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Use Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac To Find duplicate files


In this information age, a major chunk of our work is done on our computers. Unlike before when desk work meant moving a heap load of files and dusting the table now everything is literally virtual.

However, despite working on a PC the need to clean the clutter still exists. I have been personally striving hard to fight off the temporary file and duplicate file menace.

Lately, I have switched to Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac and in this segment, we will review this application in detail,

Use Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac To Find duplicate files


Installation and Setup

Installation is pretty straightforward. All one needs to do is download the dmg file and install the same. Firstly users need to select a folder for which they want to check the duplicate files.

It is, for this reason, I selected the “Download” folder from the Finder.(you can also select multiple folders) Once done click on the Scan button and sit back and relax while Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac works for you.

UI and Key Features

Use Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac To Find duplicate files

The Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac did take a while to scan the entire folder. I wished if the whole scanning process was much faster but anyways it was very comprehensive as opposed to other programs that offer a similar functionality.

The Duplicate Finder segregates the files and lets users remove them in batches. The sort options for searching duplicate files is also pretty impressive. Users can sort using the name, size, count, and type or search file by keywords.

The best part of it all is that despite the different file names, the program was able to detect images and mark them as duplicate.

Some of the key features of the Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac are as follows


This is a smart feature that lets you see the percentage of duplicate files on your system in the form of a pie chart. The data is segregated across various types of files like Documents, Images, Music, Videos, Archives, Packages and others.

Duplicate files segregation

Use Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac To Find duplicate files

In this section, the program will display all the duplicate documents along with the file name. Needless to say as a user you will be able to search for the documents and sort it with Name, Size, Count or Type.

The program also segregates the data under other types. This is extremely helpful if you are on a lookout for a particular type of duplicate files. All the duplicate files will then be deleted and sent to the Trash.

Why do you need to find and delete duplicate files?

Storage space, yes why waste that precious storage space on duplicate files.

Duplicate files often end up confusing the users, so avoid confusion and delete those pesky duplicate files!

Boost your PC speed. The clutter caused by duplicate files often ends up slowing your Mac. Thus it is always better to delete such files and speed up your system.

You can Buy Cisdem Duplicate Finder Here

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