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13 Best DataCamp Alternatives To Build Data Skills Online

DataCamp is one of the most popular learning platforms dedicated to those trying to master their data science skills. Not only data science but DataCamp also covers programming languages like Shell, SQL, R, Python, Sheets, etc.

The platform is not only about learning but also helps hundreds of companies close their data skills gap and improve their data-driven decisions.  

DataCamp is undoubtedly an extraordinary platform with some very useful features. However, many people are looking for DataCamp alternatives due to its pricing.

You must purchase the premium version of the website with a standard starting price of $12.42/month, and you have no other option but to pay it annually!

So, if you cannot afford it due to pricing or want to explore other websites with similar features, here is my list of the best alternatives to DataCamp.  

Best DataCamp Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. LinkedIn Learning  

As we all know, LinkedIn is one of the largest platforms for employers and job seekers worldwide.

And many youngsters are interested in having a positive LinkedIn profile so that they can have a great chance of getting their dream job from the company of their dreams.

How about learning some job-focused, technical courses from LinkedIn itself? I can guarantee you that you don’t have to worry about the quality and legitimacy of the courses listed on LinkedIn Learning 

Best DataCamp Alternatives

You can discover hundreds of in-demand tech courses with creative skills and personalized recommendations based on your interests. All the courses on the website are designed exclusively by the world’s top educationists and brand owners.

Whether you are interested in information technology, data science, big data, and programming or want to explore something else like graphic design, photography, web, and interactive design, you have so much to explore on LinkedIn Learning.  

The platform is packed with courses for all levels, including beginners, moderate, and advanced, and allows you to learn data science courses in an excellent teaching and learning environment.

Like most of the DataCamp alternatives, LinkedIn Learning enables you to learn your favorite courses at your own pace.

You can choose the pace you want to learn at, and the website will take care of it throughout your learning journey. 

Features of LinkedIn Learning:-

  • Explore more than 4,000 courses in technology, creativity, programming, business, and more  
  • Get personalized recommendations based on your interest  
  • A guided learning experience and curated course for different individuals  
  • Add your achievements and certificates of completion directly on your LinkedIn profile  
  • Get exclusive insights and other premium content with LinkedIn’s premium 

Availability:- Web | Apple Store – 4.8 / 5 | Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5  

2. Codeacademy Go  

Codeacademy Go is one of the best platforms for practicing and learning to code very easily and simply.

You can’t only access the platform on your preferred browser but can also use it on your smartphone – as it’s available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

All you have to do is to devote a few minutes daily, and you will start mastering the art of coding. Codeacademy Go offers you a completely new way of learning the coding syntax.  

Thanks to the daily flashcards, you can remember more easily. It doesn’t matter where you are; you can keep learning and viewing from multiple devices.

If you are trying to learn the basics of coding or want to start applying your coding skills to your professional life, Codeacademy Go is more than a suitable platform to master that.  

Multiple coding courses include web development, data science, computer science, SQL, JavaScript, Python, HTML & CSS, and more.

Yes, you can’t get full access to the website from your phone or tablet, but you can surely take on the quizzes and continue your practice. In short, the best DataCamp alternative, especially for beginners.  

Learn to code with Codecademy

Features of Codeacademy Go:-

  • One of the easiest ways of learning coding  
  • A wide range of syllabi to explore at affordable pricing  
  • Innovatively designed in partnership with the Google  
  • Offers you to earn different useful coding certificates  
  • Review your progress anytime and from anywhere  

Availability: Web | Apple Store – 4.8 / 5 | Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5  

3. Udemy  

Udemy is not a coding-centric learning platform – and that’s what I like the most about the website! You can learn almost everything from Udemy – “almost everything.”

As you are looking for some of the best DataCamp alternatives, I’ll highlight only some of the most similar features! The platform is undoubtedly one of the leading destinations for learners looking to hone their coding and programming skills.  

You can explore many courses at Udemy, including Coding, Development, Business, Marketing, Java, Python, Design, Drawing, Photography, SEO, SEM, and more!

Visit the website or download the Udemy app on your device and enter a world full of knowledge from experts worldwide! There are dozens of courses in different niches in more than 65 languages on Udemy!  

Thanks to the job-oriented courses designed to deliver professional and practical skills, you can have your future in your hand.

