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3 Exciting Uses For Drones You May Not Have Thought Of


A few years ago, drones were hardly seen and if they were, you knew that someone spent thousands and thousands of dollars on it. However, nowadays, they are seemingly everywhere. In fact, statistics show that over a million drones have been registered in the USA alone, with tons more existing in other parts of the world, as well.

While you and your friends might use them for making cool videos and taking photos that were never thought possible, these drones are more than just tools for our entertainment. Drones can help change the world in several different ways, a few of which we will look at throughout this article.

Environmental Uses

Drones can have several uses when it comes to tracking the natural environment in a number of important ways. First of all, drones could potentially help to improve weather tracking and forecasting. There is a ton of important data to be gathered during major storms, but they are simply too dangerous for people to venture into, which is where drones come in.

However, these aren’t your average drones that would be sent in to these missions, they would be drones like the Global Hawk and others, which are massive and have much larger ranges and better engineering.

In addition to the weather, drones can also help with the conservation of land and animals. See, currently, we use cameras to track the patterns, resting spots and behaviors of all different kinds of animals. Problem is, if these inquisitive animals see a camera, they will likely destroy it. However, if drones are flying above and capturing this data, animals won’t be able to destroy the technology. It is also more efficient to send drones than humans to go place hundreds of tiny cameras.

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Photogrammetry and 3D Mapping

Capturing aerial photos is one of the best things that drones can do, but instead of capturing cool travel photos like many of us do, professionals can use them to map and survey the land. Using photogrammetry, these drones can take and make measurements from the photos they take.

This makes it much more efficient to map and recover the exact positions of surface points, along with measuring distance. Using drones is much more affordable and practical than traditional methods. This 3D mapping technology can also measure the size of a land lot quickly and accuracy, and assist in construction and building too.

Humanitarian Relief

With natural disasters sadly on the rise all over the planet, humanitarian relief is more important than ever. Right now, there are thousands of individuals struggling to get by thanks to things like volcano eruptions, tropical storms, hurricanes and more. While they are getting some support, it is often quite slow and for many people, it is simply too late.

Drones can help make the delivery of necessary goods much easier and efficient than having to drive trucks or have several humans make the delivery trip. Also, drones would be able to provide more instant support as they could deliver goods to individuals potentially during the disaster, where it would be too dangerous to send a human. This would help alleviate the suffering and hopefully reduce the number of lives lost due to these devastating disaster.

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In conclusion, drones are much more than just an exciting toy that people can use to take great photos and make cool videos for their Instagram pages or Youtube videos. These devices can do so many things and can have many real-world applications that can potentially help millions of people all over the world.


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