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7 Quick Tips for Preparing a Mix for Mastering


When you have already done recording your music, you will have to give it a final touch. The expert mastering engineers suggest a few tips to prepare a mix. These tips will help you out to prepare a base for mastering your creations aptly.

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Quick tips for preparing a mix for mastering

If you are new at mixing, it might seem like an intimidating task. It is easy to lose focus and ruin hours of mixing when you do not have a guideline to follow. Here are some tips straight from the expert engineers’ table that will help you to optimize the results.

  1. Using busses and groups

Prefer a plan for sorting out the tracks. It will help you to keep a track on the progress you have achieved so far in every track. Sorting the tracks in an order will reduce your time and effort and your result will be very constructive.

Begin with a list and proceed. Usually, the experts start with drums and then move to the base part. Eventually, they proceed to electric and acoustic guitars. This is where you will have to create subgroups in order to route the tracks aptly. This step will automatically simplify your mixing attempt.

  1. Static mix

Setting the levels in a song is very important. It will help you to polish the tracks for the final stage. The effects, reverbs, compression, and EQ are done fine-tune your creation and give a shiny polish.

Make sure that you can hear every instrument you have used in the track and maintain a proper balance. Refrain from using excessive plugins and concentrate more on volume faders for absolute effects.

  1. EQ for clarity

EQ is a must-include tool in your mix to confirm separation and clarity. When the instruments you have used are competing to achieve a particular frequency, using EQ will deliver separation, identity, and compatibility. If you have limited knowledge in applying an EQ tool effectively, you can use another tool named High Pass Filter to ensure expecting effects in the simplest way.

  1. Compression for punch

Compression is also one of the most important tools in mixing. A compressor will function as a volume leveler to even out the track. The specific function of a compressor is to reduce the peaks and turn up weak parts for equalization.

  1. Reverb application

Using Reverb in vocals and drums will provide more space. Remember not to down the mix in using reverb in an excessive way. In this case, you can use a High Pass Filter while using reverb to make your tracks less muddy.

  1. Stereo your mix

Using panning to add a stereo effect on your music creation will give a great result. The use of panning automation will add variations, bring more movements, and make the track interesting.

  1. Volume automation

A slight boost via vocal automation will make the last syllable properly audible. Using volume automation will accentuate the vocal track perfectly.


Follow these tips to prepare a brilliant mix for mastering. You can also check out the mixing and mastering rates online and get it done by the expert sound engineers.



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