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Stop Using LastPass!


With LastPass doubling the price of its premium service, it may be time to Consider a new password manager and recent Vulnerability found in the LastPass think us to switch to alternative solutions.

Before Switching to other Password’s manager I like to inform you, LastPass already fixed the serious vulnerability that could have allowed attackers to steal users’ passwords or execute malicious code on their computers.

The vulnerability was discovered by Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy and was reported to LastPass. It affected the browser extensions installed by the service’s users for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

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Best LastPass Alternatives 

Sticky Password Premium ( Check here)

29.99 for 1 year or $149.99 for a Lifetime license

Stop Using LastPass!It may not be as well-known as the other password managers in this round-up, but Sticky Password has what it takes to claim the top spot. We love the way it

We love the way it guides you through the process of using
features such as autofill, with videos and illustrated tutorials to help you familiarise yourself with how it all works.

That’s not to say it’s hard to master. The interface is both attractive and easy to understand, with a sidebar that provides instant access to your web accounts, app accounts, bookmarks, identities and secure memos.

The software can generate secure logins, fill in forms and passwords, automatically and protect your data using secure AES-256 encryption, with the option of adding two-factor
authentication. You can also log into

You can also log into sites using your fingerprint, as long
as you’re using a device that supports this feature. As you’d expect, Sticky Password is available for all the major platforms and browsers.

Stop Using LastPass!

The paid-for version of Sticky Password is cheaper than LastPass but slightly more expensive than RoboForm, Although a small portion of your money goes towards helping save endangered manatees.

There’s also a lifetime license option, so you can pay a one-off fee rather than shell out money every year.


This is a great, feature-packed password manager with plenty of help and guidance to get you started. It’s very secure, is good value for money and offers a very welcome lifetime license option.

RoboForm 8 Everywhere

$29.95 / year / user

Stop Using LastPass!RoboForm has been protecting passwords since 1999, so the company knows what it’s doing. It’s available for all major platforms and can import passwords from your browser or another password manager.

The free version offers strong encryption and unlimited logins and can fill in web forms automatically and run a password audit. This last option tells you if you have any really weak passwords and gives you a security score. You can send login information
securely and request access if you’re accidentally locked out.

The Everywhere edition costs £15.95 and adds the option to sync stored details across devices and backup logins to the cloud. You can share folders securely and grant emergency access to anyone you trust so they can get into RoboForm in the event of your incapacitation or death.

Stop Using LastPass!

The software does a great job of organizing your passwords. You can manage them in folders and search for any logins you need. It also provides secure access to them over the web.


RoboForm offers everything you’re likely to need, and the option to store your logins in the cloud and sync them across all your devices for just £16 a year is good value.

Other Best Password Managers


Zoho Vault

Dashlane Premium

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