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Android Wear removed from Google’s official store. So What’s Next?


Android Wear removed from Google’s official store. So What’s Next?

Google earlier this week removed Android Wear section from its online store taking many by surprise. There was no prior announcement or what the company would do next. Simultaneously, this year’s top offerings viz., the LG Watch Sport and the Watch Style were simply listed as “no longer available.”

Android Wear removed from Google's official store. So What's Next?

Google’s move created flutters in the smart wear industry. Many waves of panic! There were questions like is Google planning to back away from its own wearable platform?. The answer is NO.

A day later Google tech official Hoi Lam explained that the act was “Google’s latest sales strategy”. What, you may say! Shocking right. Which respectable company would scare the hell out of their customers and the industry itself?

The company clarified that it will now have on its store only “Google made hardware,” items, thus ruling out the presence of LG-branded or any other branded devices other Google’s own.

Android Wear removed from Google's official store

“This is the reason why Google helped in creating create customised Android Wear storefronts at online stores like Amazon,” Lam’s statement said.

The Android Wear may no longer be at Google’s storefront but has become more accessible theoretically. This according to the company is to treat each product equally and not being picky. This marketing strategy appears to be a direct lift from the marketing methods of Chromebooks.

Above all, the general feeling is the when Google does not put up Android Wear products on its own store, it gives the impression that it has officially decided to give less attention to the platform – at least officially. For instance, if you decide to buy a Pixel 2, you may not even realize that Android Wear is an option if you don’t pay close attention to the latest products in the tech market. From now on, if you want to check out all Android Wear items, you will have to visit some other online stores – maybe Amazon. Nonetheless, Android Wear is still very robust as a market platform. The only problem is that you will get Google-branded Android wear devices here…you will still get top products like Fossil watches which are doing great.

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