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Razer Blade – The Best Combination of Style and Performance


When it comes to gaming laptops, not a lot of brands do it better than Razer. They’ve been the staple for a quality in the gaming world for a while now, and all it takes is one look at 2019’s Razer Blade gaming laptop to see why. It has all the high-performance components we’ve come to expect from Razer, all put together in a sleek and stylish case.

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The laptop comes with a very high price tag, so it may not be the ideal model for gamers on a budget, but in this article, we will look at the features and details that make it worth the price.


The first thing you’ll notice on this Razer model is the screen. It measures 15.6 inches, which isn’t exactly huge, but is a proper size for both gaming and work. So, you won’t have to go out and buy an external monitor as the laptop comes with a fairly large display. When it comes to display quality there’s no need to worry either, which we will explain later.

The laptop comes in a black aluminium casing. This gives it an ultra-sleek look, which is a great change from the bulkier gaming laptops released by other companies. In fact, it only measures around 0.70 inches in width, which allows it to comfortably fit in almost any bag, though for extra protection it’s always recommended to have a proper bag for your laptop. On top of the screen is the webcam, which is placed in a very familiar place, so there’s nothing new to get used to, however the webcam can only record in 720p, so streamers may want to get an external camera for this model.

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Overall, this laptop has a very sleek and modern look. The aluminium case gives it a very cool feel, and the black colour allows the Razer logo to really stand out. Design-wise, Razer kept it very simple, ergonomic, and straight to the point. This unassuming look may deceive some people, as under the hood, this laptop is a true workhorse. We will explain more below.


Great performance is something Razer almost never fails to deliver, and this laptop is no exception. The Razer Blade base model will be able to handle about anything you throw at it. It comes with a 2.2Ghz Intel Core i7-8750H. For those who aren’t that versed with processors, rest assured that this is one of the fastest processors in the game right now. So, whether it be the newest games with ultra-high minimum requirements, or heavy editing and developing software, this processor will be able to handle it. It also comes with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080, which is also a top-of-the-line graphics card.

When it comes to memory, it has 16GB of RAM, which is paired with 512GB of SSD storage. This allows the laptop to operate at incredible speeds. So, whether you’re a gamer, software developer, or even a video editor, this laptop will be able to cover almost all your needs.


It was stated earlier that the laptop comes with a 15.6” display. This isn’t the largest screen out there, but it’s large enough for you to not need an external monitor. When buying a Razer Blade, you have the option of shelling out a little more money to get the OLED display, which has more vibrant colours and deeper blacks. For those of you who appreciate detailed colours in your game, or for those who need accurate colour display for photo and video editing or even animation would probably find more use for the laptop if it had the OLED display.

For those who don’t exactly need or want that, it also comes with the option of having a 240Hz Full-HD display, which is great and will surely give you a vibrant experience. Regardless of what kind of display you get with the laptop, it will always have an FHD matte screen, which does a great job at almost eliminating glare entirely, and assuring you that the highest quality will always be displayed, no matter what the lighting conditions are.

Once you understand what’s under the hood of this laptop and see the possibilities one has when using it, you’ll see why it demands such a high price. Despite the steep price tag though, you actually get great value when getting this model, as it comes with great components, and the high build qualtity that has become expected of Razer at this point. For the hardcore gamers, developers, editors, or tech-savvy people out there looking for a new laptop, the Razer Blade is by far one of the best combinations of style and performance in the market today and definitely deserves to be on your list of considerations.


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