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How to Use Facebook Custom Reaction Pack


Facebook reactions are a quick and easy way to express how you feel. with the launch of reactions, Facebook really brings the awesome feature on the social network. Consistent use of Reactions helps people easily recognize people reaction on your post and share. But Facebook didn’t bring any feature of custom reactions but you can easily achieve with Facebook custom reaction pack.

Step-by-Step Process to Use Facebook Custom Reaction Pack:-

Navigate to http://www.reactionpacks.com/ and click on the “Get the browser extension

Facebook Custom Reaction Pack

Now click on the “Add to Chrome” option and after adding the extensions,

Facebook Custom Reaction Pack

open http://www.reactionpacks.com/ in a new tab where Facebook must be open in the other tab and select a Pack and refresh your facebook.

How to Use Facebook Custom Reaction Pack

now you have a custom pack in your Facebook post. It’s not only visible to you it’s also visible to others too.

Video Tutorial:-

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