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How Instagram story feature can help you promote your brand


If your Instagram game is on point, there are endless benefits to leverage – right from reaching out to your prospects to driving them to the final stage of the sales funnel, you can create wonders with your creativity on Instagram. But, how do you do that? With the same old good posts with great content? Well, No – there’s a new cat in the town! Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories are up to 400 million users a day, and the average reach of Instagram stories is 7.2%, – if you think the number is small, well, you are wrong! Of late, stories have been performing better than the posts itself and they are great to get views on your Instagram profile.

So let’s help you dig on how to use this new feature added to the Insta family for your brand –

Make announcements

Every now and then, brands need to make a few announcements. It could be about the launch of new products and services, or new employees, or the opening of a new store! Also, sharing general updates like a picture of the company’s employee-of-the-month or just a random birthday wishes to one of your employees. With the help of tools like Canva, brands are making announcements in the most attractive ways.

Instagram stories are a blank canvas with a huge audience for you to post behind-the-scenes, which would generally not find a place in your main profile, but you would anyway want your ‘people’ to know about it. This imbibes a sense of belongingness to your audience and conveys the human side of your company. From factory scenes to pranks on employees! It could be anything.

Take a look at this example over here

Take Polls

When was the last time you filled a questionnaire? Or instead, let me ask when was the last time you wanted to fill a questionnaire? Today’s generation is all about quick decisions and instant answers. And well before Instagram got the interactive stickers, none of us knew it going to be so easy and fun. It not only introduces fun in your Instagram plan, but also facilitates market research, and customer feedback. The way you can design your polls is endless – you can look at it as an opportunity to make it highly productive to target your demographic, or just a window to have some fun. The onus lies on you.

Let them ask

We are all aware of that question box that pops up instigating you to drop the questions you have always wanted to ask the brand. What a great way to initiate customer interaction and feedback! Not only questions, but you can also ask for their opinion on certain things, say for instance the next event that you are holding or anything else. This will just drop the message in your audience’s mind that you care about their opinion!

Initiate Countdowns

If we are talking about Instagram stickers, how we can miss out on the countdown sticker. It is a recent addition to the Instagram story feature and a great way to promote competitions, contests, sales, and announcements. But moreover, it is the best way to promote product launches. As the name suggests, it is about adding a countdown to your Instagram stories. But here is the catch, users can set reminders to alert them when the countdown finally reaches 00:00, and Instagram instantly notifies the brand about the users who had set the reminder. So, it not only drives engagement but also digs the targets who are really interested!

Promote posts

Now, currently the mechanism Instagram is operating basically goes about how much engagement could gauge in a limited time. It means, the hurried you are with the great height on the engagement scale, the better it is. So, the best way to do so is to make your followers aware of your posts. People have been using Instagram stories for the same – in around this way, share the post on the story but cover it using thumbnails, forcing people to click your profile and view it. This trick has gauged great results, and you must try it out too.

In today’s world, the power of social media is unmatchable. But, now that we are parting ways, I will take leave with one final tip – Keep your Instagram stories short, stats show that they are viewed more than the longer ones. So is the scenario with videos. The shorter the better!


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