You can learn data manipulation, data visualization, and importing and cleaning data with utmost ease and at your own pace on the platform!

And the best part is all the learning content on the platform is available at various prices, so you can explore and select the course that suits you the most.  

Features of Udemy:-

  • Learn data science, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and R.  
  • Add bookmarks and take notes to keep track of your progress  
  • Take different courses at a time and your own pace  
  • Explore courses and practice skills simultaneously  
  • Lifetime access to learning content with the premium version 

Availability: Web | Apple Store – 4.8 / 5 | Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5  

4. Skillshare 

Skillshare is a massive online learning platform with so much to explore and learn across different categories.

Millions of users from across the world are learning something new every day from one of the leading DataCamp alternatives, and there is no reason why you can’t be the next one to join them!

Find the courses that fascinate you the most, with thousands of options available for curious and creative people.  

13 Best DataCamp Alternatives To Build Data Skills Online

Skillshare comprises various courses across different categories, including graphic design, drawing, photography, pattern design, social media marketing, and more.

With the platform, you can successfully learn using popular creativity tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, Fresco, Procreate, etc.  

With a lot to discover across various genres, support from real-life creatives, and many projects to create, Skillshare certifies you to accomplish your career goals easily.

All the classes on the platform are designed to deliver career-oriented results. They can be immensely helpful for you to find inspiration according to your preferences, daily-life routine, and future goals.   

Features of Skillshare:-

  • Hundreds of free classes are available in various niches  
  • Unlimited access to the full library with a premium subscription  
  • It also allows you to download the premium content and watch offline with a paid subscription  
  • Career-oriented courses especially curated for youngsters  
  • Enjoy and learn the courses at your own pace with personalization 

Availability: Web | Apple Store – 4.8 / 5 | Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5  

5. Grasshopper: Learn to Code 

Grasshopper is an interesting platform for learning coding with fun and quick games. The platform takes you through a unique coding adventure on which you can easily learn how to write real JavaScript.

There are various levels you have to explore, clear, and develop your coding skills. You can graduate with fundamental programming skills only by playing some fun games.

Become a coder by playing visual puzzles, developing your coding skills, and solidifying your problem-solving skills.  

13 Best DataCamp Alternatives To Build Data Skills Online

The concept behind the development of the Grasshopper platform is that everyone can learn coding in a very simple and fun way!

It’s one of the top DataCamp alternatives for young and budding minds trying to get into the ABC of coding.

So, you no longer have to move ahead with that boring and old-school method of learning to code. The platform offers you a fresh approach and a unique curriculum to master coding.  

You don’t need a fancy laptop or a lecture hall to learn the language! Everything is available on your smartphone, as the program fits in your pocket and lifestyle too!

Whether you are during an evening commute or you want something interesting in those annoying commercial breaks, you can give a few minutes and explore a lot on Grasshopper.  

Features of Grasshopper:-

  • Start an interesting coding journey free of cost. 
  • Learn how to write real JavaScript and solve challenging puzzles  
  • Write codes on your phone with only a few simple steps  
  • Real-time feedback for overall improvement in coding  
  • Complete the lessons and learn new concepts every day 

Availability: Web | Apple Store – 4.8 / 5 | Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5  

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6. Coursera: Learn new skills

Coursera is another massive platform for learning all the different aspects of coding. It allows you to master your skills with the help of experts from more than 200 international universities and companies like the University of Michigan, IBM, Yale, Google, etc.

So many flexible options are available to hone your skills irrespective of at what stage of your career!  

There are multiple free courses to explore. Enroll in these courses, and earn in-demand job skills and valuable certificates from top institutes.

Best DataCamp Alternatives 4

You can learn a wide range of courses with the website, including digital marketing, SQL, Python, etc. – and get ideas from the leading instructors, brand owners, universities, etc.  

One of the leading learning platforms allows you to learn various courses at the budget you are comfortable in. So, your budget doesn’t matter; there is something for you to explore.

You can set your schedule according to your preferences. Download the lectures you are interested in, and learn offline!

Complete the modular portions of any course or learn to earn a full degree with various certificate programs.   

