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The Best Intel Processor according to your need and deed


Processors are just like wands in Harry Potter, they will only work well if you have the right one. This is the reason why one can’t game right with i3 processors while one doesn’t need i7 for coding. People, nowadays, are choosing laptops just by specifications instead of knowing there need and buying.

Everyone looks for i7, 16GB ram, 4GB Graphics even if they have to watch movies all day. But to those who pay a heed about having the apt laptop for the task, here I am rowing you to the shore.

Processors are in our life since we know about Computers. Whenever someone tells us about their PC, our first question is on a processor.

This shows how much a part of our life they are. Let us get to know which one should you have on your PC.

The processor according to Need or Deed

I3 – 

  • BROWSING, SURFING – If your main purpose is just to browse, use social media and YouTube, you don’t have to go further I3. It’ll do your task without a glitch. You can browse and surf anything and everything with just minimal expenses.
  • RESEARCH AND PROJECT WORK – Research and project work include textual manipulation and browsing mostly, and I3 does that with ease. Microsoft Office works as a butter with I3 and data manipulation is easy. So for general researchers, I3 is the right guy.
  • SCHOOL WORK – Be it a student or a school teacher, no one wants more than an i3. The general day to day assignments and database management can be done on a general I3 processor.
  • MANAGEMENT AND DATABASE – If you are a student of management studies, I3 is your guy. All a beginner management students needs to pursue can all be achieved by I3.

latest Intel Processors vs AMD processors

I5 – 

  • CASUAL GAMING – I5 is the mid series sandwiched between I3 and I7 so basically it provides an upgrade to i3’s tasks and downgrade to i7’s tasks. Thus making I5 apt for casual gaming. But surely needs a good graphic processor and decent ram too.

  • PROGRAMMING – When it comes to college level programming, nothing is better than I5. With the right power and price, you can do. Miracles with this processor. Although the right amount of ram maybe needed for the smooth functioning of the programs
  • ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGNING –  I5 has been working with architects and designers from a long time. If you aren’t a professional, you need no more. I5 can carry out nearly all the jobs for you without needing assistance. Just have the proper hardware and specs and you are good to go.
  • VIDEO EDITORS AND YOUTUBERS – Video editing has been in trend nowadays. All due to the multimedia advancements. YouTubers and general content creators need powerful laptops with likewise processors to do the deed. Thus I5 is a decent choice if you don’t over burden it. I5 can handle intermediate amount of editing with ease.



  • PRO LEVEL GAMING – With the right GPU and RAM, you can have a pro gaming setup powered with I7. It can handle AAA titled games like butter. With the latest generation of I7, you won’t even notice a lag while running games like GTA 5 or COD with proper GPU.
  • CONTENT CREATING – Content creators dream is I7 processor. Every pro content creator prefers either Ryzen or I7 due to the impeccable excellence and fast processing.
  • HIGH LEVEL PROGRAMMING – Programming can be easy, it can be tough and it can be God level. Sometimes compiler takes hours to compile the program due to the vastness of it. At that time you wish you used a better processor so it could save time. Well, that’s why I7 is suggested for the professional programmers who can’t afford wasting time.
  • MOVIE EDITING – YouTube videos and small clips can be edited with I5, not a big deal. But what if you are given TBs of raw video data to create a movie. It’ll take months or years if you choose the wrong processor. The video files are so vast that they need proper speed to match with the pace. Thus, for movie editors, I7 or higher is suggested.


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