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How to make most out of social media marketing for your business


The concept of “social media marketing” is all what you’ve heard this year. Through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you can also make your business reach to millions, if not billions, of people and keep them engaged with your brand. Social media can help you to keep your brand top of mind and filter your potential buyers.

#1. Focus on one – instead of many

It is important to choose one social platform and stick to it. Choose the one that can represent your brand the best. For instance, if you make beautifully crafted jewelry, Instagram will be the right platform for you to get maximum engagement. If you’re a huge enterprise company, LinkedIn will be your top preference. It takes time to understand on which platform you’ll find the right people and what kinds of topics play well.

#2. Be persistent

Persistence is the key behind the success. Notice when your post can reach to maximum audience. Post often and remain active. The more often you post the more your posts are going to show up in the newsfeeds. Some social media platform favors the accounts that are regularly active. Platforms like Facebook, even allows posts to be scheduled for them to be posted automatically later.

#3. Don’t waste time on content with no value

One thing is for sure that you cannot get a lot of attention on a dead end post. People like to read content they can actually relate to. Your designing team should create a content that conveys the message “Hey, we are here to help you with anything that’s linked to this content”. This way you can build a loyal relationship with the audience and gain their trust. Also we can use psychology and out of the box thinking to create the content. For instance, psychology of colors can play a huge part in the making of an image or video.

#4. Study your platform

Every platform has its unique feature. Spend your time to learn how to play on each social media network. For example, images are the most important aspect of Instagram. In fact their “Story” feature is really popular among people. It is where color scheme and aesthetics come in handy. Whereas on Twitter your words can have an impact. If you use your words in the right manner, who knows they can even become a huge trend. When it comes to Facebook, nothing can be as top notch as this social platform. Business pages, Live events, Live video feature, post scheduling, video posting and a lot of other things to play with.

#5. When all else fails – it’s time to take out your bag of dimes!

Paid advertisement on social networks can help you reach the right audience with just little sum of money. All you need to do is to make sure that the content you would want to promote is worth it and is of high quality. It can divert the traffic to your profile, increasing the engagement rate. However, most of the time it’s not wise to do this on your own – rather invest more money and have a professional do it once and the right away, we recommend social media agency Bahrain for this.


Finally, don’t consider this as a way to just blab about your business to everyone. As I mentioned above that you need to come up with stunning designs, quality content, right choice of platform and brilliant strategy if you want your business to take full advantage of this platform.


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