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9 Of The Best Cordless Jigsaw To Buy in 2021 – Reviewed


This is the ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Best cordless hammer drill in 2021 📗, where we did the review of around 25 products and came to the best 9 for our readers.

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A Jigsaw can be a workman’s best tool and a friend or their biggest nightmare. A good jigsaw would cut timber like it’s a hot knife through butter, swiftly and neatly.

A good jigsaw would deliver the job in time and save one from any added stress. That’s why it’s recommended to use a cordless jigsaw for efficiency and time-saving features.

Whether a workman is looking for a sheer tool to be used occasionally or doesn’t want to deal with tangled cords, the cordless jigsaw is the answer to these problems.

For a jigsaw to suit your needs, it needs to be considered under the following category; weight, cost, and battery life.  There are a lot of models of this type of jigsaw, but only a few are considered when it comes to sound engineering.

Below is a set of reviews that enables choosing to work with ease. These listed jigsaws are rated based on different factors such as performance, service operation, value, construction, and design.

These are only but a few factors, there are other factors that would be listed earlier on. Hopefully, this review would help to make the right choice for your needs.

Best Cordless Jigsaw: Our Top Picks 👌👌

1. Dewalt DC5331B 20-volt

Best Cordless Jigsaw
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This jigsaw is designed with a metallic lever-action keyless blade clamp. This machinery can switch blades fast and efficiently. There is also an all metallic keyless shoe bevel with four detents at 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 30 degrees, and 45 degrees for easy bevel adjustments.

The mercurial speed trigger can generate 3000 strokes per minute to quickly change speed during cutting and a four-position orbital movement for cutting wood.

There is a removable shoe cover that protects the wood from scratches and a dust blower for users to see while they cut. It comes without the battery and charger which are sold separately. There is an anti-slip comfort grip that aids control and users’ comfort.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Dewalt DC5331B 20-volt that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cordless Jigsaw to get in 2021.


  • They are compatible with the DeWalt 20V batteries
  • The jigsaw is lightweight and offers an anti-slip grip which makes it easy to guide
  • The changeable speed control is excellent as the trigger can easily adjust the blade with its firm pull
  • The blades are easy to change
  • Comes with a three-year warranty


  • To release its plate, tilting is kind of tricky
  • Doesn’t come packed with a battery and a charger
  • The blades can fall off if not properly secured
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DEWALT 20-Volt MAX XR Brushless Cordless Jigsaw REVIEW! (DCS334B)
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2. Bosch JSH180b 18-volt

Best Cordless Jigsaw
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This is a reliable and lightweight jigsaw with a T-shank blade change system that let the user insert blade without the help of any tools which makes it convenient.

You can only change the blade through a one-hand process by turning a knob. This jigsaw comes with a dust blower and an integrated LED light which makes it easy for the cutter to see.

This jigsaw comes with two electronic packages which are Electronic Motor Protection EPM which guarantees long-lifetime to the motor and shields it from overload, and there is Electronic Cell Protection which shields the battery from overheating, overload, and thick discharge.

There is an onboard bevel wrench storage that makes it convenient and portable to carry around.  The battery and charger are bought differently and do not come with the machine.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Bosch JSH180b 18-volt that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cordless Jigsaw to get in 2021.


  • Beautiful body design equipped with the smallest grip diameter for reduced user fatigue during extended use which brings it to our Best Cordless Jigsaw list.
  • Will match the cutting performance with a 4 stage orbital action
  • There is a LED light to aid our vision when working in dark places
  • Works with the BC630 and BC660 charger and the BAT 609 and BAT618 battery


  • There is a case of overheating of the battery after a long period of usage
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3. Makita XVJ032 18-Volt

Best Cordless Jigsaw
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This is one cordless jigsaw machine that combines accuracy and strength with the lowest weight of its class.

This machine is packaged with a range of comfortable features for accurate cutting which includes low noise for more control and less vibration, these features add to the comfort it gives off when it’s in use.

The lithium-Ion batteries this machine uses charges were faster than any other battery in its category minimizing their charging time and maximizing their working time.

This machine can speed up to 2600 strokes per minute depending on what you want to cut; this makes its cutting fast and efficient. It makes use of 3 orbital settings and an added straight cutting for use in different materials.

