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Instagram lead generation: 6 tips to boost your ROI


Instagram is the most prominent social media platform that has millions of users all over the world. According to the statistics, more than 200 million people go and visit at least one business profile per day on Instagram. Moreover, 60% of the people find new products on Instagram and buy those products from the Instagram business page.

Therefore, Instagram is the only social media platform that helps e-commerce websites to increase their reach to the people in very less time. There are various industries such as fashion, beauty and travel that have been grown at a massive scale over a small period. Hence, few things need to be kept in mind while aiming for generating higher leads through your business Instagram page. Here are the top 10 tips that can help you in lead generation. Have a look:

  • Instagram lead generation Ads: the key

Instagram provides its users with access to Instagram lead generation ads. The only pre-requisites that you need to fulfill for the purpose is to create an Instagram and Facebook page of your business. Following that, you need to go to the ads manager for the creation of your Ad. Set your marketing objective is lead generation, and by naming your campaign, you can give a kick start to your page. On the other hand, Facebook also lets you access this same highlight, and you can add filters to your campaign over the platform. . Organic likes also play key role in gathering more audience. To gain more genuine likes, you can refer to Poprey which will help you generate more leads.

  • Take help of Facebook look alike audience

Facebook lookalike audience feature is beneficial for the business, which is new but has some existing followers or audience already. This Facebook feature filters out the potential audience that you can target for your product. There are various parameters on which it segregates your targeted audience. Some of those parameters are:

  • Makes a custom group of people who have visited your Instagram profile.
  • Individuals that visited your profile and the people who connect with your content and posts
  • which in any way made an impression on your page either by making a like, comment or share
  • Who have saved any post or product details through your Instagram profile?
  • This helps you to target those audiences who are interested and spent time on your page.


  • Bio optimization is important!

Instagram has a lot of enhanced and amazing features that you can use to generate leads. However, there is one significant downside of Instagram that it doesn’t have the option of including clickable links in the post. The only clickable link that you can add in your page is in the bio section. Therefore, an incredible and upgraded Instagram bio plays a vital role in lead generation as the ASOS feature empowers the business objective to share client produced content with hashtags as seen on me to get included on Instagram feed. An optimized bio comprises three major components, i.e. profile image, content and link.

  • Connect with your audience

The most significant thing for any business to get prosperous is by understanding the customers’ needs and deliver the product to satisfy their needs. Also, if a customer is not satisfied with your product or service, then by addressing it carefully and resolving their problem should be the motive. Engagement with the audience is the key to make loyal customers. One can do this by responding to its follower’s reactions and messages. If you give your customers your precious time and attention, then no one can stop you from gaining their loyalty in the long run. You can do this by replying with an emoticon or a funny comment. You can also share the related products with your customer so that your brand can be accessed by them easily and they refer to their friends.

  • Go live

Instagram has the highlight of going Insta lives that can be helpful for the business making a personal connection with their audience. When you go live, a notification pop up on your follower’s screen and they can connect with you in real-time. Moreover, they can ask their queries and get its solution instantly. You can also make the meeting more interesting by asking for a request from your audience and completing those demands for them. It will help you in generating more leads.


  • Making a posting plan is necessary

Proper schedule as to when you are posting your content and duration in which you are doing it is essential for increasing leads. One post per day, 5 to 10 Instagram stories in a day is suggested to a beginner so that it can reach its customer’s eyes and they remember you for a long time. Creating awareness of your brand by posting the content at appropriate intervals is utmost important.



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