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The Best Keyless Lock for Everyday Need ( Detailed Guide)


Keyless locks have done a great job occupying the spectrum between classic locks with keys on one hand and completely digital smart locks. The interesting thing is that they maintain the simplicity of the classic tools, while incorporating the security of modern protection systems into their product philosophy.

If you are out in the market for a quality smart lock, and if you are spoiled for choice because of the sheer number of articles available out there, we might be able to help. However, before we dwell into the variety of locks available, here are some properties which you need to keep in mind because they define the usefulness and the utility of a keyless lock.

These locks give you an alternate mode of entering your house if you frequently lose your keys or forget them inside your home. You do not have to connect your phone or keep any key to unlock this door, which sets this apart from smart locks. Furthermore, these locks are most of the time completely off the internet.

If you have a distrust for locks that are connected to the internet, then this is a great option for you. Their utilities go beyond that as well. You can use it to let the dog-walker or the maid enter the house, without having to lock them inside or outside. If you want to give someone access to the inside of the house, then this is a great option that you should be aware of.

Best Keyless Lock for Everyday Need

Yale Real Living Lock: The Best Keypad Lock

This lock costs $114. It is a single unit and a standalone locking system for a single door. It is designed in such a way that it will replace the deadbolt and allow you to keep the original doorknob.

There is a key hole for the old-fashioned security measures, and the keypad serves as the alternative way to unlock the door. You can set a 4 to 8-digit code. Furthermore, you can set more up to 25 different codes. This will allow you to give different codes to your family members, the friends and any other people. It allows you to keep track of who is entering your house and when.

Since these locks do not connect to the internet, and since the Yale Real Living Lock does not connect to a smartphone, the setup can be a pain on some locks and doors. However, there is a voice guide system to help the less technologically aware people. This is a factor which differentiates this particular product from other of the category. You can give this lock to anyone and they will figure out the installation procedure themselves.

As we have already mentioned, neither does the lock itself connect to the internet, and nor does it offer connectivity to your cell phone. However, you can spend another $65 to purchase the Network Module. This allows you to connect the lock to the Z-Wave collection of home gadgets. Many home products from Samsung have this connectivity as well. Though this is not the default and the intended use of the lock, it is an option that you can avail if you ever want to upgrade your lock and your home security system with it.


  • Voice-assistance for installation and use makes it easier to install for the less tech-savvy.
  • Tamper Resistant.
  • You have the option to set up schedules to allow or to deny specific passwords from unlocking the door except for specific times.


  • No voice command options; featureless system.
  • You have to pay extra for the eKeys as well as the fobs.
  • Premium price, despite the limited features of the lock.

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Schlage Touch: The Best Completely Keyless Lock

This is a great bargain for a keyless lock. It is available somewhere between $110 and $150. It is an all-around reliable and sturdy product and it is hard to find a good competitor. However, keep in mind that the access codes will be the only mode of unlocking this door lock. Like the previous entry in our list, the Schlage Touch can also store multiple codes, up to 19 unique codes. It is a secure and useful option for everyone.

There are two modes of this lock which can be accessed from a knob on the inside: unlocked and auto-locking modes. The auto-locking mode, the door will lock itself automatically a short after it is unlocked by punching in the password. It is a secure option, because often, people forget to lock a door. If you are in a frenzy, do not bother locking the door because it will lock itself.

Furthermore, you can personalize the Schlage Touch by choosing one of the four handle styles that it comes in. You can also accentuate your lock with other style themes of you house, by choosing between seven metallic colors. With these two options you have a considerable amount of flexibility so that you can match your lock with other design themes in your home.

Often times, smart locks or tech-savvy security systems stand out like a sore thumb when it comes to the aesthetics of your house, but that is not a problem here. The prices differentiate between different colors and different shapes, and they are usually available between $110 and $150.

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Samsung SHS-H700: The Best Fingerprint Reader

This Samsung lock is great for the extravagant homeowner, who does not want to spare any expenses when it comes to home safety and security. It costs $290, but for the premium price, you are getting a lot of great features which are hard to turn down. For one, the fingerprint scanner can be programmed with exactly 100 fingerprints. With that number, this can be a useful option for offices and workplaces. You can also open this lock with credit cards. The lock will let the owner know who opened the door and when by identifying the fingerprints.

There are many advantages of having a fingerprint scanner on your home lock. First, it is far less complicated to tap your finger once, rather than punch a pass code. Furthermore, if you have a friend or someone else is standing by your side, you do not have to try to break their line of sight to keep your password a secret. Also, a fingerprint is far more secure than a password, and it is virtually impossible to cheat. However, there is a downside to having fingerprint-only locks. You cannot allow access to a friend or anyone else if you are not at the house yourself. To fix that problem, Samsung has also provided this lock with a password system. It serves as an alternate mode to enter your house. This lock is a great way to control the people who can enter or leave your house.


  • Touch-screen based system gives a premium look and feel.
  • 100 different fingerprints can be recognized by one lock.
  • Magic number gives the owner dual-way security.
  • Multiple ways to enter the house: fingerpring, password, KeyTag, Credit Card and others.


  • Only one password can be set.
  • Needs battery replacement frequently.

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Chamberlain Clicker: The Best Garage Door Keypad

The Clicker costs a mere $32, and for the price, you get a useful door lock with a keypad. It opens with a 4-digit password. A great advantage of the Chamberlain Clicker is that it is compatible with almost all garage doors, and that includes older ones as well. Specifically, if your garage door was made after 1993, then you should have no trouble installing this garage door. Furthermore, this lock system is a great way to let someone, especially kids inside the garage without the need of a key. If you are not so sure entrusting a key to your children, then the alternative is this lock. A four-digit password is easy to remember and reasonably secure.

The device is cheap, but that drop in the price does not mean a sacrifice in terms of product quality or security.


  • Money-savvy option for the garage door.
  • Can be installed on garage doors built since 1993.
  • 4-digit code: easy to remember.


  • 4-digit code: does not impart sufficient security.
  • No key-based unlocking system.

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