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How To Shoot Perfect Photos on iPhone


An iPhone is a wonderful device to take pictures with. It’s not only the hardware of the iPhone that makes it look great, but an iPhone offers awesome software as well. Using an iPhone for taking pictures is an easy job, even for non-tech people hence why majority of the people tend to Buy Used iPhone. We recommend buying from a well known, reputable store such as Fone store. Like any other camera, your iPhone’s camera has also some limitations, but still, with some efforts, you can take good pictures. In this article, I will share some basic tips on how to shoot perfect photos on iPhone.

Shoot Perfect Photos on iPhone

1.Use the Camera Shortcut:

There are various third-party good camera apps available for iPhone, but you cannot wait to open the app if your little niece has started acting cute. The best way to capture such moments Is to swipe up on the shortcut iPhone Lock screen and launch camera instantly. You can also launch the camera in the same way – by swiping up from the bottom of your screen – in the middle of using an app.

2.Experiment with Third Party Apps:

If you don’t have to capture a sudden moment, using a third-party app would be a good choice. Apple has allowed developers to use ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and exposure. It means that you can have better and clearer images with these apps as compared to the default camera. Although it’s not possible for you to add a shortcut for the third-party app, you can add your camera app to Dock to get an easy access to your camera.

3.Use Shooting Mode you Want to See your End Image:

The default camera app of Apple offers different modes of taking photos. These modes include panorama, photo, and square. It might sound like a very basic tip, but it is a good one, especially, when you are interested to know how to shoot perfect photos on iPhone. For instance, if you want to take a photo and post it on Instagram, instead of using the photo mode and then crop it later, try using square mode. This technique will help you better frame your subject.

4.Try Not Using your Flash:

Although iPhone has improved its flash for last few generations, a flash is just an LED light, which is not that powerful and even with the TrueTone technology, there might be a strange hue on your photographs.

To avoid this problem, try shooting in a good natural recourse of light. If you have to shoot in the dark, use camera app’s exposure slider to boost the light in your photographs. If you can carry, you can also use a pocket spotlight.

5.Use HDR Auto:

An iPhone contains a software know as High Dynamic Range or HDR. This software helps you capture photos with high contrast light sources, like, the scene of a bright sunset against dark mountains. You can manually turn this feature on and off in your iPhone.

In the iOS 8, this feature is on auto – it uses information from your iPhone’s sensor as soon as you point your camera towards an object.

Follow these simple tips, and I am sure, you can have a perfect shot from your iPhone. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in asking them.


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