashcards can be studied by playing games or via quizzes. The Quizlet app is used for both educational and business purposes. The app comes as free, and it offers multiple learning modes like study modes and games.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store


Is there an app to learn new words?

Yes, several intellectual practicing games let you enhance your vocabulary words. Words with friends, word of the day, seven little words, Anki, etc. are some apps that let you learn new words.

Is there an app to expand my vocabulary?

You can enrich your vocabulary by visualizing the word or phrase. One should look deep into etymology and use spaced repetitions. Another way is to challenge oneself by playing word games.

How can I enrich my vocabulary?

Study for ten to twenty minutes every day. Write at least 3 to 4 words of your example. You can also get a vocabulary notebook or start playing word-making games for a little while during the day.

How many words do you need to know to be fluent?

A person who knows 4000 to 10000 words are advanced language user. Someone who knows more than 10000 words becomes fluent on a native speaker level.

How can I improve my speaking skills?

There is no better solution than practicing speaking the language. Try to listen and read well. One should learn phrases apart from learning single words. One must have fun while learning.

What are the top 3 digital tools for learning vocabulary?

Some top digital tools for enhancing vocabulary include Lexipedia, Visuwords, Word Hippo, etc.

Which is the longest word in English?

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the most extended term recognized by several trusted English dictionaries.

Conclusion on apps to learn new words

This article discusses some of the best apps to learn new words that can be truly beneficial to strengthening your English vocabulary.

Gone are those traditional grammar and exercise books. With these latest learning apps, you can make learning fun and entertaining. Most of these apps are available for your iOS and Android devices.

These learning apps are constructive and come as a support to parents to teach their kids, and also these apps benefit all those people who want to improve their English vocabulary.

These apps make learning fun, as many apps have quizzes and exercises. The apps that are discussed are among the most downloaded app, along with high ratings. Every app is good in itself; it has its positive ratings.

As plenty of apps are available to learn new words, it is a challenge to choose the one that best suits your needs. I hope this learn new words everyday app free article will guide you in choosing the best app at your convenience.