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You can now add Android Wear 2.0 features via Play Store


Google promised a lot when it came out with Android Wear 2 in February this year. However, not much has been done except for the improved features and user-friendly UI elements. We still feel that the platform needs some flagship products and devices from Google. The only saving grace was the Pixel. The OS should be revamped to meet the demands of an ever-growing number of users.

It was quite absurd to see tech giants like Google taking almost a year to provide critical software updates to back up Android Wear platform. Better late than never…now that the company has finally decided to make feature updates of the platform via Play Store updates. In simple terms, Google will now be able to make bug fixes besides adding brand new features through a simple update to the Android Wear 2.0 app directly using your phone via Google Play Store instead of asking you to go for a total OTA upgrade for your smartwatch.

So, what can we expect from these upgrades via Google Play Store?

Yesterday, Googler Hoi Lam posted on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+HoiLam/posts/FjKZXkenFiP that more updates were coming to Android Wear 2.0 through Google Play in the coming months. He also gave an idea of what these latest update for Android Wear app would be related to the following features:

🌟 Third party chat app support in Contacts

🌟 Reduce accidental entry into watch face picker

🌟 Improve and enhanced Play Store discoverability for new users

🌟 Other features and bug fixes

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Lam, however, did not provide details into other features that you will be able to add via the Play Store. While users will be guessing what these upgradable features are, we are pretty certain that this is a move by Google will not be able to completely revive Android Wear 2.0. While acknowledging that the company’s effort is a welcome step, we are looking ahead more on what Android Wear 3.0 would be like.

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