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The 6 Great Smartwatches For $200 Or Less ( Detailed Guide)


Smartwatches are a derivative of a smartphone. In essence, this means that whatever sophisticated applications your smartphone may have, a smartwatch may also have.   And both of them are high priced because of the features and the technology utility functions they exhibit. Many smartwatches, well, cost over $300 but we have featured our options for the less expensive and the presumed pocket-friendly price, specifically below $200.

Having a special smartwatch gets you to go for a choice that is worth. If you want to spend within the low-cost budget of under $200, you will have to compromise on great features or looks. Well, provided you have an interesting function that can keep you going and give you a desired satisfaction, we know that we are at par. Some may not have good styles, but because they offer the intended push notifications and great key features that make them desirable, it is still a raw deal and money is economically spent. $200 can get very impressive smartwatches to cling on. Let us look on the list of smartwatches below:

Great Smartwatches For $200 Or Less

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro ($167)

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is for the real occasion and gets sighted on best settings of the hybrid fitness band or smartwatch markets. It is a perfect option for any daily use. Because Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro focuses on fitness, it has distinct functions like offering water resistance for as long as 50m, Under Armour powered applications that will help you to track all your workouts and even help you to monitor your continuous heart rate. Anybody who is fond of a smartwatch and prefers a best show of expected features, this smartwatch may serve his interest.

In the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, it has a conspicuous music player with a download option of favorite Spotify playlists, the built-in GPS, and the other vital notifications. It gives you a confidence of the highest level when it comes to making calls or texting. This smartwatch also can support a third party application too, but can only be limited by the smartphone’s Samsung OS, which does omit the very popular applications like Google Maps. Generally, as a casual smartwatch, it is best priced for any gentleman.


  1. It has a good price
  2. Its iOS and Android function are compatible
  • It has a solid distance tracking


  1. It has a below-average battery life
  2. It is relatively expensive.

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LG Watch Urbane ($200)

The LG Watch Urbane is the most expensive smartwatch under our $200 budget categories of selections. However, it is super stylish and seemingly, a great bargain for the price. It gives you confidence having it on your wrist all the time. Its ordeal look for a casual occasions fits in well and can look well even on formal events.

The LG Watch Urbane smartwatch also avails more features that are compatible and enhanced by Android Wear. It also has a unique music streaming functionality supported by its internal memory, a continuous heart monitor for monitoring the heartbeats and an expansive fitness tracker which fits the interest of physical fitness. Installation of multiple applications can easily be done and you have higher chances of finding the applications that you need. Its notifications are extensive and quite visible, able to use the voice commands to send a text or even to check the scores on sports. You can also set alerts and location reminders – an indeed great feature for the times when you need to go for something at a strict time and location. Because you don’t have to stretch your pocket beyond $200, and you desire to exploit its great features, this becomes a great choice for you.


  1. It is of a classic design for casual occasions.
  2. It has sharp screen with a highly visual extent.


  • Compared to the other smartwatches, it is more expensive.
  • It is very bulky.
  • It has very stiff leather strap.
  • Its android wear still underwhelms despite several version updates.

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ASUS ZenWatch 2 ($140)


The ASUS ZenWatch 2 provides you with perfect features of fitness and lifestyle tools. Though its size is a bit chunky, its price is very fair to pack in for the precise amount. It is quite chunky even on its smaller version.

Its most impressive function is how it manages the calls. It allows you to make and receive calls right on your wrist and not just limited to sending notifications only as many smartwatches do – very great when your phone is in Bluetooth range, but cannot afford to receive the call, this smartwatch helps the situation.

More features to vest on while you have ASUS ZenWatch 2 smartwatch for preferred use our usual bunch or number of notifications it receives, the Android Wear support and a customization option for your smartwatch face.  In addition, it is waterproof also and can take 15 minutes with a 60% charge.


  • It has a superb design and builds quality. It is enticing.
  • It has an improved Android Wear implementation to nest on powerful and latest downloads.
  • Relatively, its price is quite affordable.


  1. It lacks the heart-rate monitor.
  2. It has limited compatibility with iPhone.

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Garmin Vivoactive ($159)

Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch is the most straight forward smartwatch that is crossed with fitness band – a good option. Although, it is most known to be the least attractive smartwatch in the smartwatch markets. That does not limit its features to be enjoyed. For instance, it has a very good battery life in its general pseudo-1980s style inspired design.

It focuses on fitness, and also offers all-the-time monitoring of the heart. It is indeed waterproof to the 50m extent. It has many built-in sports applications that cover almost every imaginable sports exercise.

It also has extensive notification support that includes emails, texts, social media alerts and most importantly, calls. It provides you with a chance to customize the face of your watch into your very delighting best.

It has a more powerful battery that can last up to 8 days when in watch tracking mode, and 13 hours when GPS is on use – makes it feel less burden of having to charge every time. It has the best battery life of all smartwatches.


  1. It is lightweight and of trendy design making it suitable for daily use.
  2. You can customize your tracker to contain certain applications of your choice.
  • It efficiently relays all notifications from your smartphone and helps you to stay in touch all the time.
  1. It can be worn in the shower because of its waterproof feature.
  2. The Garmin Connect app allows you to share about your fitness with like-minded people on the social media platforms.


  1. It is of a very low-resolution screen display, which in some way decreases its utility under low lighting conditions.
  2. It lacks a heart rate monitor or detector.

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Sony SmartWatch 3 SRW50 ($116)


The Sony SmartWatch 3 SRW50 is just splendidly pink in color – femininely associated and loved. It has a detachable wrist strap that can easily be changed.

This smartwatch offers you the best number of features including, a screen of high quality, a GPS tracker, an Android Wear support, and a 2 day battery life. In addition, and just like other smartwatches, it is water resistant. It has special notification features that can allow you to reply a text using a voice command, though, has no options to hold calls from it.


  1. It has built-in GPS that can track a location
  2. It runs on android version 5.0, the lollipop, which is an almost modern android version that supports many modern apps.
  3. It supports the Micro USB charging and debugging. This is a very important feature for use today.


  1. It has limited GPS-enabled application support
  2. Its GPS greatly drains the battery life.
  3. It is dull and so ordinary in its design make-up.

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Martian mVoice ($183)

Great Smartwatches For $200 Or Less

The Martian mVoice smartwatch is always overlooked because it does not have a household name, but it exhibit great features to encourage its widespread usage. This smartwatch has most extensive features compared to all other smartwatches. Some features include, its capacity or determination to look like a proper watch – it suits personalities with perfect aesthetic values. It is a kind of a traditional make-up suiting a traditional watch wearer. You wear it and you look wise – gives you a sharp figure.

It has a voice command support that will enable you to respond to calls from your wrist, text chat, create events on calendar, to check directions through GPS tracker or location tracker and to search internet with your hands free from any holding. It has efficient push notification and applications support available. It has alerts using customized vibrations which will let you know that you have a notification, even without taking a risk of looking.

The Martian mVoice smartwatch has the fantastic feature called Alexa support. Alexa helps you to control everything in your home that is connected to its features. On tapping a button on the smartwatch, you can command a lot of things in your home digitally. You can turn on lights, you can change the thermostat temperature, you can consult your To-Do list, and you can also check out an address.


  1. Using Alexas function, you can use your smartwatch as a remote to operate digital appliances.
  2. It gives you a smart figure. Makes you look wise on it.
  3. You can answer calls from your wrist and you can track directions.
  4. Notifications alert are made with distinct vibrations.


  1. It is overlooked because of its lack of a household name.

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