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How JD Edwars is Leading the Way For Autonomous Cars


Thanks to M2M communications (Machine-to-Machine communications), organizations don’t have to worry about the most common business issues anymore. M2M works in a way where sensors are embedded to gather data, such as geopositioning, temperature, vibration, and pressure.

This allows the company to have an idea of what’s currently happening within the organization, allowing them to make better decisions, come up with new profit streams, and best of all, reduce the overall cost.

With IoT technology, everything is connected to each other– people, machines, and processes. This increases the efficiency and productivity within the workplace.

For the past few years, Oracle JD Edwards has been helping companies facilitate, standardize, and maximize the ERP business processes in different areas of the business. This allows company owners to decide what’s right for the company without experiencing any issues at all, and be able to simplify the way M2M data is gathered and used.

Through this, business firms can now focus on what’s important, such as the value of their business assets, production, and supply sequence.

Update your data with M2M Input

Perhaps, the most significant and crucial update that you could render to your organization applications is to ensure that it’s accurate, timely, and useful. Although the IoT is used for different purposes, it’s very much preferred in healthcare, industrial automation, energy control, infrastructure management, environmental checking, and so much more.

With IoT enabled devices, it has become easier to process information without the risks of error often encountered in manual procedures. An ERP system that works for hand in hand with IoT solution would assure an organization that the data are timely and accurate– which would increase the overall value of the investment.

Turn Your Device Data into Real EnterpriseOne Transactions

With the help of JD Edwards, you’ll be able to deliver data into your ERP system without experiencing much problem at all. This has become possible with the help of the Orchestrator Studio that’s a web-based application specially made for creating orchestrations that supply instructions for the transmission of device data.

Basically, with IoT Orchestration, orchestrations are processed as inputs as it’s being received in real time. This turns the data into optimized operations, and clear analytics, which allows better regulatory agreement.

Turn Real-Time Insights Into Business Value

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IoT Orchestrator does everything to ensure that the data being collected are as accurate as possible. That’s why the input of information is prefiltered and figured to transactions. This positively affects now only analytics, but decision-making process as well. That means companies are now able to enjoy better results, and the following:

Customer Experience Would Dramatically Improve

When accurate and actual data are available, system safety, preventive maintenance, and remote diagnostics are all guaranteed.

Marketing of Business Processes

As manual data collection lessons, it also improves facilities supervision, security, safety, resource management, and upkeep. This also reduces the occurrence of collateral damage and also lessens downtime.

By being able to identify possible problems would allow the organization to perform the necessary precautionary measures to prevent it from getting worse. Also, instant awareness of trends is a great way to ensure that there will never be any forms of delay.

Intelligent Machines

As machines interact with each other, this contributes to a quicker, more comfortable, and more precise way of gathering data.

Increased Intelligence

Better awareness, advanced analytics, and real-time data are just some of the few things that can be enjoyed with the help of JD Edwards. Furthermore, the series of IoT with smart devices enable better collection of field data that can be spontaneously analyzed. This result in better business management, allowing the organization to remain competitive.

Ideal Architecture

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IoT offers a familiar modern platform to its users, allowing them to put new machine information to existing ones.

An Overall Improvement Can Be Enjoyed

Those who are already using the IoT Orchestrator can also combine it with one or more components of the Oracle Cloud IoT solution, like the device identity management, complex event processing, long-term and high volume data storage, as well as significant data analysis. With a JD Edwards IoT Platform, you’ll be able to access and view available orchestrations and other vital information that the organization can use.


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