This machine does not possess either a brushless device or a speed dial control. For comfort during use, the Makita has a large two-finger speed trigger option. It provides a tool-less blade change system which makes its blade installation quite fast.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Makita XVJ032 18-Volt that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cordless Jigsaw to get in 2021.


  • Can be used for large cutting capacity
  • Makes use of the most extended stroke length
  • Has a straight cutting
  • Its speed is perfect for a wide range of materials
  • Its blade system is tool-less which makes it easy to change


  • This machine is one of the heaviest of its class
  • very expensive among its level
  • not brushless and has no speed dial control
  • Can only use Makita genuine batteries
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4. Dewalt DC330B 18-Volt

Best Cordless Jigsaw
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This is another cordless product from the Dewalt brand which uses an 18-Volt NiCAD battery. It fits into the hand entirely and does not weigh so much which makes it easy to carry around. It also has an Anti-slip grip which adds comfort to this design.

The DC330B offers plenty of horsepowers which gives one the opportunity of taking on big jobs from plywood to solid wood, from laminate countertops to plastic, metal, and wood with nails.

The machine comes equipped with a locking clamp on the blade; this makes switching the blade simple where the blade can slip out without any suitable adjustment. Make sure the blade locking system has been engaged to avoid the blade from slipping.

This machine requires the use of T-shank blade types other than the standard universal type. There is an adjustable blower attached to the unit which can be adjusted back when not in use.

As part of the additional service granted this tool, the company will carry out maintenance and replace all worn-out parts for a period of a year.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Dewalt DC330B 18-Volt that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cordless Jigsaw to get in 2021.


  • There’s a feeling of balance and comfort when using this unit
  • The battery life is healthy and charges quickly
  • Easily detachable battery
  • The machine is robust and solid
  • The unit can work with DC9096 18-Volt battery pack and also DW9117 15-minute charger


  • Blades can pull out when up against hefty resistance is quite a heavy jigsaw even though it feels comfortable to hold.
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Dewalt 18 volt jigsaw

5. Ryobi One+ P523

Best Cordless Jigsaw
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This unit is entirely different from other units because of its design and its fitting system. Not all standard blades would fit into this jigsaw, and its way of changing blades is quite a broader process than usual.

The machine has four different orbital settings which grant you control over how fast you can cut wood. This jigsaw comes with a graphics screen that shows the best settings for any particular job you want to do, so if you’re going to work at high accuracy, lower the settings.

There is a dust blower attached to this jigsaw which enables its user to make his work area dust-free.

There are led lights connected to the system which would light up your jobs. One good advantage of this jigsaw is the ability to lower the blade as it starts to wear meaning you can get the best out of a blade before changing it. There is a button to lock the system in place.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Ryobi One+ P523 that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cordless Jigsaw to get in 2021.


  • The system comes with four orbital settings
  • You can maximize the use of your blade
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • Comes equipped with a dust blower and led lighting
  • There is a locking mechanism


  • Not all standard blades would fit into this system
  • Changing blades is a long process and would need time to adjust to it
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6. Milwaukee 2645-22 M18

Best Cordless Jigsaw
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This brand of the jigsaw is at a higher price than any other jigsaw because it comes with a battery. The 18V lithium-ion battery charges full in an hour or less but also comes with a spare battery which gives you more work time and less charge time.

The unit can cut through Plastic, plywood, drywall, laminate, sheet metal, strand boards, and other materials. Because of its form,  it is heavier than most units of the same quality, but its functional design mold helps its user hold on firmly.

This unit is as heavy as the corded models. Its weight helps it reduce vibrations while in the cutting process and it may be better used for ground applications.

The blade changing pattern is a tool-free bevel changing model which helps you complete jobs more quickly because you’re not looking for tools to make changes.

Comes with a quick-look blade clamp that allows us to carry out a keyless blade change, which is Milwaukee’s line of jigsaws trademark. Both batteries have a power gauge that shows the amount of power and runtime left which saves one from relying on guesswork to know when to charge.

Milwaukee jigsaw uses a digital management technology that maintains the battery life and makes them last longer. They offer a warranty of 5 years on this product so Milwaukee’s team can be reached for any concern.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Milwaukee 2645-22 M18 that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cordless Jigsaw to get in 2021.


