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Benefits of web push notifications for Bloggers


It is almost the objective of any blogger who is running a blog or website to increase his readers for the purpose of promoting their content and making more money. There are lots of ways with the help of which they can promote their content and they can make their readers permanent customers and website push notifications is one of them.

Website push notifications are the form of a message with is send to the readers and these messages are clickable so a user can click on these messages for accessing the URL.

Website push notifications are quite similar to mobile app push notifications.But these notifications work on websites instead of mobile tablet or desktop.

In this article, I am going to share with you a quick overview of website push notifications. Here I am going to discuss why website push notifications are important for you if you are a blogger or a website owner. so if you are a beginner to SEO and you did not know anything about website push notifications then read this whole article because if will help you lot in delivering great results for your online blog.

Web push notification is one of the best for websites and blogs in order to get more visitors and increase their participation.

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Why website post notifications are important?

Professional bloggers and website owners use lots of ways for growing the traffic i.e. new website visitors as well as engage their existing visitors. Here existing visitors means the peoples who have already visited your blog or website.

Furthermore, these professional bloggers offer lots of rewards such as eBooks and much more for promoting their website. web push notifications are one of the best ways that bloggers can use to build loyal and dedicated subscriber base But also bloggers can communicate with their readers very easily using these notifications. So here I am going to share with you few reasons that can easily explain how web push notifications can increase the amount of traffic on any website or blog.

Benefits of web push notifications for bloggers

If you are a blogger and you want more traffic and more sales then web push notifications are very important for you. There are lots of benefits of for push notifications for bloggers but in this article, I am going to list few of them.

Best way to build your marketing list

Growing marketing list is very important for any successful online marketing campaign. Nowadays bloggers are adding contacts to the list regularly for the purpose of keeping the list fresh. You can grow your marketing list by offering freebies on your blog like free webinars and eBooks etc.

Push engage is one of the best tools for every blogger who wants to grow the marketing list easily and quickly. This tool offers a single tap subscribe button to https websites and HTTP websites equally and this will simplify the user or customer experience. according to marketing experts if a user can subscribe you with fewer efforts then there will be the increase in subscribe conversion rate.

With the help of push engage tool a user is able to subscribe you just by one click and he does not need to share any personal information with you.

Drive more traffic

If you are posting hundreds of quality articles on your blog but still you are not getting enough amount of traffic on your blog then it is not beneficial for you. After publishing quality articles on your blog the next step of every blogger is to acquire visitors or readers for his blog.

Benefits of web push notifications for Bloggers

When you are getting more traffic from your blog this means that more ads are displayed per user and as a result, you will earn more revenue from advertising.

so you are publishing dozens of high-quality articles on your blog but still, you are not getting enough amount of traffic than in this situation web push notifications will help you a lot in getting more traffic.

With the help of web push notifications you can get your visitors or readers back to your website and as a result, you will experience high subscriber rate and click rate.

According to marketing experts, you can increase up to 30% of traffic with the help of web push notifications.

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Content promotion

One of the best uses of web push notifications is that you can promote your new articles as well as your old articles through the push notifications to your subscribers very easily.

Benefits of web push notifications for Bloggers

Moreover, if you are receiving a lot of new visitors on your blog then with the help of web push notifications you are able to convert your new visitors into subscribers.

And also, on the other hand, people will happy to subscribe you because web push notifications don’t ask for any personal information from the subscriber.

So when your new visitors become your subscribers then you can send them notifications whenever you publish a new article on your blog or website.

There are several popular blogs who are facing the issue that their visitors are not reading their older posts. But with the help of a web push notifications, you can also promote your old content of your blog to your readers. So for promoting an older post, you can send him a notification like “article of the day” etc.

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Easy to implement

When it comes to implementation then web push notifications are very easy to implement even a beginner can easily use web push notifications. Just you need to define URL, title and description of the landing page and everything will set automatically.

Works on almost all devices

Another benefit of web push notifications is that they also work on Android versions of Firefox and Chrome too. As you know that nowadays almost 60 % to 70% of your visitors landed on your website with the help of mobile devices so users will see your notifications on mobile devices also, and in this way, you will get more and more traffic to your blog or website.

You can show your notifications on mobile devices for free and for this purpose you do not need to hire a web developer to create a mobile app for your blog or website.


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