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A few steps that Indian government could take to make e-learning accessible and affordable


With the help of the eLearning process, the learning content is made available on various electronic gadgets. These are available for easy access at any point of time and much easy to use compared to any scheduled class. Some eLearning content is also available in the form of videos that can be saved and can be accessed for further use.

In addition to this, interactive activities can also be undertaken with the help of the eLearning procedure. With the advancement of technology, it has been made possible for the young aspirants and the students to make use of the eLearning process and get the desired information just by clicking on the same. With the aspirants are just a click away to get the desired information, it should be the initiative of the government to make the facility available both to the urban and the rural mass.

It would be of utmost importance for the rural people to prepare themselves for various competitive examinations such as UPSC, IAS and others. In addition to this, they can also take help from eLearning for several self-development programs. But the primary requirement for the same is the easy accessibility of internet connection. Thus, the government should take the initiative for the reachability of eLearning facility to the rural mass as well.

Accessible methods of learning

When it comes to availing the latest methods of learning, it should be made accessible and affordable both to the rural and the urban people. The initiative of the ease of use should take from the government itself that would help more people to access its benefits and move toward a better life. Being technologically advanced is not the end of the story, instead the use of technology and the benefits of eLearning should be made available to the mass. ELearning has helped both the teachers and the students to get engaged to latest method of learning that help to students to grasp a better idea about the topic that they intend to learn.

How are students helped while preparing for examinations?

With then right implement of the eLearning methods, the students would be able to prepare for competitive exams such as UPSC and others easily. With the help of the eLearning process, the students would also be able to access different study materials and prepare effectively for any competitive examinations on theirs. They will not require the help of any tutorials when learning with the help of eLearning procedure. It also becomes affordable for the rural people to have access to the study materials easily who may not have sufficient money to attend the coaching classes required to crack any competitive examinations.

But in the case of certain rural regions, the students are still not able to access the internet and use eLearning procedure. In such cases, the government has to meet the needs of the rural mass. For the rural people it may not be possible to have enough number of skilled teachers. But the government can definitely make the eLearning process easily available for the people at an affordable rate. In this regard, several schemes have been launched by the government that promises to provide free Wi-Fi connection to the rural mass. The free Wi-Fi zone would make it possible for the rural people to avail the benefits of eLearning. They can also implement the same when they are preparing for several examinations such as IAS, banking sector exams, UPSC online and others.

How can the government help village schools?

For other arrangements, the village schools should be helped by the government throughout the region such that the school can make arrangements for the digital classroom. They may not be able to get the whole setup that might be available in any urban school. But with the government aid, big screen and certain other facilities can be availed for the betterment of the students. This way it would be easier for the teachers to make the benefits of eLearning to the students and have easy access to the content of the internet and the method of studying much easier than before.

Government aids in urban areas

Since eLearning makes the learning process much easier, the government should take immediate step to provide free access of internet and other facilities that are required to set up eLearning process in the schools for a better future of the students. The educational quality can be improved greatly with the help of this process. Therefore, the government should make ways to sanction grants both to the urban and rural schools that would help both teachers and students to have easy access to the eLearning methods of learning. Even in the areas, where there is not enough teaching staff to support the students and help them in their studies, the benefits of eLearning would definitely help them. Even if the government is not able to provide free internet connection to avail the benefits of eLearning, they should make ways such that people can access to the internet connection at an affordable rate.


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