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Best Sites to Create an Online logo for Free and Easily


When you hear the name of a brand in general, the first thing you remember or that comes directly to your mind is its logo. From where it is of paramount importance to create your own logo which will be able to identify you and give personality to your activity.

The creation of a logo for a blog, a website or a company is within reach of everyone. No need to be skilled in the drawing (CAD) or computer science, because creating an online logo is entirely possible. Here is a list of the best sites for creating an online logo that makes you stand out from others.


DesignEvo allows you to create a professional logo with ease. The logo design process will not require any technical skills at all. It allows everyone to design a professional logo in minutes with a massive database of templates, icons, and fonts.

To start, you just choose from 6000+ pre-built templates and enter your logo name. Next, you have full capability to change the colors, fonts, icons, and shapes to your liking.

You can create a logo through this site without registering or entering any data. Alternatively, you can also register an account in case you want to save your project and return to edit it again anytime.

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Logaster is a very simple site for creating your professional logo. You just have to click on the “Create a logo” button. Then enter the name of your activity and select the category. Logaster will generate a wide selection of logos from which you can choose.

A complete logo with good resolution in high definition is available at a low price. You can come back to the site to edit your logo template whenever you need it.

Besides, you can also use this online logo generator to design several items like your envelopes, business cards, favicons and any other graphic designs that will come to your mind.

Logogenie is an online logo creation site available in different languages. Just enter the name and slogan of your brand and select your industry. It generates various logo combinations for you. Choose one from the extensive library that comes to you and customize it in the editor by modifying the colors, text, icons, and backgrounds, etc.

When you finish a logo, you can preview how it will look like on different places such as your business cards, letterheads, and websites.

Canva is an online website that allows you to create professional logos easily. Canva’s design tools are extremely easy to use and save you unnecessary stress!

You can even upload your own images and graphics using Canva’s intuitive interface and drag-and-drop tool, or you can choose from the many free visuals available on the platform. With this site, creating a professional online logo is within everyone’s reach. You also have the option of creating the professional resume online, business card and other graphic design goods.

Online Logo Maker
Online Logo Maker is easy to use with its intuitive interface and offering a wide range of tools to customize. It saves you time when designing your logo online.

With countless font options, colors, graphics and vector formats, the possibilities are multiple and unlimited. You can try this interesting service to create your custom logo creation.


Hope this list will be useful for creating your brand logo. If you use other easy logo creation software or know other resources, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments.


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