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Career and technical education is a term applied to degree programs that offer specialized courses in applied sciences, skilled trades, recent technologies, and career preparation. Earlier it was known as vocational education, and it helps your child to develop far better than an ordinary student. CTE or career and technology education prepares your child to succeed in life by equipping them with all the necessary tools like academic, technical, and employability skills.

Moreover, CTE prepares the child for the future whether they are headed for an educational institute or workforce. So your child can add the set of skills in their carefully prepared resume by help with resume online and land exactly where they want to go as your child has not only academic achievements but the hands-on experience for practical life.

CTE offers 16 career tracks/clusters:

Track 1: Health Sciences

Average annual wage in health care: $28,710 and due to the latest continual advances in medicine and healthcare the jobs keep growing ever year. It is estimated that up till 2012 up to 42% of students enrolled for this track for certification.

Track 2: Business

Average annual wage for business and finance jobs has been up to $67,710, and it is estimated that up to the year 2026, there will be 773,800 more jobs in the business field.

Track 3: sales

People can earn minimum of $27,020 and the prospects up to 2026 look good for students who want to pursue their CTE in track 3.

Track 4: Finance

Students who have pursued this track made up to $66,530 per annum, and it is said to be the fastest growing field especially if you are pursuing as tellers, insurance agents, accountants and bill collectors.

Track 5: Information Technology

Keeping in mind the rapid rise of cutting edge technology $84,580 per annum is not much. Tech-savvy students should follow jobs as software, web or app developers, Information security analysts, and IT support.

Track 6: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (also known as STEM)

You can earn roughly $77,900 and will surely land a job as mechanical, industrial, electrical, and architectural engineers or even as an environmental scientist.

Track 7 and 8: Manufacturing and Transportation & Logistics

CTE in manufacturing can help you earn minimum of $33,990 per annum and career in transportation and logistics $31,600. There will be approximately 634,400 new jobs in both the tracks in the coming days.

Remaining tracks are numbered as follows:

  1. Hospitality
  2. Government
  3. Law
  4. Agriculture
  5. Human Services
  6. Construction
  7. Education & Training
  8. Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications

A survey revealed that CTE attracts almost 7.4 million secondary and 4 million post-secondary students in the USA.

Career and technical education are offered so that students have the chance to learn a little bit extra; this choice is given to them either in middle or high school or even in colleges. Many other institutes also offer CTE tracks and courses so students can become efficient members of society.


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