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Download VLC Player for Android APK from 9apps Store


Download VLC Player for Android APK from 9apps Store

Any android phone is incomplete without the good media player. There is the number of media players available for Android systems. VLC player is one of the best media players available for Android. It is the best performing and one of the most downloaded media players but few people feel that soft wares which are free to download are not good or are harmful to the system but trust us this is not the case.

The options that VLC player is providing for sound adjustments no other media player is providing such advanced and customized options. So now you need not search and read about numerous systems available on the internet if you are looking for the suitable media player for your android device, then without giving any second thoughts download VLC player from vidmate video downloader app.

                                         Download VLC Player APK

For your benefit and better understanding, we have listed few benefits of using the VLC player on your android device.

  • VLC Player is compatible with almost all types of files. It has the capability of playing almost all types of files.
  • It can play both audios as well as video files.
  • It is completely free to download
  • Both picture and sound quality are excellent.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems.
  • It is really user-friendly and is really quick to download and install.
  • It not only plays files that are available in your system but can also stream audio and visual files directly from the internet. And the best part is that these files run really smoothly without too much of buffering.
  • The VLC player allows its users to record live videos. Now, this is something exciting for all youtube fans who are unable to download their favourite videos. Now they can record those videos through VLC player and can watch them anytime they want.
  • You need to require any add-on files to run specific types of audio and video files.
  • The upgraded version of VLC Player i.e. 3d VLC player assures 3D picture quality of videos being played.
  • Because of non-presence of add-ons this player is totally virus free.
  • It’s a cross-functional app that allows transfer of audio and video data from one device to another. Also, the format of the file is transformed according to the device it has been transferred into.
  • One can make sound adjustments according to personal choice and preferences. Decibels, hertz, bass everything of your sound system can be customized according to your preferences.
  • With its graphical representation, you can easily alter the wavelength of audio-video being played without actually disturbing the volume of your clip.


We spend so much on buying the good and handy smartphone and trust us it is incomplete without having a good media player. The amazing audio and visual effects add the cherry on the cake. So if you are thinking which media player to download for your system then just go to 9 apps download and download VLC media player now.

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