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Before You Buy Again Something on Amazon, Install SmartPurch – The Chrome Extension That Saves Money


We know, Amazon offers the best and most reliable online shopping experience. However, it doesn’t mean that a product purchase on Amazon is the cheapest!

Sometimes you can overpay an item for 20-30% i.e you can get the same item either from other seller on Amazon or from the other popular online retailers for significantly lower price.

Today we will speak about a tool that will spare you from overpaying & significantly save you money on the long-term. We are talking about SmartPurch, a new Chrome extension that automatically displays lower prices (if any) for any product you view on Amazon.

How it works

Simply add it to your Chrome browser from here. Then when you browse on Amazon again, there will be a small rectangle info button bellow the prices of each product. If there is a lower price you will get informed and with a simple click you will get information where you can get that same item for a lower price.

Besides the pricing, the extension shows great amount of additional details like: taxes, seller rating, prime status and so on.

From our experience and testing we can say that this personal shopping assistant can save you a lot of money. You will not even feel it’s there and it will flawlessly load & display the best price. It saves a lot of time and frustration too, since you will not need to spend time manually comparing prices and going from site to site.

At the end of the day, SmartPurch does the heavy lifting for you in a simple way. It enables you to make the best informed purchase decisions, taking into account the product price, shipping and taxes. Get it now it’s free:

Official Website: SmartPurch

Google Chrome Store Download Link: SmartPurch

SmartPurch Blog Link: SmartPurch


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