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Top 8 Best Music Player Apps for Android


Music is something without which life is incomplete. It’s a way of expressing our hidden feelings. We all love enjoying different kinds of music through the Music system, Television, Radio/FM sets, iPods etc. With this tutorial, we come with a Best Music Player Apps for your Android Device.

With the advanced smartphone technologies in recent years, all android users now enjoy music on their phones and tablets through the media player.

But we are never satisfied with what we have so we look for more. Hence the android users look for apps that are more user-friendly, easy to manage, have advanced features and easy to install without lagging or crashing.

Android has various music player apps. But the following 8 are the best to go for. So let’s find some detailed information about the apps before installing:-

Top 8 Best Music Player Apps for Android


Phonograph is a very attractive music player app found in Google Play store.

The user interface of the app has perfect sync with the material design guidelines ensuring the app is a complete visual treat.

Best Music Player Apps

It follows a very simple to use interface with no complications.

The app has last.fm integration which on installation downloads the detailed information of the artist’s songs in your playlist along with their images and biographies automatically.

Best Music Player Apps

The other features include Customization of the themes with various color options, Tag editor, Homescreen widgets, create new playlists and edit them, Colour UI to match the base colors, lock-screen playback controls and Go-To-Actions facility which enables you to jump between the album songs and artists.

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It is one of the powerful music player app packed with endless features. PowerAmp is not a free app and has a trial version and a Pro version.

It supports and plays various music file formats like mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, flac, wav, ttc, mpc and many more due to its special feature of 10band optimized graphical equalizer which easily plays music from different file formats.

Best Music Player Apps

It provides excellent sound quality adjustment with an array of options like Bass and Treble adjustment, mono mixing, stereo expansion, crossfade, and balance. It also helps user search lyrics for any song in the library through a muxiXmatch plugin.

Best Music Player Apps

The other features include customization of visual themes, downloading missing album art, lock skin configuration, headset support with automatic resume facility, tag editor with faster library scan, and 4 types of widgets having high-end customization, and selectable styles.

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Shuttle is a powerful and lightweight music player app for Android devices. The app has modern and material user interface design with plenty of features.

Best Music Player Apps

It provides an amazing sound quality management with its 6 band equalizer having bass boost. It is an open source application consisting of last.fm scrobbling, a variety of theme options, artwork downloading, sleep timer and customizable widgets.

Best Music Player Apps

The app has the perfect blend of simple, intuitive and rich features.

There is also an advanced version of the app known as Shuttle+ which has paid features like Folder browsing, Chromecast support, and ID3 tag editing.

4.Black Player

Black Player is a modern music player having an elegant look. The app’s interface is add-free support various file formats like WAV, MP3, OGG, and FLAC.

The excellent sound adjustments features include in-built Equalizers, 3D surround virtualizer, bass-boost, and crossfading facility along with an open external equalizer.

Best Music Player Apps

You can edit the album and artist details too with ID3 Tag editor. Other important features include HD album cover management both manually and automatically, customizable themes, fonts and colors with 3 widgets and sleep timers. The app also has a premium version called Black Player Ex.

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It is one of the best music players of Android with a gorgeous user-friendly interface adhering to the guidelines of material design.

The app consists of every possible feature required for music player app like playing the music tracks gaplessly by managing through each album, smart features like recently played; most played; newly added, automatic syncing of artist images to their respective albums, customizable home screen widget, play speed adjustment of the tracks to 3x faster quality, viewing and editing lyrics from embedded and irc file, Chromecast support, colorful themes etc.

The sound adjustments can be done by volume normalization, crossfade support, and sound balance facility. The all in one feature of the app makes it a perfect choice for every android user.

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6.Retro Music

Retro Music app has its interface built with an inspiration from IOS giving it an attractive eye candy look. The app is best supported in Android versions like the lollipop and higher than that. The interface is clean and easy to use without overloading menus.

Best Music Player Apps

The app comes with three most attractive themes like White, Black and dark with the facility of allowing the user to choose their desired color from the color palette.

It ensures gapless playback of songs segregating the playlists into Most Played, Recent Played, and Top Played artists.

It is also supported by other important features like Volume controls, Homescreen Widgets, Last.fm integration, downloading of lyrics and syncing with the tracks, Sleep Timer, Lockscreen Playback controls and many more.

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7.Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a free app with ad-supported radio stations that gives you the facility to browse your desired songs over the radio stations.

It also comes with a family pack subscription of 6members at a cheaper price where you can download an unlimited long list of your favorite songs of different genre having the facility of playing them even offline.

Best Music Player Apps

The app consists of many useful free features like radios playing any song you want to hear, a capacity of storing more than 50,000 songs from your personal collections, discover podcasts and subscribe them, Recommendations based on your choice of music, and multiple OS support like Android, IOS, Windows.

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8.Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player is one of the most hi-rated music player apps of Android with stylish interface design boosted with extraordinary features.

The audio player of the app has 5 Band in-built equalizer having extensive sound management facilities like Bass Boost, 3D Reverb Effects, 10 awesome presets, and Virtualizer.

The app helps you set any song as your ringtone in a matter of seconds and editing any mp3 song file by Ringtone cutter.

The most attractive feature of Pi Music Player is the Pi Power Share which allows the user to share any music album, tracks to anyone around the world with the help of Send Anywhere option.

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Hence with the help of these amazing music player apps now listening to songs on an Android device is nothing less than a high-end music system or an iPod.