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Electric Unicycles are Self-Balancing & One-Wheeled


The 21st century is a great time to live if you like your gadgets! Computer technology and improvements in electronics have come a long way in the last few decades, and the amount of interesting, useful and also fun inventions that have come onto the market is impressive. One of the most interesting and fun devices of late, and one that is also surprisingly practical, is the electric unicycle.

You might have seen these clever little machines if you work in a city or large town, or perhaps you’re looking to learn more about them. What are electric unicycles, what is their purpose, and why might you need one? Let’s have a closer look at whet we think is likely to become one of the must-have gadgets of the time.

What is an Electric Unicycle?

When you think of a unicycle, you most likely think of the type that acrobats ride; a tall shaft with one wheel and pedals, a seat and no handlebars. Those things are very difficult to master, and even when you get experienced with them, are hard to balance too!

The electric unicycle is an entirely different sort of personal electric vehicle. It is compact, and doesn’t even have a seat! What you see when you look at an electric unicycle is a tough, small body that contains the wheel and the electric motor, as well as all the other devices that are required to get it to do what it does.

And what it does is transport the rider – you stand on a platform either side of the wheel, and you can control it remotely (sometimes with your smartphone) – at speeds of, in some cases, up to 30mph. Believe us when we say that when standing up with a single wheel beneath you, that is very, very fast! So, what about balancing it?

How to Balance an Electric Unicycle

This is the rally good bit: you don’t need to think about balancing the unicycle – it does that bit for you! Along with the electric motor, inside that body are a series of gyroscopes – you may have seen them in your school days – and accelerometers. The latter are the devices that switch your smartphone and tablet from landscape to portrait when you turn them. By way of clever invention – we won’t go into the detail here – these devices keep the electric unicycle upright when in motion, so you can concentrate on riding and controlling the direction and speed.

While electric unicycles are relatively new there are a number of different brands and models to choose from – we recommend you visit electricunicycles.co for more information on the best models on the market so far – and the choice will expand greatly as they become more popular. Why might you need one?

Uses for an Electric Unicycle

First and foremost, electric unicycles are a lot of fun! You can get up to serious speeds on some of these, they are all highly agile, and on a single charge – you can charge them via a USB port – the range will vary between 15 miles to more than 40 miles, depending upon the model you choose.

Additionally, they are also a very practical device. If you walk to the bus stop or railway station every morning, then from your destination to your place of work – and repeat in the evening – why not ride on your electric unicycle, which folds up for when you are on public transport, and cut out the walking!

Whatever you want an electric unicycle for – and we are sure you will when you read more about them – they are set to become very popular, so get yours now and set the trend!


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