Features of Coursera:-

  • Allows you to achieve your goals right from the comfort of your home  
  • Learn from hundreds of international instructors, companies, and universities  
  • Earn career credentials by mastering job-relevant skills 
  • Download your favorite lectures and watch them anytime and anywhere  
  • Attract hiring managers with in-demand certificates 

Availability: Web | Apple Store – 4.8 / 5 | Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5  

7. edX  

Drive your career, get a job-oriented degree, and expand your overall knowledge in coding and programming at any level with a wide range of online courses designed by some of the world’s well-known educators, companies, and universities.

edX is undoubtedly one of the most popular DataCamp alternatives, with so many different things to learn for students of all stages and classes.

The learning platform brings you special courses not only on your desktop but on your smartphone.  

With edX, you can learn coding, programming, and other courses according to your comfort, schedule, and pace.

There are dozens of online classes on various subjects like data science, Python, blockchain, and much more. And as you can access the courses on multiple devices, you can learn anywhere and anytime!  

Advance through the courses of your choice, and check your progress with the help of exams and quizzes. View important announcements and handouts related to the courses.

Get help from advanced search to explore courses that suit you the most. And if you are interested in other niches, you have a lot to explore, from programming to history to philosophy.  

Features of edX:-

  • Allows you to learn data science, programming, and other courses  
  • Learn from the world’s top institutions and universities  
  • Enroll in hundreds of different courses across niches  
  • Gain new skills and improve yourself whenever you want  
  • Get yourself tested with assignments and quizzes  
  • Interact with the world’s renowned professors and education experts 

Availability: Web | Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 | Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5  

8. Brilliant  

One of the leading learning platforms already featured in The Atlantic, NPR, The New York Times, and more!

Brilliant helps learners with an amazing learning experience with the help of award-winning academicians, researchers, and professionals worldwide.

The platform is designed to illuminate the soul of computer science, technology, and mathematics through bite-sized, fun problem-solving explorations.  

Brilliant’s extraordinary and entertaining educational course library is more than suitable for beginners.

It is also packed with intermediate and advanced topics on various subjects, including fundamentals of geometry, neural networks, data science, data cleaning, data imparting, etc.

You will experience a completely different concept of learning through an interactive exploration of both principles and concepts.  

Whether you are trying to improve your quantitative skills, to become better in science and technology, or to get better and smarter in everything you do, I suggest you try the “Brilliant” platform at least once in your learning journey!

Thanks to an active learning process, the platform will help you to master quantitative intuition, problem-solving abilities, and more – and that too, without that old-school, boring method of memorizing formulas!  

Features of Brilliant:-

  • Teaches you mathematics and science the right way – the modern way  
  • Instead of memorizing formulas, learn the clear concepts  
  • Learn the fundamentals of different subjects  
  • Explore a wide range of cutting-edge topics across niches  
  • Bite-sized lessons for building intuition 

Availability: Web | Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 | Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5  

9. Pluralsight  

Pluralsight is another excellent learning platform dedicated to youngsters trying to learn the modern aspects of technology for their careers.

The platform helps you to learn in-demand tech skills with exclusive access to thousands of downloadable content, video courses, and certification prep designed by experts.

With Pluralsight, you can explore various online courses, including programming, javascript, C#, C++, .NET, HTML, SCC, React, Angular, and more.  

One of the leading DataCamp alternatives partners with the world’s leading cloud management companies, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

13 Best DataCamp Alternatives To Build Data Skills Online

Whether you want to gain skills for cloud app development, are interested in cloud infrastructure, or want to learn important aspects of cloud security or cloud fundamentals, Pluralsight is more than just a perfect destination for you!  

Understanding the basics of machine learning has never been so easy! And Pluralsight makes things a lot more interesting with a modern and scientific approach.

You will start learning the fundamentals of data analysis, data fundamentals, data visualization, business intelligence, and more by spending time with Pluralsight.

Prepare for your upcoming exams with certification courses, gaining tech skills for your next job – in short, a plethora of options to explore in one place!   

Features of Pluralsight:- 

  • Teaches data science and data analysis in a very unique and effective way  
  • Learn cloud infrastructure, cloud development, cloud security, and more  
  • Quickly access your courses, downloads, channels, bookmarks, and paths  
  • More than 6,000 courses to explore the latest technologies  
  • Find exactly what you want with the help of advanced search tools  
  • View transcripts, curate, view details of the courses 

Availability: Web | Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 | Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5  

10. Treehouse  

If you have found learning to code intimidating, here is one of the best DataCamp alternatives! Treehouse offers a wide range of easy and effective classes for beginners and advanced coders at affordable pricing.

