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Best Gift Ideas For Tech Geeks


It’s the age-old question: what do you get for the person who has everything? This isn’t an easy question to answer, which is why it flummoxes gift-buyers year after year. Tech geeks are even harder to buy for, because their entire hobby dictates that they’re going to keep up with the latest trends and buy things regularly, perhaps even more regularly than the average person. As such, if you’re buying for a tech geek’s birthday or holiday, you’re going to struggle.

There’s a way forward, though. Tech geeks may be difficult to buy for, but they can never have everything they need; they’re always out for the next cool thing and always keeping their eye on trends. That’s where you come in. By second-guessing them and thinking outside the box, you can buy for the tech geek in your life. It’s not all about novelty; it is, after all, the thought that counts. Here are some of our best gift ideas for tech geeks.

Personalised items

No matter what the tech geek in your life has, they won’t have something you’ve personalised for them. The entire point is that you’re personalising it, so there’s no chance they’ll already have it. What you get them is up to you; a photo mug is a personal and thoughtful gift, or you could opt for a personalised phone case, cushion, or any number of other options. It may not be the most hi-tech solution, but it’ll bring a smile to their face nonetheless.

Gaming peripherals

Although many tech geeks will already have gaming consoles and gaming equipment, they likely won’t ever be able to have enough peripherals to accompany their gaming experience. With the PlayStation 5 due in 2020, there’s never been a better time to help them stock up on things like headphones, gaming headsets, and other peripherals that are likely to be universally compatible between PS4 and PS5 (if they’re a PlayStation fan). Take a look at their gaming setup and see what it’s missing – ask them if you must!

A retro gaming console

If someone in your life is an avid gamer, then you can’t go wrong with getting them one of the many retro gaming consoles available right now. There are offerings in this area from Sega, Capcom, Nintendo, and many more. They’re effectively very small consoles with HDMI ports that come packed with plenty of retro games to fulfil the desires of even the most exacting retro enthusiast. These little devices offer hours of fun at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for these games in normal circumstances.

A nerdy flash drive

We may all be using cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox these days, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any use for a good old-fashioned flash drive to store our documents and files. There are plenty of nerdy flash drives out there for you to take a look at, with themes ranging from Star Wars through to Minecraft and everything in between. Make sure you opt for something that’s at least 16GB, though, because most self-respecting tech nerds need at least this much storage space.

A smart home device

The jury’s out on whether or not smart homes are the future, but one thing’s for certain: they’re pretty cool. The tech geek in your life will massively appreciate even the most entry-level smart home tech (if they don’t have any already, of course). From smart lighting to smart thermometers and home speakers, this tech is intended to make your home respond to smartphone commands or voice. There’s nothing quite like telling Alexa to turn your lights on and watching as it happens before your very eyes.

A USB turntable

What with modern audio tech being what it is, it’s almost impossible to find somewhere good to play your vinyl records, especially if you’re a tech nerd who likes modern technology. As such, a USB turntable is a great gift idea for the music nerd in your life. You can breathe new life into your records and enjoy them in an all-new format, meaning they won’t just be sitting in the cupboard gathering dust anymore. There’s something special about vinyl, after all, so why waste it?

A subscription service card

It might not be the flashiest or most presentable gift idea in the world, but tech nerds honestly appreciate subscription cards almost more than any physical gift (trust us, we have first-hand experience). Spotify, Netflix, or gaming services are all excellent options. Find out what kind of gaming your tech nerd friend or family member does (if any) and buy the corresponding service card. They’ll love you all the more for the extra month or so of PlayStation Plus you’ve given them.

Geeky clothing

Sites like Redbubble are great places to go for a spot of geeky clothing shopping. A T-shirt, a hoodie, or some other item of clothing with a clever gaming slogan on it will make the world of difference to a tech nerd’s wardrobe. Here’s a spot of advice if you’re planning to take this route: be smart. Don’t simply get something with the property’s logo or title on it; tech nerds will appreciate a little in-universe gag that makes the item of clothing more of an in-joke.


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