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5 Things To Consider Before Buying Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Music is a part of better life. Apart from the benefits of music, music would be always there as a part of some celebration. A headphone is the most basic need of any human when it comes to listening to music personally. However, celebrations do need louder music sounds and nothing but, a speaker would help.

With the technological advancements, everything is becoming wireless and so are the speakers. Bluetooth speakers are the new trend and it would be the best aid to your wireless music requirements.

What is a Bluetooth Speaker?

As per the normal scenario, speakers demand a cable linked to an audio source (regardless of a pair of speaker cables linking to a full-blown system with an amplifier or just a plain 3.5 mm phono cable linked to an iPod).

Bluetooth speakers shun this limitation of physical-cable by depending on the same Bluetooth procedure and audio system. It underlies wireless Bluetooth smartphone earplugs and Bluetooth speakerphone systems in the cars. That’s the elementary need of any Bluetooth speaker in the market. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the right product, consider below-given points:

1.Battery life and capabilities

Music is something that sounds better when it keeps going. Thus, you obviously wouldn’t want a speaker that runs out of battery in short period of time, would you? Choose the one that offers you more than 12 hours of playback. It should be charged in no time through any device and should be easy to carry anywhere you want. Impressive battery stamina is essential if you go outdoors more often.

2.Durability and Waterproofing

Speakers have been intact instruments; however, with the new range of activity-oriented speakers, you can go and get a kind of speakers that can endure a few accidents, dents and water contact. There is nothing technology cannot do and you can definitely get a set of speakers that survives a situation when you are afraid of the damage.

3. Get the speakers with different bass drivers/radiators

These technical words might sound a bit confusing to you but, music lovers and speaker users. Some listeners love bass of the music, some like it smooth. Generally, great speakers utilize a discrete bass radiator, which permits better bass delivery.

It also provides more room for a primary driver in order to fetch crisp, detailed mids and balanced highs of the music. At the same time, a passive radiator transfers powerful and clear lows. If you are selecting a certain type of speakers, ensure with the company about these speakers audio delivery.

4.Size and weight of the Bluetooth speakers

It seems to be an ordinary factor but, it is an important one. Most of the time, it depends on your demand whether it is for outdoor activities or indoor, for your phone or for laptop or home theater system. If you are choosing one for your phone, the speaker has to be a tiny less weighted piece. Even though it is tiny and light-weighted, it has to be a powerful unit as you would use it most probably for outdoor activities.

5.Colors and call features

Last but crucial features you must look for in any speaker you plan to buy. There would be always options to purchase a Bluetooth speaker of your favorite color. In addition, you should buy a speaker that does not only play music but, connects with your phone in a way that you can make and receive calls as well. Waterproof speakers can be used in bathrooms too; so that you can receive important calls during your bath.

An ideal wireless Bluetooth speaker can be carried anywhere you wish to. It survives a few accidental falls and works even its wet. The battery life should be longer; thus you can have an unlimited talk with your friends and family without holding any device. How much do they cost? They are not expensive as you can surely save on bluetooth speakers using Bestbuy.com discount coupons. So, what are you waiting for? You music awaits for you to be louder, play it on.

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