Thanks to the advanced built-in tools and very simple and sophisticated interface, you will learn so much fun with the Treehouse website.  

You have a lot to do here! There is much to explore from finding valuable courses for you to seeing your progress and accessing the student’s forum from the dashboard.

If you struggle while exercising the coding formulas and methods, Treehouse can be more than handy for you for many reasons. It can be even handier if you have stuck with the same code snippet for quite a while now.  

There are two options on the website for easy and thorough learning. You can opt for “individual classes” and “tracks designed for several classes.”

The track option helps you to master various programming and coding topics like C#, web design, Android, PHP Development, Rails Development, and more.

Treehouse is also more than a handy platform, even if you have kids in your family! There are multiple short and long-term classes especially dedicated to early learners.

Features of Treehouse:-

  • Engage directly with experienced industry professionals  
  • Comprehensive and customized tech courses for people of all ages  
  • Learn how to build a chatbot from a well-known teacher  
  • A library full of educational content and updated regularly  
  • Very simple and easy interface, free of annoying ads 

Availability: Web  

11. 365 DataScience  

One of the best websites for learning to code, especially if you are a newbie! 365 DataScience gave me a lot of reasons to include it on my list of the best alternatives to DataCamp.

The website offers you a wide range of courses led directly by experts who have already worked at some of the world’s leading companies like Google and Facebook.

You can effectively build a strong, positive resume by learning various short and long-term courses from the website.  

Whether you want to become a data scientist or a data analyst, 365 DataScience is an excellent platform. Develop the much-needed skillsets of the leaders in the data science industry and become an in-demand data scientist in any data science team!

Learn whatever you need to solve the issues related to data analysis through an analytical lens and give dozens of reasons to the top companies to hire you as a data analyst.  

The website trains you with a well-designed, four-step program to hone your skills and reach the highest level of success. It teaches you how to achieve real results with a productive and practical approach.

Test your data science skills through exams and quizzes and show the world that you are the next big thing in the data science industry! Receive job-oriented certificates from industry leaders and get a placement in your dream company!  

Features of 365 DataScience:-

  • Take job-oriented courses and get placed in top companies  
  • Earn certificates to improve your resume further 
  • Find new job opportunities at the leading international firms  
  • Test your skills with regular exams designed by the data experts 
  • A website with a very professional design and interface 

Availability: Web   

12. freeCodeCamp  

I must admit that freeCodeCamp is doing a wonderful job as one of the best DataCamp alternatives. And as the name suggests, the website offers a lot of exciting things for free – yes, you don’t have to pay a single penny to learn to code here!

There are plenty of lessons, articles, videos, and dozens of study groups from around the world to explore. You can check out several certifications offered by the website, with more than 1,800 hours of very useful content.  

More than 40,000 people have mastered their coding skills with the help of freeCodeCamp since 2014, and many earned placements at top companies worldwide.

The design and interface of the website look a bit old-school, but I am sure you will take them on the way if you are a true learner! After all, you don’t get ANYTHING for free these days! And the simple, ad-free layout makes learning very interesting without any distractions.  

With a focused learning environment, you can quickly start learning to code and check out your progress now and then. I have noticed a wonderful feature on this platform.

You don’t have to return to the main menu to change the video – the next video on the list plays automatically without any distraction whatsoever.

A clear and direct teaching style makes learning and comprehending super easy. To be précised, the website is doing a commendable job – and that too, without charging anything!  

Features of freeCodeCamp:-

  • A free coding website with so many useful features  
  • Very simple, ad-free, and distraction-free user interface  
  • A massive database of content on coding uploaded by the international experts  
  • One of the best platforms for self-learners  
  • A top-notch curriculum for an in-depth learning 

Availability – Web  

13. Udacity 

By no means, Udacity should be the last on my list of the best alternatives to DataCamp – but I had no other option with so many brilliant choices.

