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Main Features of the Best Google Keyword Rank Checker – SpySERP.Com


No matter you are an experienced web-designer or amateur content writer, you can’t but should consider the use of keywords. If you ignore this core element of SEO optimization, the relevance of your website is out of the question. Every keyword is a link that connects the content you provide with the users’ need.

Everybody wants to get top positions in the search engine results pages or SERPs in short. It’s important to check how competitive your resource is. You can use special tools to do this. One of the best google keyword rank checker is SpySERP.com. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. Even if you understand nothing in website ranking, you can still use the options of the service. How can it help you to make your website more effective? Is it possible to increase the involvement of the target audience? The only possible clear-cut answer is – yes. The website keyword checker and tracker are the first tools to use when it comes to SEO optimization.

It’s a big mistake to believe that it’s enough just to find your target keywords. There is a wide assortment of tools you need. It includes the following:

  • Keyword competition checker;
  • Related keyword finder;
  • Keyword research tool;
  • Keyword density checker.

It isn’t the full list. There are both free and paid variants available.  In order to make your website appear on the first SERP, you should conduct profound research. You can’t find a better Google keyword ranking tool but SpySERP.com.

Why It’s Worth Using the Service

One of the main reasons why the very this tool is everything you need is its universality. It’s a perfect solution for sites of any type. No matter you possess a personal blog or the site of the online store, the tool is effective. It’s perfect for researching PageRank and analysis.

You can use the service for both long-tail and short-tail keywords. It’s even possible to rank single keywords and pick up the most appropriate ones for your content. It’s not an easy task while such words have tough competition.

Creating competitive content is not only about filling your texts with keywords and target phrases. It’s about creating high-quality writing and the usefulness of the text. With the help of our tool, you can monitor the sites of your competitors. You can research how others use keywords and insert them in the text.

The website allows choosing the search engine you need to track. It’s also possible to get the detailed indication about the definite region. If your target group is the residents of the UK, you have only to choose corresponding settings. The tool allows getting the needed information daily or once per week, month, or year as you like.

The keyword tracking tool can also help to find additional keyword ideas. It’s necessary in order not to lose your position and relevance.

The detailed report you get is full of useful information about rankings, tracking, and monitoring. The reasonable prices make the tool affordable for everyone. No matter how large your business is, it benefits from using the tool.


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