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Never lose contacts in Windows 10


Never lose contacts in Windows 10

I received one email from my one regular reader about Contacts issue in Windows 10, below is email subject raised by him:-

“I recently bought a new PC and was impressed that the info in my mail folders automatically transferred from my old Windows 10 PC when I logged in. However, it didn’t transfer my list of contacts. After several hours of wasted effort,I eventually did this
manually, one contact at a time. So imagine my horror when the new PC had a problem, which is fixed, but in the process wiped all my contacts. I have now manually restored them again. How do I back them up?”

Never lose contacts in Windows 10

A Contacts are best stored online in Outlook People. Go to outlook.live.com in a browser, click the menu button in the top-left corner to show all the tiles and click People.

It can also be accessed from Outlook.com email by clicking the people icon at the bottom of the sidebar.

Outlook People’s tools can add and delete contacts, tidy up contacts, connect to social networks, view contacts by social network and more.

The Manage menu lets you export and import contacts. Use ‘Export contacts’ to download a copy of your contacts to a PC or to restore contacts from a file on your hard drive.

All your Microsoft services and software use this contacts database, including the Mail and People apps on your PC.

Press Windows+i to open the Settings app, then click Privacy and Contacts. Make sure that the switch to allow apps to access your contacts is turned on, and ‘Email and accounts’ is also set to On. Select Email in the sidebar and set People to On.

The Mail and People apps will now sync your contacts and you won’t lose them because they’re stored online.

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