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How To Improve Your Blog in 2018


Blogs do not need any formal introduction. They are an essential part of almost all online businesses. With the help of blogs you can keep your users engaged and the in this way this will boost your brand.

Also, you can enhance your visibility online with the help of blogs. According to recent survey websites that publish blogs on regular basis have 400% more indexed pages.

However, on the other hand, there are large numbers of blogs which are not properly optimized and therefore these blogs are not able to gain proper user attention that they might deserve.

There are dozens of popular blogs which are now getting millions of views every day. But sometimes it is very difficult for you to get 1000 views a day on your blog. Any beginner in the field of blogging will tell you how hard is to get 100 views all day on the new blog.

Most of the times we are about to published high quality and engaging content on our blog and we expect that this article will get a large number of shares and comments. But soon we learn the truth that it is not.

How to improve your blog in 2018?

Believe me or not, there are so many useful tricks and trips with the help of which you are able to get share and comment on your blog that it deserves. So here in this article, I am going to share with you few tricks and tips which will help you to improve your blog in 2018 for getting more traffic.

Content is everything

Do you know about life hack? It is one of the most trusted websites in the world because they have given the audience a lot of value.

How to improve your blog in 2018

When you are a beginner to blogging then a question that always comes to your mind is that why a visitor come on your blog to read your content while there are so many other websites available with the same content?

Because you have shared valuable content on your blog and you help your visitors in your unique way. Writing informative, valuable content is an essential part of blogging and this makes your blog so special.

So it is important for you to create such content that people want to share over there social media profiles. Sharing is one of the most important factors in 2017 and of course, this will also an important factor in 2018. When people will share your content then it can be very easy for you to rank higher in the search engines.

For example, a blog has more than 1K shares then you will trust more on this blog content and also you will take its content more seriously. One thing you need to keep in mind is that people always share such content that helped them in some way.

Share your personal experience for the purpose of helping your visitors. Try to write in-depth articles on such subject that your audience is looking for. For this purpose, you can use Pinterest to find out what people are searching for.

The Yoast SEO plugin helps you write awesome copy. It does that by providing content analysis checks. One of these checks is to write at least 300 words per page or posts.

If your score is too high, you’re probably stuffing your keyword into your copy, giving it an unnatural feel. So make sure at least these bullets are green.

How To Improve Your Blog in 2018


Be consistent because in blogging consistency is everything. There are lots of bloggers who update their blog on regular basis and also there are some other bloggers who don’t update their blog once a month. So it is very important for you to be consistent. Do not write a 10 or 20 blog post a day and after all nothing in a month or in a year.

So for this purpose, I really recommend you to make a proper schedule in which you update your blog.

If you are a writer and you’re sharing valuable information, and unique content on your blog then keep writing. If one of your readers is inspired by your content then keep writing because after sometime lots of your readers will also inspire from your content.

How To Improve Your Blog in 2018

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Schedule social media

If you hate social media or you love it, but it is one of the most valuable marketing tools. So it is very important for you to use social media for your blog promotion.

First of all, it is very important for you to find out which social media platforms your audience is using then you need to establish your preference there.

Stay relaxed because you do not need to stay active on all the social media platforms. Focus on a social media platform that works for you as well as for your brand.

Now you need to create content for your chosen social media platforms. For an example, video content is very popular on Facebook and a huge number of people love to watch it. This means that you have to create a video and start sharing it on Facebook if you target audience is on Facebook.

There are lots of scheduling tools available which will help you to schedule your post on certain date and time. So in this way you can share content with your target audience when they are available on social media.

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Improve your landing page

Lead generation strategy is Important for you if you want to build a relationship with your visitors and if you want to convert your new visitors into your subscribers.

For this purpose, landing pages are one of the best options for you. For the purpose of grabbing the user attention a good landing page in is a lot of aspects or futures.

This includes description, headline, images and much more. Always try to create such landing page for your website which is engaging and attractive and it is able to compel your visitors to browse your website.

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Forum marketing

Almost every beginner struggle to find the platforms on which is target audience is available. Forum marketing is one of the best solutions which is extremely valuable, and in this way it allows you to engage in user conservation and you can answer their questions and also you can link your blog content whenever it is needed. By using the forum you can build a relationship with your target audience.

Forums are available for almost niche or topic from where you can engage in. for example, you are sharing blogging related guides on your blog then there are a lot of blogging forums where you can register and share your opinions with the link of your blog.

Hope my article “How to improve your blog in 2018” helps you to learn to improve your blog in 2018. if you have any query, feel free to comment.


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