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How to stop a program from installing in Windows 10?


It is always advisable to install windows applications directly from the store. Not only does this prevent your computer from being infected by an unknown virus, it also guarantees the authenticity of selected applications.

In cases where you have kids playing around or friends making use of your computer of you manage computer systems, you cannot always vouch for what they do with your computer when you are not around but you can control the extent to which authentic applications are installed on your computer by simply blocking users from installing them in the first place. Here’s how to stop a program from installing in Windows 10;

Methods to stop a program from installing in Windows 10

1.Through Group Policy

Group policy editor enables you to disable the windows installer. Follow the instructions below to disable the windows installer.

In the search windows box on your windows GUI, type “gpedit.msc”. This should take you to the Group policy editor

stop a program from installing in Windows 10

On the group policy editor, navigate to computer configurations and double click on administrative templates.

stop a program from installing in Windows 10

Various options would be listed. Double click on windows components.

Navigate to windows installer and double-click it to reveal a long list of options

Find “Turn off windows installer” and click on it. An instruction is written on the left pane. You can scroll down the left pane to read the full instruction given and find out exactly what action you would like to take.

Double click on “turn off windows installer” to reveal a new window

Click on the “enabled” button, and then select the option you would prefer.

The “Never” option indicates Windows Installer is fully enabled. Users can install and upgrade software. This is the default behaviour for Windows Installer on Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista when the policy is not configured.

The “For non-managed applications only” option permits users to install only those programs that a system administrator assigns (offers on the desktop) or publishes (adds them to Add or Remove Programs). This is the default behavior of Windows Installer on Windows Server 2003 family when the policy is not configured.

Click on apply to effect the change. A restart is not necessary for the change to be effected.

2.Through Registry Hacks

The windows installer can also be disabled by Windows registry hack. Here’s how to make use of the Registry hack method. If you are new to Windows registry read our detailed guide first A Complete Guide to Windows 10 Registry Tweaks.

In the windows search box, type “regedit“ and enter

The registry editor would be displayed. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left pane of the editor, navigate to software, click on the arrow by the side to view the menu

Navigate and double click on “classes”.

Navigate till you find “msi.package” on the left pane. Its information will be displayed on the right pane.

From the list displayed on this pane, right click on “Default”, an options tab will pop up. Click on modify and change the value data to 1. Once this is done, the windows installer would be disabled automatically.

3. Through Third-Party Software

There is too many application available for this work but I am recommending AskAdmin ( Download here ) is designed to restrict the usage of Windows applications and is ideal for those with children, or for computers in a business environment. You can quickly block any program installed on your computer, such as Skype, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or any file with a given extension (e.g. .bat, .cmd, .reg, etc). You can also easily unblock programs.

To Block a program, just Drag your program here. 🙂

stop a program from installing in Windows 10

or just click on ‘Add File” option and add your program here.

stop a program from installing in Windows 10


You can easily block an application installer with the help of Group policy or with registry hacks but if you are a non-tech user I will recommend you to go for Askadmin program which is easier to use.


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