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SEO reseller programs give a shot in the arm to SEO agencies and SEO professionals


As more and more businesses are taking the online route, the demand for SEO is soaring. Search engine optimization has become the buzzword because it forms the backbone of online marketing. SEO marked the beginning of digital marketing that gradually added new marketing techniques like PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, content marketing, etc. However, SEO remains the mainstay for other online marketing forms that have drawn heavily from the SEO features and functionalities.

Perhaps, had SEO not been in place it is doubtful how much it would be possible for the other marketing techniques to emerge.  The advent of SEO has thrown open new career options as we have witnessed the emergence of SEO professionals who are the high priests of SEO marketing.

While SEO professionals are qualified and experienced in dealing with everything related to SEO, to offer full-fledged and varied services to clients, it requires something more that individuals or agencies are unable to provide.

This has led to the popularity of SEO reseller service which is a new concept to many that are breaking grounds very fast.  When any SEO professional or agency chooses to become a reseller, it opens a whole new world before them that enhances the career of individuals and boosts the business prospects of digital marketing agencies.

  • SEO reselling is not a new concept

Every industry creates its own language, and the SEO industry has also contributed to creating new terminologies like SEO reselling. On hearing it for the first time, it appears to be a new concept, but when you take a closer look, you will discover that the arrangement of delivering service has for long been in place in the name of outsourcing. Many industry segments rely on outsourcing that helps them to gain access to non-core areas in delivering products or services. Instead of manufacturing products or creating services by themselves, they deploy external resources for doing it on their behalf.  The name of the primary manufacturer remains concealed as the company that procures the services label it as their own. The process is better known as white label services.

There are a lot of similarities between SEO reselling and outsourcing. Therefore it will not be right to claim that SEO reselling is a new concept. Rather it is repacking of an existing concept to suit the needs of SEO.

Reselling gives Quick access to SEO expertise

To excel in any industry, you must be in tune with the best practices, and it is no different for SEO. While industry best practices tend to develop gradually, SEO is evolving so fast that the best practices keep changing frequently. This is a real challenge for both SEO experts and agencies who must be on their toes to keep track of Google’s movements that impact SEO implementation. It can be very stressful to align with the ever-changing ways of Google that keeps refining the search algorithms and related processes for providing the best experience to users.  With changes in SEO, the tools and techniques of SEO implementation also keep changing that SEO professionals must be familiar with and this makes things more difficult.

Instead of toiling hard to cope with the SEO advancements, it is easy for SEO professionals and digital marketing agencies to gain quick access to SEO expertise by becoming an SEO reseller. It is like selling the service package that someone else has prepared, and you can use it for serving your clients to help them achieve their SEO goals.

SEO Competency is now within your reach

Even if you do not have the competency in providing SEO service to your clients, you can very well assure them that you should be able to fulfill their expectations by depending on the strength of the white label SEO company that agrees to accept you as a reseller of their services. By tying up with a company that specializes in SEO services, you get full access to the entire range of their services that you can offer to your clients by acting like a middleman. All that you have to do is choose the right company that is ready to collaborate with you for satisfying your clients in the way you want. The arrangement helps to position yourself as a dependable SEO service provider despite neither having the expertise nor the infrastructure necessary for delivering the services.

SEO Resellers offer scalable results

SEO is highly process driven, and established resellers create their own SOPs to create content, identify link building opportunities and leveraging editorial relationships. This empowers resellers that enable them to offer scalable results meaning they can meet any high target set by clients. While assuring results is important it is even more important to provide scalable results. For example, an SEO professional might be able to acquire 20 links for your client but what happens if your client insists that they need 100 links? This is where resellers can outscore others because by accessing their deep resources, they can easily meet the target. The flexibility of SEO resellers makes their services unique because they are the ones who can become horses for courses in fulfilling client demands.

On-demand services

Looking from the client’s perspective, appointing an SEO reseller is very attractive because clients have the liberty of demanding service that the reseller is obliged to deliver without asking for additional payment. SEO resellers operate by following an on-demand model that enables them to meet the expectations of clients without any capping.

The opportunities of expanding the business are immense for SEO agencies that work as resellers because they can cater to any additional requirements of clients with ease. Suppose your client wants you to offer services in e-commerce or local SEO that are not part of your niche. You can use the opportunity to expand your business and enrich the portfolio of services by choosing to become an SEO reseller. Suddenly, you get access to the entire range of SEO services which would be a far-fetched possibility had you tried to create your own infrastructure for it.



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