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Maksym Krippa expert opinion: How to buy cryptocurrency and how to sell cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency has significant intrinsic value as self-frictionless payment network which is available to many people globally. It is a technology which permits an individual to send any amounts of money to any other individually globally at virtual no costs at a comfort of a computer or phone.

Being an independent trader and writer who is passionate about the financial markets and the movements of those markets Maxim Krippa decided to share his thoughts on how to buy and sell such kind of money. Maxim also direct a private equity funds cryptocurrency trading system. He has a passion and talent for teaching, writing and providing detailed work.

Maksym Krippa about cryptocurrency

So Maksym Krippa contends that cryptocurrency can do no wrong. It is a “form” of money that is free of any central bank regulations. And it’s mining remains the only ways to inject the new currency into the marketplace. The prices are done by miners who employ great software to handle mathematics issues in exchange for currency. The process of mining such funds causes issues. For instance, it makes the miner hoard the currency the moment they receive it.

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It is known, cryptocurrency is the unregulated currency that is not supported by any government globally. It is also not taxed at any level. Many efforts have been made to regulate and centralized it, but the government has failed to do so. As Maksim Krippa thinks to have lasting power, cryptocurrencies should be regulated. It is believed that the supply mechanism of them is flawed. It is supply does not surge rate to the growth of its use thus prompting deflationary effect. The move will make the Cryptocurrency miners to hoard it instead of spending.

So cryptocurrency is not a legitimate form of currency. The currency cannot be a mainstream method of payment unless it gains widespread acceptance and also gains price stability. However, according to Maksym Krippa, from an investment perspective, Cryptocurrency has got an uncertain future and due to inadequate fundamental metrics, will render it mere speculation. The key issue which faces these funds in the global context is an inefficient flow of funds, lack of market makers and minimal market exchange. While this methods of payment are cheaper and safer, few merchants accept to receive payments globally thus making the usefulness, acceptance, and price to below.

Maksym Krippa sell cryptocurrency. Advices from professional trader.
The cheapest and easiest way to sell Cryptocurrency globally is via Cryptocurrency exchange website (CEW). If there is not any form of wallet, it is very advisable to establish an account with trusted sites and make a transfer of coins to that site to sell. The CEW holds money which the seller will be getting thus it will get rid of all the scammers. These sites employ special certificates, and SSL encryption is required in order to get transactions much secured.

On the other hand, Maxim Krippa said that online forums and communities can also be potential buyers of the e-currency. Within online platforms exist mining enthusiasts who are always ready and willing to purchase coin in order to add to their databases. In this regards, the best thing to do is to create a thread about the need to sell coins. It is also advisable to mention the amounts of e-money present, the price to sell them and the method ones need for payment.

The critical buyers will respond, and a comprehensive discourse is done on trade details. It is recommendable to find a better price. However, the variable will rely on the fact that the seller is obliged for all transactions. It means that there is no any guarantee that the money will be sent. In this concern, it is advisable to trade with people who have many references. Such trader will them build trust, and upon having any other deals, it will be easier to communicate and to send money.

Another crucial method which Cryptocurrency can be sold is through friends who are interested in it. According to Maksym Krippa the best thing to do here is to find out the number of e-currencies present in a database available to be sold and decide the best prices and the way in which that friend will pay. However, coins will be sent to the unique wallet of that specific of a friend, and within one hour, these funds will be available in his or her wallet.

Maksym Krippa: how to buy without any risks

One of the best and easy methods of buying Cryptocurrency is through Coinbase. Coinbase supports Litecoin, cash, and Ether. This application can be downloaded, and the account is created. From here, the buyer will add his or her methods of payments and chose the type of cryptocurrency he wants to purchase. Coinbase is cheap and secure.

However, Coinmama forms the best method to buy e-currency. It allows the customer from any country globally to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. It is the safest site which is trusted. However, it will enable the buyer to utilize credit card as the payment methods. Also, it accepts every local currency.

Also Maksim Krippa points out Bitstamp, the oldest site where Cryptocurrency can be purchased. It allows the buyer to buy more different e-currencies as compared to Coinbase. However, Bitstamps allows bank transfers and credit cards. As compared to Coinmama and Coinbase, Bitstamps are efficient to use.

Finally, CEX.io is also another method which secures and simple to use. This site is similarly a trading exchange thus the buyer can purchase and trade with the company. Consequently, CEX.io allows USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB currencies. Maxim Krippa said that cryptocurrency ATM is becoming popular daily, and they form the best ways to buy it. Cash is deposited in such ATM when one wants to buy e-money.

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