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Digital Signage- WordPress Platform for Digital Displays


Digital Signage- WordPress Platform for Digital Displays

Both beginners and experts have used WordPress to build sites, blogs and as an effective CMS platform. WordPress has ventured into the world of advertising and digital signage. Many people have thought of using it for their signage systems. With custom icons and widgets, you can remove unnecessary ones or add more as per your needs. You can change the feel and look of the WordPress to suit your requirements.

Cost-Effective and Easy to Use

WordPress helps to cut business costs significantly. As a site builder and CMS platform, you can upload your text and your media. You can then opt to optimize for outdoor viewing. The platform is dynamic and constantly evolving as digital signage software advances. This strengthens and secures the backend UI. The WordPress team always releases updates that mitigate the risk of hacking. This is an additional advantage for advertisers seeking platform options for out of home ads.

Conventional Hosting and Customization

The digital signage WordPress platform option is available with conventional hosting options. This can be especially helpful of you want two-way ads for interactivity.  Selecting private hosting makes the website smoother and faster. While this costs more, it is a safe alternative to publicly hosting it. Just like a site, it is accessible via cloud hosting and you can update the on-screen display components.

For secure connections, experts recommend avoiding Wi-Fi. Many small businesses, colleges and schools use the free WordPress platform version throughout the region. Outstanding customized versions can be sued and although customizing requires some time and effort, it is a worthwhile solution for unique designs.

Content Updates

If you have a WordPress site and want to find a simple way to optimize digital signage data, the new platform plugin can be used for digital signs. You can connect to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter through your site.

  • Weather, time and calendar content can be updated on your display sign. This option is ideal for people who want to be able to update hourly announcements, weather and more. You can reach out to a broader audience with the required level of purchasing power.
  • Digital signs that are interactive empower your organization to create unforgettable customer experiences. This helps to promote brand value, customer loyalty and determines preferences.
  • New WordPress plugins feature WordPress digital sign theme, automated live display updates, different slide options for pictures, numerous layout templates, digital sign dashboard, varied font sizes, font colors and text fonts and on-screen management. Click here for more about digital menu boards.
  • Many digital signage plugins can complicate issues. A simple WordPress plugin enables you to drag and drop to create content for signage. You can add logos, images, YouTube videos, videos and text to come up with a complete source of presentation for your display.


  • A robust platform is a critical step towards creating the perfect content for digital displays. Any type of well-know layout formation can be followed.
  • The main message should ideally be large and bold. Subsidiary points can be layered in smaller fonts.
  • The font needs to be large enough for people to read from far away.
  • Following the same hierarchy will ensure that people capture the main message as soon as they glance at the display.

Ideal Fonts

It is advisable to keep your digital signage causal and minimal with a suitable font. The right font will create a contemporary feel.


People do not want to seen an ad that only contains text. Synchronize images with the text. Ensure that background pictures do not draw attention away from the text.

Contrast and Colors

Pick complementary colors. Text should be visible and bright from far away against the backdrop you choose. You also need to consider the signage device when you choose your colors. Different online tools can make it easier for you to find contrasting and complementing colors. Many companies that utilize digital signage frequently use these types of tools.


Animated content is capable of attracting more viewers in comparison to traditional texts and images. Everyone loves animation as long as it suits their taste. If you are considering incorporating the WordPress platform with the two-way interface, keep your options simple. A straightforward pathway is preferable and the user should understand the content of the message and maintain interest during the process.

Final Thoughts

Creating digital displays was an overwhelming task previously but with the introduction of WordPress for different electronic displays and plugins, many businesses can take charge of their own advertising. Targeted and strategic content is essential for successful digital marketing. Sharing valuable information through digital signage can attract more visitors to your business site, spread awareness about your brand and increase your sales over time.

Advertising and marketing are important for any type of business and templates are available to amplify these efforts. You can secure your business and audience by ensuring that your digital signage demonstrates important aspects of your organization and its objectives. Digital signs should take the audience’s needs, interests and concerns into account and templates are designed with these in mind.



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