Home Digital Marketing The Difference Between Private and Shared Proxies –  Which one is Best?

The Difference Between Private and Shared Proxies –  Which one is Best?


The Difference Between Private and Shared Proxies –  Which one is Best?

If you are reading this post, you might be having an idea of what a proxy is. However, if you have no idea what it is, a proxy acts as a wall between your computer and the internet. so while you use the internet, a proxy server will play the role of an intermediary. Proxies are good to make you anonymous as you browse the web so your IP address remains hidden while you surf the internet.

A proxy server that makes you anonymous helps to protect your location, your browsing activities and ensure you are not distracted as you shop or play games online. A proxy server can also help to unblock restricted websites.

If you are thinking of buying proxies, you should know that there are plenty of them you can choose depending on your needs and preference and your spending power.

There are differences between private and shared proxies, however, it all depends on their uniqueness. Private proxies are mostly used by one user so no need to get concerned about the bandwidth speed since only you are using the bandwidth.

When it comes to shared proxies, one IP address can be shared with plenty of other internet users. Shared proxies can get banned easily when one user gets blocked. The good thing with shared proxies is that they are inexpensive than private proxies.

Shared proxies

Just as the name suggests, shared proxies are used by numerous internet users. This implies that if a company decides to use shared proxies, the chances of being accessible to many other users is high via username and password. In fact, technology experts have warned companies against using shared proxies, although they have their own advantages such as:

  • They are cheaper or you can even use them for free
  • Sharing the proxy server means sharing the cost equally among users of the same proxy.
  • They are good for SEO experts who want to mine data from the web such as keywords ranking as well as page rank
  • Shared proxies support HTTP as well as SOCKS5 service
  • Shared/ public proxies can be used with web browsers as well as software that support proxy use.

Private proxies

 A private proxy server is a service that provides anonymity of the highest level and nobody else can access it since you have your own unique username and password.


  • Private proxies are used by one person
  • When you use a private proxy server, your real IP address is hidden thus making you secure and also staying anonymous while accessing websites
  • Private proxies provide high-speed internet browsing since only you are the one using it and no one else.
  • A private proxy server helps to bypass filters and firewalls as it can bypass restricted websites
  • A private proxy server can unblock blocked websites such as ass Facebook, YouTube, Twitter at school or in working places where these sites are blocked by IT admins.
  • Private proxies make users avoid and block spammers.
  • Private proxies provide a heightened security on the internet since a user will be provided with a unique internet address.

The bottom line

When browsing the web, a users’ top priority is to ensure you are protected and your privacy is enhanced. Using an assigned IP address rather than your real IP address makes you get connected to the web without your personal information being revealed. In this case, private proxies are the best since you can browse safely, securely and without your privacy being compromised.


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