  • Has a well-made grip with a variable trigger that enables quality control for cutting different materials
  • Comes with a 2.8 Amp motor and a five-position orbital cutting that provides versatility for cutting many projects more than any other jigsaw in the market
  • Has a tool-free shoe bevel
  • Has a non-marring shoe that protects the surface from damage


  • Quite as heavy as a corded machine
  • Have a plastic blade guard that must be removed to see where it’s been cut
  • Has no LED light
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7. Porter-cable PC18JS bare-tool 18-Volt

Best Cordless Jigsaw
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This cordless jigsaw is designed to be easily powered and ready for cutting action. This action can be carried out by the push of a button.

As part of its features, there’s a vacuum attachment port to clean up debris and dust and save oneself from airborne dust. The jigsaw blade is tool-free which makes it easy to change by just pushing a button.

This jigsaw has a three-position orbital control that adds flexibility for different cutting functions which enables a faster and smoother cutting based on the job at hand through altering the blade angle. Its speed is initiated by a trigger that delivers consistent cutting.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Porter-cable PC18JS bare-tool 18-Volt that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cordless Jigsaw to get in 2021.


  • This jigsaw has a tool-free shoe that offers a 0-45 degree bevel stop
  • It provides a stress-free transformation from 0-45 degrees bevel cuts
  • Has a three-position orbital control which is versatile for different cutting projects
  • Offers a tool-free blade clamp that lets its user change the blade quickly
  • For quick and smooth cutting, it has a 2500 stroke per minute cutting and a ¾” stroke length
  • It is designed with an accurate and durable steel shoe


  • The safety button is designed poorly
  • Has no Led Light which enables smooth and precise cut
  • This is a bare tool as it comes with no charger or battery
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8. Black and Decker BDCJS20C MAX

Best Cordless Jigsaw
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This is a cordless jigsaw that was designed to cut at 2500 stroke per minute, but that’s quite low considering the size of the jigsaw.

This unit is very cheap but if you’re on a budget, it would be advised to go for a better option to line the Ryobi as the only difference between them is the range of features the Ryobi has to offer.

This machine does not come with a variable speed trigger so you can’t carry out a precise cut, there’s also no bevel capacity so the user can’t angle cuts in any direction.

Instead, it makes use of the T shank and U shank blades which come with a wire guard and a dust blower for a clear sightline. This unit has a low battery life and is advised to be used on only short and simple projects.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Black and Decker BDCJS20C MAX that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cordless Jigsaw to get in 2021.


  • The unit is inexpensive and very affordable
  • It comes with both a battery and a charger
  • There is a warranty limit of 2 years on this product
  • It has good body construction


  • Very little speed, its maximum limit is also low
  • Its battery life does not last long as the battery drains quickly
  • The features of this jigsaw are the only primary ones it needs to function
  • There is no LED lighting built-in
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9. Porter-Cable PCC650B

Best Cordless Jigsaw
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This jigsaw is a bare tool with no unit included; it just has only rich features.  This unit is the most competitive due to its price on the market. This machine makes use of a 20-Volt lithium-ion battery which has long-lasting battery life. The unit comes with a variable speed trigger which aids its cutting and gives it consistency.

There are tool-free adjustments that help in changing blades easily and an allowance for precision cuts through a 45-degree bevel. This jigsaw is appropriate in cutting wood, sink cutouts, metal, PVC pipes, and copper pipes.

With the loads of features this amazing cutter has, it quite surprising it comes cheap. This unit offers a three-year warranty, but with its production, the durability of this product is top-notch. The blade offers a quick and smooth cutting without hostile feedback.

There is a built-in dust blower that keeps the cutting line clear and the orbital settings that allow for customizing the cutting action. The machine makes use of a T-shank blade and would win the award for the cheapest cordless jigsaw.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Porter-Cable PCC650B that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cordless Jigsaw to get in 2021.


  • This unit has a great and long-lasting design
  • The machine is not that expensive
  • The device is lightweight and can be carried around
  • It is equipped with a variable speed trigger which helps with consistent cutting
  • There is a dust blower which would keep the work area tidied


  • It does not come with a lock setting so be careful when using it for a project
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Best Cordless Jigsaw: What To Consider

When making use of a jigsaw tool in a project, you can cut any direction and any material needed for the project; this ignites the creativity in you towards the project because of the freedom of movement of the machine.

When you want to perform a cutting operation on a project, you should bear in mind that a jigsaw is a necessary tool that can systematically perform the following cuts; straight, curved, ripping, beveling, crosscuts, plunge cuts and so much more.

