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Creating Online Polls Using AidaForm Online Form Builder


Polls can be very useful, provided they are well-structured. Although a poll is really just a single multiple-choice question, if you ask the right question you could obtain really invaluable insights into your target market.

To make sure the polls that you create are effective, you will want to be able to customize and purpose-build them according to your goal. That is where AidaForm Online Form Builder can help.

How to Create an Online Poll

Before you begin you should decide on the question that you want to ask, and the type of responses that will be listed as answers. The good news is that AidaForm caters to many different types of questions and answers, including multiple-choice questions, radio buttons, Likert scales, ratings blocks, and more.

In any case once you have a firm idea of the form that your online poll will take, you can start to create it. To do that you just need to register for a free account on AidaForm’s website, log in, and click the ‘Create a Form’ button.

Typically you should select a blank template for your poll seeing as you won’t need most of the fields in the basic templates that are available. In the Form Editor you can then select the type of field that you want to use for your poll question, and drag it into the form.

All that you really need to do then is enter the question and answers that you want to include in your poll. The rest will be taken care of automatically by AidaForm, and it will even make sure the element’s design is responsive.

To customize the appearance of your poll, you can use the Form Designer to apply a theme to it. If none of the themes are a good fit, just choose the closest one and then edit the fonts or colors that it uses.

If and when you’re satisfied, you can click on the ‘Publish’ button to export the poll embed code, or as a direct link. While the embed code is a great way to publish a poll on your website, the direct link is often a better option as it will let you share your poll on social media and via email so that you can get more responses.

That covers practically everything you need to know about using AidaForm as an online poll maker. All that remains after that is to keep tabs on the responses, view them individually in the web interface, and analyze the data using the visualizations that are present there.

Assuming you chose a good question, you should be able to gain some valuable information from your polls about your target market and their preferences, issues, or tastes. The tools in AidaForm will help facilitate that, and make sure that your poll is able to live up to its potential.

So what are you waiting for? All you should do now is take AidaForm out for a spin and try its features out for yourself.


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