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Protect your privacy using DuckDuckGo App

If you value your online privacy, you’re probably already aware of DuckDuckGo, the alternative search engine that pledges not to track you as you search the web.

Well, now you’ve got even more control because DuckDuckGo has extended its promise to protect you “beyond the search box to wherever the internet takes you”, with its freshly updated browser app.

The app includes built-in tracker blocking, which exposes hidden tracker networks and protects you from any that it finds–basically, it lets you track the trackers. Whenever
you visit a website, you can view the site’s Privacy Grade rating (A-F), allowing you to see exactly how protected you are, which trackers have been blocked and more.

Protect your privacy using DuckDuckGo App

It’s revealing (and worrying) that there aren’t many sites that get an ‘A’ rating.

Protect your privacy using DuckDuckGo App

DuckDuckGo’s new browser app also ensures you’re using the safest encrypted connection possible while you’re browsing sites, routing you to the HTTPS version of a web page, even if a secure connection is not the site’s default.

Protect your privacy using DuckDuckGo App

On top of all that, the browser app integrates DuckDuckGo’s private search tool, so your web searches won’t be tracked, either.

There are, of course, other ways to get these kinds of features, but most involve using
a combination of privacy tools rather than a single app.

As well as the mobile app, DuckDuckGo has released a new Privacy Essentials browser extension that effectively adds the same privacy features to your Desktop browser of choice ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/duckduckgo-for-firefox/ for Firefox; for Chrome).

Compared to other browsers, the app is pretty basic: you can add bookmarks, but the only other setting is to toggle Autocomplete Suggestions on or off. That said, DuckDuckGo is fast, simple and, above all, private. You’d be quackers not to try it!

Protect your privacy using DuckDuckGo

  1. Tap the Privacy Grade icon (a letter in a grey circle next to the address bar) to reveal more information about how trustworthy a site is. The padlock icon 1 shows whether the connection is encrypted or not. Press Network Tracker Blocked 2 to see which advertisers the app has caught tracking you. Tap ‘Enhanced from…’ 3 (if shown) to view more information about how DuckDuckGo improved the privacy rating of your connection.

Protect your privacy using DuckDuckGo App

  1. To keep things simple, The DuckDuckGo mobile browser doesn’t have many settings. But if you want to clear your browser history, just tap the Fire button 1 (it’s at the top of the screen in Android; bottom of the screen in iOS), then tap Clear All Data 2 (Android)
    or ‘Clear All Tabs and Data’ (iOS). In both cases, this will erase your tabs and clear
    your browsing history in an instant.

Protect your privacy using DuckDuckGo App

3.If you’re using DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser on iOS, you get a few more options when you tap the Menu button 1 than in Android. From the pop-up list, 2 you can choose to open a new tab, add a site to the browser’s whitelist or share a web page via email,
messaging app or other means. Android doesn’t have these features yet but we assume they’ll be added in an update.

Protect your privacy using DuckDuckGo App

We recommend you to check out “Online Privacy: How To Remain Anonymous & Protect Yourself While Enjoying A Private Digital Life On The Internet” to understand Online Privacy in more depth.

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