The website beautifully offers various full-time and part-time programs on various subjects. You have the option of pursuing different degree courses ranging from the duration of six months to multiple years.  

Dozens of nano degree courses are offered on subjects like artificial intelligence, data science, autonomous systems, cloud computing, and more.

Udacity’s appreciable mission is to help students worldwide with the highest quality of online learning and empower them to pursue excellently-paid jobs. The customized learning programs help students to learn their favorite subjects at their own comfortable pace.  

All courses on the website are available at a fairly affordable fee, and you can pay monthly according to your ease and budget.

The Artificial Intelligence course covers all the important aspects, including machine learning, AI for trading, deep learning, and more.

The programming courses are packed with full-stack development, Blockchain, Autonomous Systems, etc.  

Features of Udacity:-

  • A wide range of courses available at a fairly affordable fee  
  • Help students gain a thorough concept  
  • Courses are available for individuals, enterprises, as well as governments  
  • Experts from different walks of life transform talents into opportunities  
  • Regular workshops for learners for much-needed international exposure  

Availability: Web  


What is better than DataCamp?

LinkedIn Learning and Codeacademy Go are two much better alternatives to DataCamp, with a wide range of features and high-quality learning material.

Is a DataCamp certificate worth anything?

While you may not require to show your DataCamp certificate in your resume, it is worth it.

And, if you decide to add it, you can easily showcase your knowledge and skills in data analysis and machine learning. And, of course, you get a better chance of grabbing a high-paying job.

Which is better, 365 data science or DataCamp?

Courses by 365 data science are much better than those of DataCamp. The reason is pretty simple.

365 data science is one of the world’s largest platforms for learning data science. And its modern, scientific approach makes it a notch better than DataCamp.

Which one is better codecademy or DataCamp?

Both are equally good, as they primarily focus on completely different things. While DataCamp focuses heavily on data science, on the other hand, Codeacademy deals primarily in coding. So, they are just different from each other, not better or inferior.

Which is better DataCamp or Udacity?

While DataCamp is mainly a data science learning platform, Udacity offers deeper, better, and more extended nano degrees in collaboration with a well-known organization focusing primarily on technology-oriented subjects.

How long does it take to finish Codecademy data science?

There are 85 lessons in the data science course on Codeacademy, and it takes about 35 weeks to complete the course.

Can I land a job with Codecademy?

If you don’t have programming in your study background, you may not get a job at Codeacademy, even as a developer.

And, if you think you can grab a job right after completing a course from Codeadaemy, that’s not the truth either.

Which is better coursera or Codecademy?

Coursera is a lot better than Codeacademy. The reason is fairly simple. Coursera offers high-quality, more comprehensive tech courses as compared to Codeacademy. Additionally, you get certificates of completion from Coursera; on the other hand, Codeacademy only gives achievement statements.

Which learning platform is best?

The answer depends heavily on what you want to learn. Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, and LinkedIn Learning, along with Datacamp and Codeacademy, are some of the best online learning platforms for various courses and subjects.

Is there anything better than Coursera?

Yes, Udacity pips Coursera as its competitor thanks to a wide range of available “nano degree courses”.

Is edX better or Coursera?

Well-trained industry experts only prepare courses on both platforms. Both of the platforms also reviewed their learning content regularly. However, edX is slightly better as far as the overall quality of content is concerned.

Is Udemy better than Coursera?

Probably not! Udemy only offers a selected number of courses. And, if you are searching for high quality with an eye on professional courses, Coursera is more than just good for you.

Which is the largest online learning platform?

The answer depends on what you are looking for. Depending on the type of learning content, courses, topics, and certificates, Coursera, edX, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, etc., are among the top competitors as the largest online learning platforms.

Conclusion on the datacamp alternatives list 

DataCamp is one of the leading and undoubtedly the favorite websites for many young learners trying to build their careers in data, programming, coding, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, there are some cons related to the leading learning platform, and it’s always better to have alternatives even for some of the best things in the world!  

And that inspired me to help curious explorers like you check out some of the best DataCamp alternatives. And surprisingly, we are here with as many as 13 options!

Maybe unsurprisingly too? So, sit back, relax, and explore these platforms one by one, and I am sure you will find one that suits you the most from all aspects. No excuse now! Because you can’t say anymore that you don’t have options!