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The Contribution of Video Games to the Economy


According to many people, video games are only for kids; designed for and played by them. The reality is, however, that adults play too. According to research, the video games industry is worth over $150 million, and the numbers are projected to rise as time goes by. These figures indicate that such games shape the world economy. Here are the top 3 ways video games have significantly impacted the economy.

1. Creation of jobs opportunities

Video games have created job opportunities for millions of people across the globe. Take a look at some of the ways this has been made possible.

  • Some professional players make a living out of playing video games. Such people create content which is shared to millions of others through platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Through sponsorship deals, these players rake up to millions in income.
  • Another job opportunity created is the development and maintenance of video games. These games consist of hardware and software. An artist is required to design the user interface that attracts the players. Their program requires many experts to support their database, website, and source code. Thus, students who major in computer science have a great opportunity of getting jobs in the video games industry.
  • Most video game tournaments are streamed live on websites like YouTube. This calls for casters. These casters explain the details about the games and can also make some jokes to entertain the players. They are mostly invited to do so by the event organizers, who represent the particular game creators. At the end of the day, such people walk away with lots of money.
  • Event planners are also essential in video games. They create the environment for a specific event to run. For example, when playing the “My Summer Car download ” game, the player requires a great environment to ensure that the game is played smoothly.

With all these job opportunities, people’s living standards are improved, thanks to the gaming industry.

2. Video games sales

As the saying goes, anything with a price brings income; video games bring a high amount of income to the country. This is achieved through the sales of games software and the in-game item such as energy used to play the games and in-game costumes.

The existence of video games has also increased social activity. This has resulted in competition in the gaming environment where gamers are willing or somewhat influenced to pay in a particular game. The emergence of the internet has contributed to this and resulted in people being addicted to video games. By this, a lot of sales happen, increasing revenue.

3. Advertisements for video games

In video gaming, advertisement generally refers to the publicity of a service or product using the game medium. A company can buy the advertisements space on the game’s website or place its product template inside video games. The viewers of the advertisement will increase as the gamers’ percentage increases.

There are affiliate websites which advertise particular video games, by redirecting their visitors to the game’s official page. Furthermore, one can advertise in the game, some of the relevant products. If playing a car-themed game, one might come in contact with an advertisement for a new vehicle brand being advertised.


Enjoy video games in this era where it pays to be a professional player. You can start your journey of becoming a master player by getting the My Summer Car Free Download. Enjoy playing as you play a huge part in contributing to the economy.


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