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SMS Based Marketing: Starting With Service And Add Up Promotion Carefully


Now do you even know how much the phone can ever get you? How close to hand it this whenever you are watching TV or reading an old-fashioned print publication? It is hard for anyone to leave the house without a phone as that’s what stays with you all the time.

Now, you must know how easy it might have been for you as a consumer to use phone to respond to CTA within an ad or just message if all that you need to do was to text the keyword to a certain number!

Americans and people from around the world are getting way more comfortable in accepting and responding to the text messages from preferred merchants and the service providers. Therefore, SMS marketing needs to have a role to play in the field of marketing campaign that can feature any direct response component right now.

Checking out on the survey made:

A recent survey completed just by SAP clearly confirmed that growing acceptance well. Around 64% of the consumers these days think that businesses should always converse with customers even more than just using SMS. Some of the other attributes relating to SMS communication can be well stated over here now for your grip.

  • Around 82% of the people think that organizations are likely to make it easy as possible for the customers to actually communicate with them.
  • On the other hand, around 76% report that they are likely to just read message sooner if it has been an SMS or text message than if it was an email.
  • Around 70% feel that using SMS or text message is always a good way for the firm to get proper attention.
  • Moreover, 64% think that firms should always use text or SMS messages more than what they can currently think of.
  • Around 62% report that they are likely to use SMS or text message even more for communicating with firms.

Consumers even state that SMS is useful in offering the perfect peace of mind about data and identity by around 39% and 36% of them believe in receiving quality service right in the end.

Checking it out as the theme:

Keeping up with the prevalence of service as the theme in own SMS campaigning. It can be of use to subscribers first and then it is about promotion. Start the proper relationship with customers sing SMS channel for raising the quality of service that you might provide. This can always be a great way to deepen long-term relationship with current customer form, raising referrals and repeat business.

You need to think about the consumer behavior too. You can try using the SMS alerts for keeping tabs on bank accounts, text to donate services and get the current airline flight information and find out library books are overdue constantly.  But, these communications should not be kept open if too crowded with a promotional message. So, it is vital to test out the message timing, content and frequency with the guidance of a vendor.

Subcontracting mechanics while focusing on message and fulfillment:

You should never try swimming in this water all alone. Even a 10 second of online search can always bring up in hundreds of vendors, who might happily support SMS marketing efforts. The current competition is heating up thoroughly, so procuring professional help can prove to be rather affordable at this time. Not just are you going to run some more campaigns easily, but you get the chance to gain immediate access to some of the best SMS based marketing practices. For that, some of the standard vendor vetting rules is applicable.

  • You need to focus towards the track record, such as documented results, customer referrals, good reviews and more.
  • Pricing is another important option to deal with alongside client vendor interactivity, which comprises of dashboards and other functions, quality and even responsiveness of the customer support and sales.
  • You can go for the analytic power and even deal with the interoperability with the CRM.

Vital points for you to consider SMS marketing:

As with the social media marketing and email, mobile based marketing is always opt-in, you can always recruit following through some of the other channels. Your website now has the opportunity to create icons inviting some subscriptions for both promotional messages and service alerts. You might have a FAQ page on the site on how it can work and what to expect with the private policy of course.

In case, you have any physical form of marketing presence, then you have to promote mobile channel in a prominent manner. You have to work out on ways to make instructions for signing up in a clear and easy manner. If you want, you also need to create powerful form of inducements for motivating anyone, willing to give up bit of privacy and allow marketing messages and service in.

  • Make sure to inform them on what will happen if they opt right in.
  • You can furthermore customize the SMS responses right during sign-up processes. Don’t forget to say thank you and add reference to where they might have found you whenever needed.
  • You have to layer in your present second request for the art of confirmation to ensure that you appreciate the outreach and respect privacy.

You are asked to work with the vendor for accommodating phone type. People with the current smartphones can always respond by just opening website link. People with regular phones mainly cannot. Try to accommodate that difference as long as the basic bar phones are still out and widely used.

For the bar phone users:

For those people who are using bar phones, you can actually state by asking “We have special offer. May we email it to you?” This way is less immediate but can overall raise engagement by hitting twice with same message yet trough two different channels. You have to make the offer easy to obtain. The chosen vendor will have some best practices, which can serve as foundation to marketing based program development.


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