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Seven interesting videos games of 2017



Seven interesting videos games of 2017

A video game is an electronic game in which a player controls the graphic images that make up the game. They use gaming controllers that are interfaced with display screens. These devices can be PCs, mobile, television or any other display. In playing video games, a player manipulates the graphic images on display in order to beat the challenge and win the game. 2017 has been a great year for the video game industry. This is because many games have been released while others are yet to be released. There are a number of interesting games released this year that has really caught my eye, top of the list being Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

1. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Seven interesting videos games of 2017

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a product of Ubisoft. It involves two totally different worlds of the hyperactive Rabbids and Mario collides. The Rabbids are being dropped all over the mushroom kingdom. And it’s up to Mario and his friends to fight off the Rabbids who have invaded their kingdom and send them home. The interesting bit of this game is how the humor brought about by the Rabbids and the challenge of eliminating them are intertwined.

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2. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is yet another very interesting video game of 2017. It was developed by Tango Gameworks. This is a survival horror video game. It involves a detective given a chance to save his daughters. He goes through a lot of challenges and horrifying threats. He has to fight to survive in order to save his daughter. This game is super thrilling and mind-blowing.

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3. Cuphead

Seven interesting videos games of 2017

Another amazing game is Cuphead which was developed by StudioMDHR. It is an action game inspired by cartoons. Cuphead has to learn new moves, get new weapons and discover hidden secrets to pay back his debt to the devil. It is the player’s duty to enable Cuphead fulfill his mission.

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4. Gravity Rush 2

Fourthly, Gravity Rush 2 a super cool game developed by the Japan Studios. It is so interesting how through this game a player gets to control the gravity for the sake of protecting Kat. Kat strives to survive through attacks. It gets adventurous when she tries to explore her world and uncover her past.

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5. Yakuza O

Yakuza O developed by Sega is a perfect game for those who like adventure and action. In this game, the player gets to switch through three differ. The game is about having fun with beautiful women, getting rich and fighting. The game tries to show that getting rich is so easy as long as you got the skills.

6. Nioh

Nioh developed by Koei Tecmo Games is an epic game that sees the use of rosemary weapon and magic. It is a Samurai inspired fantasy. The game is played across a series of missions that are accessed from a map. This game has a reputation for being very hard. However, that’s the amazing part since you get to challenge your mind and get more creative while at it.

7. Stories Untold

Seven interesting videos games of 2017


A story untold developed by No Code is a spectacular video game that has four episodes. The house abandons the lab conduct, the station process, and the last session. It’s so interesting how each episode has a different story and twist. I can simply describe this video game as a fascinating interactive visual storytelling. That’s what makes Stories Untold unique.

Video games are a way of entertaining oneself. Some people earn a living from creating video games. Others earn through creating a platform in which the games are played. Video games are viewed by many as time wasters. But, scientists and psychologists say that playing video games is exercising the brain. They force you to think hence making you smarter. For that reason, I would encourage everybody to get the video games I have recommended. They interesting and have a shot at them.

Hope my article “Seven interesting videos games of 2017” helps you to identify interesting videos games of 2017. If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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