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Is WP Right for Me? The Benefits of WordPress for Developing Your Website


The internet is a large, complicated mess of web pages and competing designs. Your website shouldn’t be like the internet. And thanks to the benefits of WordPress, it doesn’t have to be.

Most Annoying Things about WordPress

With WordPress, you have complete control over your website, its overall design, and even the way it’s marketed. It’s a tool that gives you complete control over your online stake. And flying an online flag is a crucial part of today’s business and social landscape.

Without an online presence, your audience will never be able to find you. You’ll never be able to connect with other people or get control of your personal and professional brand. Your website is the tool with which you get to control what people think about you; it’s how they find you. if you want to learn how to develop your own custom website, check out our website development course.

And with WordPress, you get complete control over it. Keep reading below to learn how using WordPress can take your website out of digital obscurity.

The Benefits Of WordPress Are As Big As Its Plugin Library

The biggest benefit to using WordPress is literally its library of plugins. The sheer amount of tools available to you to help build and manage your website are seemingly limitless. All you need to do is select the ones you want to use, and use your WordPress software to associate it with your website.

There are free and paid plugins out there, each of which has specific uses. It’s important to remember that paid plugins have a different activation process than free ones. Yet, it’s still just as easy to activate them.

And once you do, you’ll be able to take control over characteristics of your website that you never thought possible. Beyond helping you design your website, plugins can help you manage its metrics. They can even help you use your website to manage your brand and overall marketing campaign.

All you need to do is pick the right ones.

You Can Take Full Control Of Your Web Design

Unlike platforms like Squarespace or Wix, WordPress gives you full control over your website’s design. That’s because, although they offer similar services, WordPress is different from the rest.

Websites like Squarespace or Wix offer their users premade templates and themes to pick from. With these, users can quickly and easily get a website up and running without investing much time or effort. They’re designed to be simple to use.

Yet, since their website is limited to a select few themes and templates, users can’t ever get full control over their design. So if a user has more web design experience than average, they can feel constricted by their platforms’ commitment to simplicity.

WordPress offers templates and themes as well, yet it doesn’t restrict people’s abilities to adjust them. If someone knows how to work with HTML or CSS code, then they can make adjustments as needed. And with that full control over a website, it’s easy to make it stand out from the 5 billion web pages.

Work On Your Website Offline Or Online

Since WordPress is software that you download and not just an online platform you use to make a website, you can work on it anywhere. Your website is literally saved to your computer, meaning you can access it without an internet connection. And since you can access it anywhere, you can work on it wherever you are.

That means you can redesign a web page on an airplane, or adjust your brand while exploring a rainforest. You’re free to go beyond your internet connection with WordPress, while other platforms require you to connect to the internet.

Move Between Professional Designers Easily

Most businesses or freelancers choose to hire a web designer to build their website. They simply don’t have the time to build one themselves, or lack the skills to build what they want. And when they hire a web designer, chances are their designer will use WordPress.

There’s a reason WordPress powers almost a quarter of the internet. Web designers love it because it’s just so powerful, and web designers are crucial for building the modern internet. You can see here why web designers use WordPress more than almost any other software.

Spend Less Time And Money On It

One of the most underappreciated parts of WordPress is that it’s cheap and approachable. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars and your website’s design, hosting, and maintenance. But with WordPress, you can build a website for free and host it for as little as $22 per month.

And WordPress is easy to use, even if you’re a beginner in building web pages. There are pre-made templates and themes anyone can choose from, all of which have their own merit. All the average WordPress needs to do after downloading these themes is to fill them with their own content.

It takes less time with WordPress to get a website up and running too. Once the web pages have all been made, all you need to do is purchase a hosting service and domain. Then just upload your web pages, and you’re online.

Secure Your Place On The Internet

You should think of your website as your digital home. It’s where you keep all the information you want people to know about you. Your users are like guests, and you should always strive to impress them.

Like guests though, you should also protect them. And that can take some cybersecurity acumen.

Yet, with WordPress, protecting yourself and your users is simple. There are plugins you can download to maximize your website’s security and ensure its content remain safe. With a variety of hosting options, you can also ensure that your website will stay online in the event of a major hack.

WordPress makes cybersecurity a matter of downloading the right plugins and going with the right hosting service. You don’t need to worry about much beyond that.

There Are Plenty of Benefits To WordPress

Using WordPress is one of the best decisions you can make for your website. The benefits of WordPress are simply unparalleled in any other platform, and more are being made every day. Each new plugin is a new reason to use WordPress since they can give you more control over your website and your overall digital presence.

It’s also simply powerful and lets you customize your website in ways no other platform can. With it, you can use your website as a tool to improve your personal and professional brand and take your career to new heights.

There’s more to making a good website than just making sure you use WordPress, though. To learn how to make an effective website, just contact us here! We’re always willing to help you make your website something you can call a digital home!

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