You can operate on various materials also such as wood, plastic, ceramic, metals, and much more provided the jigsaw blade can cut them. Not all cordless jigsaws have the same kind of features, but they have an advantage over the corded units. The most useful battery-powered jigsaw is one that supports all the necessary functions at an affordable price.

Despite their similarities, many jigsaws offer features above their competition. Therefore if you want to know how to select a Best Cordless Jigsaw unit in 2021, here are the listed factors below;


The two types of jigsaws on this planet, the corded and the cordless, and both operate on different motor speeds that are between the range of four and seven Amps for the corded version and eighteen and twenty volts for the cordless version.

The jigsaw’s power which is measured in Amps involves both the size of the motor and the size of the battery. The power is what gives us the energy to make different cuts through different materials.

If your choice is the more powerful motor, you would be able to cut through the thickest of materials. Also bear in mind that for the motor to perform, the engine power is very crucial.


The speed of a jigsaw is measured in strokes per minute, this is the number of times the blade has completed a stroke in a minute. Considering the variable speed settings of your jigsaw will let you know the kind of material that can be cut and the possibility of cutting through.

The best jigsaws have a speed setting of between four and seven, and this would grant its user more flexibility and precision

Orbital speed settings:-

also, bear in mind that orbital setting is significant. While standard settings let you move in a straight line motion, orbital settings permit the user to make more circular and sideways movements.

Corded jigsaws:-

these jigsaws are made in the range of three to eight amps leaving five or more Amps to deliver maximum power for heavy-duty use. Their weight would give them an advantage over the corded jigsaws because they would be very easy for the user to carry around or use without the added weight accrued by the battery.

Bevel cuts:-

The possibility of tilting to make bevel cuts can be afforded you by the jigsaw. They can tilt from zero to forty-five degrees in any direction.

Some of our jigsaws make use of their in-built lever which can be tightened or loosened to aid in tilting for the cuts without the use of tools while others would use the Allen wrench to regulate the bevel cuts.

LED Lights:-

performing a cut can be as simple as possible when you have a vision of the cutting line. Not all jigsaws come with LED lights to view your cutting line, but there are a few specialties that do. Check for led lights if they would be necessary for your work.

Dust Blowers:-

The dust blower is another critical aspect of the jigsaw and like the LED light; they have their importance which is to clear the debris for you to have a clear cutting line for precision. These dust blowers in addition to removing debris would help reduce the dust in the working area.

Battery and Battery life:-

Many jigsaws in the market today require purchasing a battery model as they come bare. For a person who is not new to this craft, this may not pose a threat as you may already have batteries for that brand. There are a lot of units that share the same size and voltage of battery making them compatible.

For those who are about to make their first purchase, it is essential to know if your jigsaw would need an extra battery before you start that job. Considering your battery life is very important when deciding between jigsaws.

If you’re going to work for an extended period, you’ll need to purchase a battery with longevity. If you’re buying cheap The best cordless jigsaw without extended battery life, do grab another battery so you can alternate between batteries to save you work time.


comfort is an essential part of the factors to determine when buying a jigsaw, the weight of the machine influence how handy it would be.

Take note of the type of unit you’re using and what aspect of this factor does it fall under. Do they have cushioned grips or they have non-slip grips? Also understand that the more massive the jigsaw, the easier it is to control


just because these jigsaws fall under the cordless category does not mean they would be easy to carry around.

Some units have extra features like extra batteries, equipment, and walk about cases. If you take portability important, you will consider these factors before choosing equipment.

Blade change:-

if you do not have the time to be changing blades on the go during the job, you’ll consider tool-less blades which can be replaced without any equipment.

Jigsaws can be versatile, but there is a need to use the right blade for the right project which means you would be changing blades a lot depending on the job. This is where the use of tool-less blade comes in, they save you time and are convenient


the thing about cordless jigsaws is that they are different in price and quality. Choosing the variety of jigsaw depend on the kind of work and how much budget you have.

If you select a cheap jigsaw, you will lose out on accuracy and some features that would make the job easier. Choosing a price range for a jigsaw depends mostly on the kind of project you have to run.


Written above is the reviews of the best cordless jigsaws we have in the market and also factors you should consider when purchasing for a project. You should bear in mind that this list comprises different jigsaws to give you adept knowledge for you to make a valuable and informative purchase.