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The Future of Android


The Future of Android:-

Android has been a part of the mobile revolution that has taken the whole of humanity by storm. Everyone around you is not using some kind of mobile device and the Android operating system is installed on 85% of all mobile devices operating in the world today.
Now take a moment to grasp the impact Android has left in your lives and the world around you. But what lies ahead for Android? Will it stay the market leader in terms of the number of devices? Will it become even more popular?
There is no definite answer to these questions but what we can understand from the current development trends is that Android will remain a big part of our lives.
So what shape will Android take in the future? This article tries to explain some of the developments that are currently anticipated for Android.

Virtual Reality

The Future of Android

Virtual Reality or VR at it is abbreviated to, means that you will be taken into a virtual world developed and controlled by a computer and you will interact with this virtual world in many ways like you interact with the real world.
In the world of VR, mobile devices are also taking the lead. Many VR technologies are currently under development for Android and even at this time, you can experience VR application and games using a variety of Android devices.
In the future, VR will only grow and you will find VR apps and features on many Android devices. In turn, VR will also change the way Android evolves and the developers of Android will start focusing more and more on how they can take advantage of the ever-developing VR technologies.

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Augmented Reality

The Future of Android

Augmented Reality technologies modify the reality around you instead of creating a completely new world like VR. So basically it adds virtual elements to your real-world images and video. This is especially important for devices like Google Glass which want to help you gather more data about the real world in an innovative way. By augmenting reality, you can show added data on top of existing world structure. Like you can change a texture on your home wall to see how it would look like if you repainted it. Or what if you grew a mustache?
These are the just basic example, but you get the picture. Augmented reality will become part of your daily lives in the near future and Android will definitely help you keep your pace for adapting to this change.

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Ubiquitous Computing

The Future of Android

In a way, mobile is already implementing ubiquitous computing by allowing you have all types technology available at your fingertips. But this will only grow in the future. You will basically be using Android-based wearable devices along with your mobile phones and you will be doing various forms of computing in every action that you do. From turning off the lights to controlling your car, you will be doing most of your actions with the help of one device or another. And Android-based mobile and wearable devices will play a big role in all of this.

Wearable Devices

The Future of Android

Android wearable devices will become more frequent in the future. You will most probably be wearing multiple Android devices at any given time. These can range from communication and display devices like phones or gadgets that you wear like watches. Your glasses will become a tool for augmented and virtual reality apps. And some devices might even be fitted into your body permanently. You may even get artificial organs running Android fitted into your system.
Medical uses of wearable devices will only increase in the future. These will be taking your pulse, will be noting down your oxygen levels etc. So medically related features will start coming in Android devices very soon. This will be a welcome change and will help old and young people in living healthier lives.

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8K Displays

There were days when 2K images were that best thing to come along in the tech world. Everyone was talking about 2K images. Then came 2K videos with 4K or higher images. Online videos gradually increased in quality and Android phones able to record such videos were in high demand. But in the future, we will be seeing images and video content of even greater size and quality. Android phones of the future will be recording and playing videos of 6K or even 8K. Your mobiles will be connecting to your TV at home to show this higher resolution content on bigger displays. Your mobile will become stronger than the PCs of today and the definition of HD will change from 2K to 8K pretty soon in the future.

Final Thoughts

The future holds a lot of surprises for us and most of them will be positive. The Android operating system will play a vital role in shaping our lives in the future. From improved mobile phones to wearable devices all of the types, Android will be around us without us knowing. It will be inside our cars, our mobiles, our watches and even inside our bodies. Artificial organs might be operating Android inside our guts someday. Nobody can predict the future with certainty but being knowledgeable about the developments that are going to change our lives is always useful.


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