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The Advantages of Hiring a TEM Provider Over Using a Telecom Software


The Advantages of Hiring a TEM Provider Over Using a Telecom Software

It’s tempting to handle all of your telecommunications assets in-house partly because of the control it affords you, and partly because of the money it saves you over hiring a dedicated TEM team. However, you could be hurting your business by keeping everything in-house without realizing it.

We’re going to look at why it might be better for your company to employ a dedicated TEM provider as opposed to handling everything in-house.

Less Stress on IT

Your IT team has a big responsibility of keeping the systems and network within your company running smoothly. Telecommunications is complex with many facets, such as inventory, computing, reviewing invoices, negotiating with vendors, and equipment procurement. While many of these tasks could be handled by your IT department, it makes them less effective at handling their primary job and spreads them too thin. The result is that your company isn’t getting the level of service for either aspect of the business.

TEM Moves More Quickly

Having a dedicated TEM team means they can identify areas within your company where you’re spending too much money on telecom or wasting money on services you don’t need. Many companies simply pay invoices they receive without considering what they’re actually paying for. A good TEM team will take an in-depth look at what you’re spending and advise you on how to save money on services or equipment you don’t need.

TEM Means Expertise

When you hire a TEM team for your telecommunications needs, you’re getting experienced professionals who not only know what’s currently going on in the telecom industry but also stay on top of what’s coming down the road. Because of this, they’re better equipped to answer questions more quickly and to make recommendations on what direction your business should go in in the future as new technologies come into play.

TEM Saves Money

It’s common to think that simply buying TEM software and training someone in-house on how to use it is the cheaper way to go and to be fair, at the outset, it is. But, consider the cost to your business if your in-house personnel fail to maintain their training or if they make errors because TEM isn’t their primary responsibility. And, all of this hinges on finding someone within your company that can be trained to do the job competently.

Hiring a dedicated, professional TEM team keeps your business running more smoothly, and saves you money over the long term.

TEM is Comprehensive

What makes hiring a TEM team so attractive from a business standpoint is that everything related to your telecom is under one umbrella, which makes it easier for you when you need to make changes or when you have questions. A good TEM provider knows your businesses’ telecom assets inside and out and helps you get the most out of your products and services. You might be spending more by hiring a TEM team up front, but it’s highly likely you’ll be saving money in the long run.

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